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Copper mining has become an especially capital-intensive industry – the average capital intensity for a new copper mine in was between US. This makes sense, as few other financing options can be this effective for capital-intensive companies that can enjoy significant potential for. The results showed that the bitcoin currency had the highest rate of return 18% with a standard deviation of 61% compared to exchange rate, gold and stock. SPREAD BETTING EXPLAINED SIMPLY FIT

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Measuring Capital Intensity Besides operating leverage, the capital intensity of a company can be gauged by calculating how many assets are needed to produce a dollar of sales, which is total assets divided by sales. This is the inverse of the asset turnover ratio, an indicator of the efficiency with which a company is deploying its assets to generate revenue. Another way to measure a firm's capital intensity is to compare capital expenses to labor expenses.

Key Takeaways Capital intensity can be measured by comparing capital and labor expenses. Capital-intensive firms usually have high depreciation costs and operating leverage. The capital intensity ratio is total assets divided by sales. The Impact of Capital Intensity on Earnings Capital-intensive firms generally use a lot of financial leverage, as they can use plant and equipment as collateral. However, having both high operating leverage and financial leverage is very risky should sales fall unexpectedly.

Because capital-intensive industries have high depreciation costs, analysts that cover capital-intensive industries often add depreciation back to net income using a metric called earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization EBITDA. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. If we use the same assumptions as our earlier example, the total asset turnover comes out to 2.

Capital Intensity by Industry: High vs. Low Sectors All else being equal, companies with higher capital intensity ratios relative to that of industry peers are more likely to have lower profit margins from the greater spending. If a company is considered capital intensive, i. In contrast, a non-capital-intensive company spends relatively less for its operations to continue generating revenue.

Labor costs are typically the most significant cash outflow for non-capital intensive industries rather than capex. For example, a company with a high capital intensity ratio could be suffering from low-profit margins, which are the byproduct of inefficient utilization of its asset base — or the general line of business and industry could just be more capital intensive. Hence, comparing the capital intensity ratio of different companies should only be done if the peer companies operate in the same or similar industry.

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