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Area poet Robert Duncan, who also inspired him to create and become a major voice in the Black Mountain School of poets. Also, two good friends. More College Square p.8 · Gay Marriage Matters p.9 · Cabaret p Put aside the fact that Senator Saxby Chambliss, who sat out the. sound” in more detail because it is an area of mobile sound that is quite sonification (Hermann, Hunt, and Neuhoff ) has not received as much public. 1310 USD TO BTC

For more information, call or email info ocaf. Make more good writing for the rest of us. John G. The show is interested not in the big movers and shak- after opening night with my thoughts on the production. Stay tuned for the full skinny. The play recreates the pivotal trial of Tennessee high school science teacher John Scopes through a script by Peter Goodchild based on original transcripts from the case. Call to reserve a seat.

Seney Stovall Chapel. Instead, Cabaret points a finger at the The Vagina Monologues plays at 8 p. Tickets for country, Sally Bowles and company remain both plays can be secured in advance at the blithely uninterested. On Feb. Sleuth stars John Vance as ist who enters the seedy world as an outsider Andrew Wyke, a mystery writer who entraps before falling in love with Sally.

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When their boyfriends propose, the duo begins preparations to make those dreams a reality. Potential brides of every shape and size will gladly go to battle over these Wars. More PG-rated chick lit to the rescue! Out-of-control fashionista Rebecca Bloomwood Isla Fisher gets a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine, where she meets potential love interest in Luke Brandon Hugh Dancy.

Hogan helms this adaptation of the Sophie Kinsella bestseller. What should be an intense moral crucible never gets white-hot despite the combined wattage of Streep and Hoffman. The only doubts raised by Doubt are about itself. Teenagers drink, smoke, have sex and die. Please call ahead. Visit www. The film paints a poignant portrait of entrenched racial hatred overcome by human kindness and interaction.

Gran Torino proves Eastwood is already a master of them all. A bunch of Baltimoreans, representing every white, hetero demographic, navigate the stormy waters of love. The gadget-enhanced antics of Hotel for Dogs, based on a novel by Lois Duncan, will please the tykes; adults must fend for themselves as foster kids, Andi and Bruce Emma Roberts and Jake T.

Run, Lola, Run director Tom Tykwer finally helms a Hollywood action movie, starring no less than Owen, finally getting his Bond on, and the ever lovely Watts. Why then does the preview look so disappointingly directto-DVD? With Armin Mueller-Stahl. Overstuffed with famous faces, this film almost goes overboard with the selfreferential in-jokes. Alex meets his parents v. Am , looking for some big loving; and Melman becomes a witch doctor.

The animal antics are cute, and the PG jokes are harmless. Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery star in this Alfred Hitchcock thriller about compulsive thief Marnie Edgar, a psychologically damaged woman forced to confront her larcenous ways and her past by her husband and employer, Mark Rutland. Part of the Classic Film Series: Hitchcock. This animated feature follows Nishi, a porn-addicted loser looking to break his addiction after meeting an old friend.

After a run-in with the Yakuza, Nishi travels to heaven and back in a psychedelic adventure. Though the locals including Harry Connick, Jr. The special, begun by Peter Jennings before his death and reported by Kelly Moran, proposes ways of stopping this deadly disease. Followed by a discussion. January usually suffers through flicks much less funny and much more painful than this. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is as likable and funny more the former than the latter as its star.

The story could make for a compelling YA series. Hannah disappears, and Michael does not see her again until he is in law school and she is on trial for crimes committed when she was a guard at Auschwitz. Nevertheless, mature filmgoers will revel in the craft and wince at the pain. After Gooral stumbles into town, Amy is the only person who will help the stranger; soon they fall in love.

With Famke Janssen. Still, parents need not despair; with its excellent lessons about courage and forgiveness, Despereaux is a respectable celluloid babysitter. Mildly adult and mildly disturbing. Thanks to a writer and director who took the Romeo and Juliet courtship of a vampire and a human seriously, the film rises above giggleinducing dialogue, groan-inducing vampire super-speed and strength, and a simplistic makeup-and-snarl depiction of its central monsters.

Filmmaker Matt Wolf paints the big screen with the life of the avant-garde composer, singer-songwriter, cellist, and disco producer, who died in from AIDS. The trailer supplies a few laughs, but even at that truncated length, the premise wears thin.

Handwritten by Richard Merritt of White Birch Lake New York the book details a number of trips over the 75 pages of hunting trips through Alaska and Montana, while also traveling through many other states. Titled: "Alaska: , , , and Montana: , Started 7 day trip on inland ferry to Skagway. Stayed nite at campsite. Stayed over nite at campsite. Took 2 day on ferry going to Juneau, capitol of Alaska.

We were here 2 days site seeing around. Next stop was Haines for over nite. Last stop and end of ferry ride was at Skagway. We stayed here over nite before taking Narrow Gage Railroad to Whitehorse. Stayed all nite here before driving on to Alaska border and traveling in Alaska. We stayed all nite in camper at the Border City Lodge.

This is between Canada and Alaska. Tok Junction was first town in Alaska. Route 1 goes to Anchorage and Route 2 goes to Fairbanks from Tok. We stayed at camp site at Atlasta going to Anchorage, also Chickenloon and next stop was at Palmer with friends from our home town. Stayed 2 nites. Also stayed one nite at Cooper Landing.

We stayed 3 weeks at Soldotna where my daughter lives. Her husband worked at Airport and also flew planes. We unloaded camper so we could travel around with pickup. Helen and I drove down to Ninilchik a few a few miles on a dirt road. We were going east into a bright sun. Down the road I could see 4 or 5 moose all standing in the road. As I drove toward them they all separated from where they were standing.

One large moose stood about 75 yards from road looking at us.

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Sexteto music remains little known in Colombia though, as it developped in the Black communities and palenques of the Atlantic coast, away from the musical industry. To this day, no record by a rural sexteto group has been produced. The first is held in the palm of the left hand, which acts as a resonator, and is struck in the middle, on an invariable beat, by the second, which is held in the right hand. The drums of Palenque de San Basilio are extremely varied, and each of them has a specific use: the pechiche, fifty nine inches long, is played lying on the ground; it is used by the Cabildo exclusively at funeral wakes.

The timba, made of palm-tree wood, is set with only one membrane of goat skin which is stretched by wooden pegs and is closed at the other end. They are made with totumos fruits, which have been boiled, then dried and filled with seeds. The musician sits across his instrument and sets the blades vibrating with the tip of his fingers. The best musicians of Palenque are able to play up to fourteen keys. Elsewhere known as the African piano or Finger piano, this instrument plays an important role in Congo and Central Africa.

This particular, heterogenous set of instruments was meant to illustrate certain ancestral magical symbolisms. Paradoxically, the band is composed of seven members instead of six, but apparently this fact was not a sufficient reason to change the name. The musicians themselves define better than anyone else the philosophy and essence of their group. Nos ivamos a mirar las piquerias y aprendiamos mirando a los viejos sexteteros. We went to the piquerias et and learned from the old sexteteros.

Together, we played and played, until I grew into a young man, and I continue playing today, and only God will decide when I must stop. I was born with the sexteto and I'll die with it, because I'm proud of it and it's what I like. I may die any time, on any stage, during a performance. Hombre completo ». A complete man. During the s, when the popularity of the traditional Cuban son decreased, the group turned to the musica jibara, a type of rural son from Puerto Rico which was then very popular along the whole Atlantic coast.

Such music may have been played in this way in Cuban slave camps prior to any input from peasants and half-casts who brought in the guitar, and, with it, the influence of Spanish song and music. When it arrived in Colombia, the Cuban son catalysed Colombian rhythms which had similar forms; although born in Cuba, the son belongs to a larger Caribbean family of music with more or less similar characteriscics, which is based on African response song and has integrated various American-Indian and European traditions.

The son remains the most typical melodic structure of the Hispanic Caribbean. It is indisputably the root of the salsa, and a major influence on such popular African music as the Zairian rumba or the Senegalese salsa mbalax. From the Cuban son, the sextetos of San Basilio de Palenque borrowed the clave, as well as certain elements of the song structure in son montuno: the first part, or chanson, comprises several melodic verses; the second part, or montuno, has a faster clave beat and introduces a dialogue between the choir and soloist, improvising phrases and inspiraciones in a form of response song.

These two elements, though, rely on purely Colombian rhythmics. Clavo y martillo Sexteto Matentera 2. Ina Rafael Cassiani-Cayetano Blanco 5. Narcisa Rafael Cassiani 7. La Vida es muy bonita pero al fin siempre se acaba Sexteto Habanero of Palenque 9. Micaria Sexteto Habanero of Palenque Palomita Sexteto Habanero of Palenque This son which was composed in the s by the Sexteto Matentera, is one of the most famous from the first sexteto period in Palenque. It is a funeral son: clavo y martillo refers to the nail and hammer used to close the coffin.

For many years, there was only one coffin in the village of San Basilio de Palenque. As it was used for all funerals, it was nailed down, then reopened each time. Nail and hammer! The lyrics express the bilingual Palenque peasants' own vision of life. Their peculiar use of Spanish gives their sentences an enigmatic, yet meaningful turn of phrase.

In fact, the communal territory of Palenque has shrunk notably since the end of the 19th century, when land owners and colonists began to settle down there. He was a master of the pechiche drum, which was used by fugitive Blacks to transmit messages across long distances. The peasants of the region still remember how Batata would give his drum a short series of strong beats to let the people from La Bonga, ten miles away, know that a Palenquero had died. She bewitches people, enticing them into the depths of the waters, where she feeds them unsalted food.

Moreover, the bow you are using needs to have sufficient draw weight. In summary, The deer neck shot placement can be tricky since you have to aim precisely at the spinal cord. If you miss the spinal cord, the deer might scamper off to die a slow agonizing death. This is especially if you hit the lower neck area.

The H eart The deer heart location is the low areas of the chest cavity. The heart is thus a small target to aim at. However, a precise shot to the heart will more often than not lead to instant death. Of worth noting is that this whitetail deer kill zone is covered by the upper leg. Since the heart area is too small it is wise to check the deer with your rangefinder binoculars or any other budget binoculars and calculate the distance.

Because there's also a fine line of securing humane kill is the bullet trajectory. Yes, rangefinder binos are pricier but If you can not afford rangefinder binos at least take some other cheaper options such as: hunting binoculars under Image Credit:Hunter-ed. Thus, a deer will most likely drop in its track when you hit its heart. Also, this is an area where vital blood vessels are found.

Thus, a shot to the heart can lead to massive blood loss. Also, the chances of deer escaping while bleeding are higher. Actually, placing a shot at the heart area will result in severe blood loss. Thus, most hunters will use the blood trail to track a dying deer. Also, light bullets will deflect off the rib cage and cause minimal deer harm.

If you hit too forward the deer will be able to escape with a non-fatal injury. However, if you shoot high, you might miss the heart but puncture the lungs, which will still result in death. In summary, if you want to take down a deer by aiming at the heart use a heavy bullet. Personally, I use. The heavy. The only thing that makes me not opt for the heart shot is the meat loss. A heavy bullet will be destructive and take a huge chunk of meat, which is sometimes not desirable. Shot Placement: Quartering Presentation Every hunter wants to kill whitetail deer or any other big game in a single shot.

But their desire mostly depends on where they are aiming their shot. Broadside shot Whether you hunting with your bow or rifle from your ground blind broadside shot is the most ideal angle of shot placement In the below image you can see the way the deer standing and exposing all most all of the vital organs to your weapon.

By this kind of shot, you can secure single-shot dead and even you missed the heart there are still chances that the shot puncture the lungs area and main blood vessels The Quartering Away Shot When the deer or target is facing away from you; then the angle of Quartering Away Shot creates. Some hunters prefer slight quartering away shot, to a broadside shot.

This angle of the shot is perfect for securing single-shot kill for antelope, white-tailed deer, black bear, mule deer, and other big game. If the quartering away angle is too narrow then avoid large game shots because their massive intestines and stomach part will hamper to penetrate the lungs or heart area.

Quartering Toward This is the angle when the deer is facing towards you. For a lethal kill aim at the front shoulder where the front leg meets the body. With a bow, this is not the perfect angle to shoot but with a heavy bullet, you can try this shot. If you can manage your adrenaline then wait for a better angle or if your gun is loaded and have confidence then go for that shot.

Bestseller No. Unlike a bullet which can exit an animal, a bow gets lodged in the lung making it difficult for a deer to breathe. This is one of the quickest ways to kill any big game or whitetail deer. The deer will be incapable of breathing and thus will be unable to escape. The Upside A shot to the lung is a guaranteed kill shot on a deer for bow hunters. This is because the lung area is large and is easy to target with a bow.

Also, it is very unlikely that a deer will escape with a bow lodged in its lung. Therefore, you save time. Additionally, a shot to the lung is efficient and guarantees similar results as a heart shot. As such, if you are wondering where to aim on a deer as a bow hunter, consider the lung and heart area.

The Downside The only downside to this shot is that it is effective with a bow. If you are using a rifle, the bullet might exit the animal causing a wound but not killing it instantly. Additionally, when using a gun, you will need heavy bullets that will penetrate the lungs. Light bullets will only hit the rib cage and will not do the deer any life-threatening harm. Conclusion To achieve the desired results aim for the middle of the lungs.

The center of the lungs is a good kill spot on a deer. A well placed shot to this area causes a deer to suffocate to death. Also, the shot will be clear of the heart. Thus, there will be less meat and blood loss compared to a heart shot. Where to hit a deer depends on a number of variables that include how far the deer is from you, the kind of firearm you are using, and whether the deer is calm.

Selection Of Weapons If you use a bow, the traditional whitetail deer shot placement areas of the lung and chest cavity are recommended. On the other hand, if you are using a rifle, I recommend using a. Avoid using small caliber rifles such as. Hitting the gun range can improve your shooting skills remarkably.

Also, practicing will help you know where to shoot a deer from the front. Essentially, if you are in front a shot to the head will get the job done. Alternatively, a shot to the lungs can also be ideal. This is especially if you are using a bow. The chest area is protected by the rib cage, which is hard.

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