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The Greatest Competitive Swimmers of All Time ; Michael Phelps. Olympic medals: 23 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals · Greatest swimmer of all. The leading amateur in the tournament wins a Silver Medal. Some golfers might prefer to win the Masters or U.S. Open, but the majority would. Find out the latest news from The Open, including leaderboard and tee times, join golf's elite after winning the Silver Medal in first major at The Open. BUY ETHEREUM AND RIPPLE WITHOUT SSN

New sports are also thought up at regular enough intervals, bringing more and more options into the fold. What are they and do they still run today? If not, why did they stop taking place? Of course, it will already be clear that some of the oldest tournaments in action will be for sports like horse racing. These sports have been running for many centuries already, so it is only natural that they make up part of this collection. Carlisle Bell The Carlisle Bell is a British flat horse race that was first contested back in , and it still takes place to this day.

Its name comes from the bells that were awarded to the winners of the race during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and not only that, but the bells are reported to be the oldest horse racing prizes in Britain. The event occurs at Carlisle Racecourse, and it goes over a distance of 7 furlongs 1, metres. It is run every year in June, taking place at the same time as another historic race in the Cumberland Plate.

A total of 22 archers competed in it, trying to secure the prize of a silver arrow. Henry Calverley of Eryholme on Tees was the winner of that contest, and he was also the man responsible for providing the trophy in the first place. Thanks to the success of this tournament, the Society of Archers was also founded so as to hold it on an annual basis. Participants shoot at targets that are placed at a range of yards away, with the face of such being a standard four foot five-colour one.

A three-inch black spot is located at its centre, and the winner of the tournament is the first person to hit the black spot. That person is then appointed as the Captain of the Arrow while the first person to hit the red zone is the Lieutenant of the Arrow.

While the silver arrow trophy from was initially presented to winners each year, a replica of it is utilised today, which that player keeps for the year. The original silver arrow can be found in the Royal Armouries Museum of Leeds.

The contest is open to men of age 21 and above and hand bows must be used, rather than compound bows. There was a similar event for women to enter set up in , known as the Ascham Silver Arrow. The Old Club Cup Renata , Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Leave it to the golfing world to also claim to be providing the oldest trophy still competed for in the industry.

Yet it may well be right. Considering the Carlisle Bell and Silver Arrow prizes are no longer handed out or utilise replicas, this is not the case with the Old Club Cup. The original incarnation of it, first being brought to light in , is still played for today by participants.

He won it in and went on to become captain of the club itself. Yet even before that time, records suggest that a local golf club was founded in , featuring gentlemen of the town and local vicinity. The course at Musselburgh hosted the tournament for the cup for years, but things became too crowded. Therefore, it was relocated to Prestongrange House at Prestonpans.

The grounds there are still leased out for this competition, allowing golfers to try their hand at securing the Old Club Cup themselves. Kiplingcotes Derby Finshing post sign for the Kiplingcoates Derby stating 'England's oldest horse race' The horse racing scene is filled with events that could claim to be the very oldest tournaments. It was decided in to award Old Tom Morris the belt to keep after he won on 3 separate occasions. As a result of this, the Claret Jug was created and it has been the same trophy presented to winners of the event ever since.

These days they are better known for their work improving the rules of golf, but have been known to host several tournaments in their time, none more prestigious than The Open. He won the Open on four separate occasions between to Morris worked with him for four years, walking countless miles around the St Andrews links and learning his trade. He later went onto become head green keeper of St Andrews in , a role he held up until He also started playing golf from an early age, learning from his father mainly at the home of golf, St Andrews, and also at Prestwick Park where his father was head greenkeeper.

Between the pair they won eight Open Championships, with Young Tom Morris being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in and his father one year after in

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