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12 Set lead song: Place Your Bets - I Am Stronger 13 Match 1 end song: Sleeping 25 Closing2: Awolnation - Wake Up ESL CS:GO For me it was "Sail" and I'm wondering if that's the case for a Probably I am from the csgo music kit. I bet it was windows. SMITE x Red Bull Records - Music Themes from AWOLNATION, Oh boy listening to sail just like the csgo days Oh bet bear tooth. ETHEREAL ROSE MODEL

He made his way along the corridor walking pass empty and unused bedrooms and soon found himself going down the elevator to the first level of the ship. As soon as he walked out he caught a whiff of something sweet in the air, like fried cookie cat sweet. He followed in a trance like state, his sweet tooth and stomach urging him to find the source of this aroma..

It led him to the kitchen and as soon as he entered, He walked right back out and ran away. He was not going to taste any of Noel Vermillion cooking. He did feel bad but.. He felt bad cause Noel along with Estelle was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Helpful and kind to a fault, even able to get the sarcastic and cool Yuri and Mr. Badguy himself to smile or smirk genuinely. He turned the corner to see one Ragna the bloodedge..

Looking quite sick, green as his right eye. It didn't take long for Steven to put two and two together. He looked at the older man quizzically, he knew better not to eat Noel food, hell he warned them not to eat his sisters cooking. Ragna looked up at the hybrid and held a cup of water shaking it. Steven smirked before sticking his finger in his mouth getting a good amount of healing essence and sticking it into Ragna's cup, swirling it around.

Ragna looked slightly disgusted but he drowned the water with gusto. With a stretch the rebel patted the younger man on the shoulder giving him an appreciative nod before heading back to the kitchen in hope of getting the blonde girl out of there before she kill anyone else. Steven shrugged wishing him luck, before continuing his way. Past the control room.. He doubt who he was looking for would be there at this time.. Especially since the ship A.

I was in control. As his travel continued something caught his ear, the sounds of battle. With a smile, Steven upped his pace towards the sounds of clashing weapons and grunts. It took him all but 30 seconds for him to reach the giant sliding doors. Inside was a modest balcony with a protective window pane, a control module and a door on the left.

Sitting by said module was a young man of similar age, one of the first people that they recruited on this journey, Jude mathis. The man took a quick glance at the hybrid before turning his head back forward, back to what was going on beyond the balcony. Steven was quick to join him the sparkle in his eyes and grin on his face said it all.

Beyond the balcony was unprecedented and always awestucking. Below was land, air, water or whatever someone wished it to be as long as they've been there.. At the moment it was a place Steven knew very well.. It been months since he saw it.. The ruins. In the ruins two warriors were sparring, clashing sword to sword, fist to fist, foot to foot; each with shallow cuts and slight bruising on various parts of their bodies.

One was a tall, beautiful young woman with pink eyes and long, blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. Dressed in a high thigh, form fitting blue and white dress, with long thigh high boots and matching gauntlets. With skin of brown and eyes of black pearls, full lips and curly deep brown hair that stopped at her mid back was held in a top bun-braid combo, thanks to the star bralette in her hair.

Her body: full figured shapley, and built for battle; was adorned in a cobalt Kalaripayattu outfit with a crimson sash, cobalt shoes and mid-finger gauntlets that matched her sash. Connie Maheswaran.. Crystal gem..

Something they have been working to ratify since the start of their journey, and bring to full fruition. Something they need to succeed in unless existence itself ceases to well.. One of the ways through exercise and battle like this, attempting to force it out. The two clashed and pushed their blades against each, eyes locked in determination and excitement on their face.

The sound of the blondes rapier scraping against the brunettes shortsword as they struggled for supremacy, only added to their fun. A share of taunting chuckles came from each other as they try to figure out how to take advantage of this deadlock.

Connie was the first to make a move as she slightly loosened her grip on her blade, allowing Mila full momentum to throw the lord of spirits of balanced as, as Connie shifted her body and step to the left side of her friend momentarily out of her sight. Using the momentum and the opening, Connie swung her right foot to the back of blonds knee, sweeping her feet from under her.

Mila landed hard on her back with a groan, but recovered quickly; rolling back to her feet in a crouch, holding her hand out, a green circle of mana around her. Wind Lance! A green arc of wind based mana flew from her hand, straight towards Connie. The indian woman grimace as she blocked with her sword being pushed back a little, feeling the wind still knick her stomach slightly.

Earth, cry out! Rock Trine! Letting her instinct take over The woman leapt up just out of the way of the rock pillars rising up to stab her. Quite higher than a normal human would. Flames come forth! Connie swore as she saw and felt the flame sphere head toward her. She took a chance tossing her blade at milia, causing to the sphere to explode as it flew through; unfortunately Connie was still close enough to feel a bit of the shockwave, being blown back a bit more.

She did hear the clang of Swords and the grimace of her opponent.. Though she still have access to her worlds workings and mana' Connie thoughts were interrupted when she saw a blue sphere of water above her. She breath haggardly as she climbed to her feet drenched, coughing up some water left from that attack. She growled in irritation and determination. Not at Mila, but at herself. She took a deep breath before calming herself, placing her hands in the meditative symbol garnet taught her and Steven as Stevonnie.

Her eyes changed slightly but gaining what look like a four point star and each of her pupils the size of a pin. While it seemed as if nothing happened that was far from the truth. Seeing that Mila was not running but gliding towards her, sword in hand caused her to smirk.

As the water, Connie raised her hands, shakingly stopping the waters fall before tossing it towards Milia who dodge the stream. Connie leapt back before flying towards Milia, no where near the speed of Lapis, but still faster than Mila expected. Mila through stinging pain righted herself and landed on the pilar before bounding of it, towards her opponent.

Mila slammed her blade against Connie hammers with her whole weight behind it. The force pushed the young woman back and slightly off balance. Mila landed on bended knees before she followed through with a horizontal slash towards Connie face.

She successfully laid a shallow cut upon the bridge of the Maheswarans nose as Connie fell back. Using the momentum of the fall and the hammers as a balance, Connie backed flipped away from Mil, kicking her chin in the process.

The Maheswaran leapt back as the hammers vanished in a wisp of smoke. She clenched her hands thrice, getting a feeling for them. Not ideal but better than five. On the third kick she used mila as spring board jumped back and high into the air. As she watched her come Connie held her left hand in a gripping fashion she pulled it back towards her.

Try as she might though she couldn't keep the defense up as Mila was able to breakthrough. The blue energy hit her on the side, shaving and burning her outfit and skin, while tossing her back towards the ground, with a dust gathering crash. Mila coughed as she felt her back slammed into the ring. Mila groaned for a moment getting her bearings before seeing Connie bruised, battered, but smirking; run out of the cloud. Sword in her left, whip in her right. Connie snapped the whip towards the spirit lord, putting her on the defensive.

She wasn't as efficient as the namesake, but she at least has mila on her toes and kept the lord from moving closer. With one lucky snap, she was able to knock the weapon out of her hands roughly and closer to a smug Connie. With a running leap and a elegant twist, Connie swung the whip down ward. A trail of grayish flanes ran across the stone covered whip as it nearly collided with the lord of spirits blocking hand Mila stretched out her hand towards connie as a sphere of fire appeared in her palm..

She smirked at the look of defiance on her protege. She leapt back to escape blast range. Smoke stood where Connie was but Mila stood ready. Connie, if anything proved to be resilient, vigilant, and at times relentless in her pursuits. Time has taught her that. Mila eyes widen and her instinct screamed to dodge as Connie shot of the smoke, worse than wear, shadow version of Garnet's gauntlets on her hands.

Connie swung with a mighty right hook, that would have took of the lord of Spirits head, if she didn't duck, did take of some strands of hair though and caused a bit of a shockwave. Connie raised her left and try to bring it down on her opponent only to have her miss again cratering the place once stood. She coughed as she felt a fist to the left side and swung towards the source, meeting air and receiving another fist to her midsection.

Connie growled as she a round house towards the source this time hitting the forearm of mila, a block. Connie was thrown off by the Spirit lord for a moment before using the momentum to land into a handstand. Splitting her legs, she spun her body around attempting to break Mila guard, with a flurry of helicopter kicks. Mila grunted against assault.

Each kick feeling like a steel rod beating against her arms continuously. After the sixth hit Mila dropped her guard for a moment. It was enough to send the blonde flying back many yards. Mila righted herself in skid it back near a broken pillar seeing her sword nearby. The spirit lord watched as the brunette charge, slower because of the gauntlets.

She lifted her beaten arms up and began to speak "O spurring wind, scatter like flowers! From it she felt the gust of wind and petals, knocking her upward and giving her a bevy of shallow cuts all over , grunting all the while. She twisted herself right before disengaging the gauntlets. She pointed shadow imitation at milia and launched a volley of energy bullets at the blond, putting Mila on the evasive as she fell.

Instead the vast majority of people is going to be voting for their best maps. I know I do. There is no other way to make a new map popular than just putting it into mappools and having people play them for a while. In particular I hope that Reflux is given a chance in the coming ctf tournaments. The majority of the ctf community agrees that the mappool is bad and maps such as Shining Forces and Troubled Waters need to be replaced.

Of what I heared Reflux was considered ok when it was played in pickups and it also has a very spectator friendly and entertaining feature with the battlesuit. Duel - The Mappool situation Perhaps if I have convinced you, you are now thinking why anyone would ever want an elimination system to determine maps.

In the worst case they have to play maps that they are indifferent to and in the best case players get to play their favorite maps. This is why it is a good system to use in Zotacs and simular one-day cups. Everyone is free to participate who happens to be around at the time of the tournament and noone apart from the best players takes it too seriously. With that in mind you just want to attract the most players possible and give them an enjoyable experience.

However, the more serious a tournament is the less suited the elimination system is. Because people stop eliminating their least favorite maps and start eliminating their opponents best maps. This leads to an overall lower level of the game. Generally duel has a different problem than the teamgames. Instead of being infested with horrible maps as ctf or to a lesser degree tdm, duel has the problem of having too many maps.

A year ago the mappool looked completely different with Dismemberment, Campgrounds and before that t9. So learning a new duel map in quake live is a risky business. It might rotate out of the mappools within a month or two. What needs to happen is that tournament organizers need to agree on a mappool for a certain period of time and have all tournaments run the same one. Ideally this should be a 5-map pool because the fewer maps a pool has the more people can practise each individual map and as a result reach a higher level of skill.

Conclusion Reading over this I realize I might come of quite harsh when talking about tournament organizers - people who do this job completely voluntarily and put in a lot of time and sometimes even money into the tournaments. At the same time tournaments and how they are run is one of the key elements to the success of Quake Live that is often overlooked and decisions concerning them need to be thought through properly so that the tournaments can reach their full potential.

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