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background image title. ebook. The Worry Free Retirement Guide Randy L. Thurman · background image title. ebook. Who Stole My Pension? Robert T. Kiyosaki. Name: Rich Dad's Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, that the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! · Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki · ISBN: It supports the value of financial education, financial independence, and building wealth through investing in assets, real estate investing, starting and. BEST EUROPEAN SPORTS BETTING SITES

The real estate crash was caused by the rich, not the poor. Instead, they should focus on learning from the rich as they pay fewer taxes legally. The poor and middle class will always pay more taxes than the rich. When presidents promise to raise taxes on the rich, they typically mean the middle class.

Not the real rich. Introduction Robert Kiyosaki had two fathers: a rich one and a poor one. One was highly educated with a Ph. While both men worked hard, were successful, and earned a lot of money, there was always one who struggled with money.

And the other dad, well, he became one of the richest people in Hawaii. By having two dads, with entirely different mindsets, Kiyosaki found himself comparing the two dads a lot. It was hard to figure out which dad he should listen to. Neither had found success yet. And both were experiencing financial struggles as they were still early in their careers. Thus, causing the poor and middle class to be in debt.

If millions of people need financial or medical assistance, Medicare and Social Security may run out. The rich have money work for them. The two spent an entire morning one Saturday brainstorming all the ways they could make money. They decided to cast nickels out of lead to make money— literally. Poor dad had heard from his banker how good the rich dad is at making money.

Mike arranged a meeting time, and the two began their lessons. He proposed that the two boys work for him so that he can teach them faster. And so the first lesson was learned: opportunities are fleeting, so you need to jump on them when they arrive. He offered to pay Robert and Mike 10 cents an hour, for three hours, every Saturday. After a couple of weeks doing excruciatingly boring work, Robert told Mike that he wanted to quit. Robert went to meet with his rich dad but was forced to wait 60 minutes longer than expected, which infuriated him.

His rich dad noticed that Robert had sounded like his employees after only one month. Rich dad insisted that he was teaching Robert, but in a way that life teaches, not in the way that school does. The most effective way to learn is by doing, though most people consume education from books, which is the least effective way. The main lesson he taught in the office that day was that Robert could either end up like his employees who blame others for his problems, or he could take another path and become a wealthy man.

Rich dad had suggested that the two boys find a new way to make money outside of working for someone else. In a new deal, rich dad negotiated that Robert continues working for him, but for free. For the next three weeks, Robert and Mike worked for their rich dad for free.

Then, on the third Saturday, he took them out to a park for some ice cream. He decided to introduce him to the trap of the rat race. He did this by offering to pay them twenty-five cents an hour. They said no. Do the right thing; and Self-knowledge : Know your weaknesses. Master your emotions. Financial skills: Accounting : Conquer cash, assets and liabilities; Investing : Learn what to buy and what to sell; Markets : Sense when to buy and when to sell; and Law : Know how to buy and how to sell.

Business skills: Sales : Negotiate like a ninja. Create them; and Management : Empower yourself with good systems and people. The more specialised you become, the more you are trapped and dependent on that speciality. When you have time, read this article on how to learn any skill. For now, pick one or two options from the list below and take action: Surround yourself with good people — Andrew Carnegie was one of the greatest businessmen of the 20th Century.

Do you know what he wrote on his tombstone? Learn from Carnegie. Read — The next best thing to gathering good people around you is to gather good books. Start with Kiyosaki. Heck, why not even give Donald Trump a go? Play games — Games are valuable tools because they speed learning with instant feedback. Like what you read here? Investing in stocks? Kiyosaki tries to attend at least two multi-day seminars per year. Short on time or cash? Love Wikipedia? Try Investopedia or BetterExplained.

Shocking at sales? Take a second job in a Multi-Level Marketing company. Atrocious at accounting? Pick up part-time work as a bookkeeper. Lacking in leadership? Find a local club or organisation where you can take on a leadership role. Teach — Teaching forces you to tear a subject down, get to know every brick and then show someone else how to put them back together again. Keep learning, keep moving, keep hustling. Then learn a new one. Rich Dad Poor Dad is not a book on personal productivity.

But Kiyosaki does touch on its importance. If financial freedom is something you want: make time for it. But the trick, he explains, is not to fight them. But here are a few places to start. You are financially free when passive income exceeds expenses at this point you no longer have to work, ever again.

And the recipe for financial freedom is simple: Buy assets to increase passive income; and Reduce liabilities to minimise expenses. The final step? Make converting your earned income into assets your top priority. Or in other words, always pay yourself first. Defer bills and expenses to the last possible moment. Let the pressure inspire your financial creativity. But always pay yourself first. Not sure where to start? One good approach is to automatically debit and invest a fixed sum from your account at the start of each month.

Running short 30 days later? Financial intelligence is half method, half creativity. Accounting basics all done. The problem, Kiyosaki says, is that we often buy things we think are assets that are actually liabilities. Take your car, your television, or your other personal effects. How about your home? Do they regularly take cash out or put cash into your pocket?

They are all liabilities. Remember our simple idea? Wealth is not net worth. So what is a real asset? A real asset is anything that reliably puts cash into your pocket. It becomes my job. To illustrate, Kiyosaki gives concrete examples from his own preferred asset-classes: real-estate and small-cap stocks. But if you love music — buy royalties. If you love businesses — start with stocks. Buy what you love because it will excite you and inspire you.

How do you reduce them? With learning, practice, experience and constant humility.

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