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The EMA is very popular in stock, futures and forex trading, and is often the basis of a trading strategy. A common trading strategy utilizing EMAs is to trade. Exponential moving average (EMA) is a technical indicator that gives more weight to the data when calculating the value of moving averages at each point. The Exponential Moving Average EMA Strategy is a universal trading strategy that works in all markets. This includes stocks, indices, Forex. ERIKAS PLACE CICERO INDIANA MENU FOR DIABETICS

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Click it, and it will bring up your list of current indicators on your chart. Each of them has a very small cog icon next to it, which is almost transparent in colour so quite difficult to see on this image, but once you click the cog, you will get the inputs box pop up.

The length is where you input the EMA number you are wanting to display i. If you are using MT4 which comes free with most Brokers instead of Trading View You simply go to insert at the top menu, then indicators, trend, moving average. Then when the pop up box comes up, select your period, and change the MA method to exponential.

I also always colour my exponential moving average lines in a certain way across all charts, so they are instantly recognisable. I use a light blue thick line for the A gold or yellow medium thickness line for the And A think, dark blue line for the 5.

Exponential Moving Average Strategy Guidelines The Exponential Moving Averages strategy, is based on varying crosses of the lines, to tell us when there may be a change of trend. You begin looking for a certain criteria amongst the moving averages. For a buy position Long you are looking for: The 62 should be the highest exponential moving average on the chart The 13 should be the middle exponential moving average on the chart The 5 should be the lowest exponential moving average on the chart For a sell position Short you are looking for: The 5 should be the highest exponential moving average on the chart The 13 should be the middle exponential moving average on the chart The 62 should be the lowest exponential moving average on the chart From here you are basically waiting on some crossovers to happen.

When the 5 crosses the 13, it tells you it is time to keep an eye on this pair. When the candle this occurred on closes, you can enter the trade. To break this down: The EMAs are ordered as 62 highest, 13 middle, and 5 lowest.

When the 13 crosses above the 62, wait for the candle close. Once the candle closes enter the trade. When the 13 crosses below the 62, wait for the candle close. You also need to be aware that price does move in waves, and if you got into a trade on a candle close after a particularly impulsive move, you could experience a pullback which would result in drawdown before the trade starts to go in your direction.

With this in mind, I would consider always ensuring you check the Economic Calendar before trading this strategy, and avoid any high impact news, and also ensure you have good stop losses set as well. Exiting The Exponential Moving Average Trade Money management is traders choice when it comes to trading, for example, you may choose a pip goal based on your long term trading plan, use the hull moving average as your exit, or some other exit strategy, but some strategies, such as this one, come with their very own exit criteria which you can opt to use should you wish.

The exit for the exponential moving average strategy is common sense really, if you enter a buy trade for example and you see the sell trade setting up i. The nice thing here is that, once you see that, you can sit and wait for the sell trade to stack up and enter a short position. As with the entry you should not close the position until the candle has closed. The 30 minute chart I have used the 15 minute, 30 minute, 1hr, 4hr, daily … even the weekly chart.

You can really use anything longer than 15 minutes. I recommend starting with the 15 minute or the 30 minute, so you will see more opportunities in a shorter period of time. The 5 and the 13 alone Chart the 5, the 13, and the 62 period Exponential Moving Averages. And avoiding the bad ones. These are guidelines. Good trades based on these guidelines are the result of applying them enough times that you begin to get a feel for the market.

I want to emphasize that you can change these rules. You can manipulate them. Holidays and other bad days Try not to trade on holidays, especially U. Or you can back test your strategies. On holidays and late on Fridays, the market is unpredictable and might not move enough to give you any profit. Or it might move 50 points in one direction just for the heck of it, and then move back. This is a good time to shove a metal rod into your spine. Please take my advice and just stay out of the market, with this system, at these times.

You may lose some opportunities, but you will lose also the chance of getting trapped in a motionless or unpredictable market. Other systems, long term systems in particular, can work okay late on Fridays and on holidays. But that is the subject of another ebook. One, incidentally, that I have not written yet. Trading on the 5 and the 13 You should be prepared to buy anytime the 5 crosses above the You should also be prepared to sell anytime the 5 crosses below the You should be prepared to do this even if they do not simultaneously cross the This does not mean that you take the trade immediately.

It means that you are aware that a trade might be coming. Is the currency pair in a DNA Spiral? If you enter the trade, then stay close to the computer and prepare to get out if the market really swings the other way. Is the 13 crossing the 62? The next part of the system is to watch for the 13 to cross the At these times, it might be a very, very good opportunity. An example of what the chart looks like when this happens is pictured on the next page. As you can see in the pink box in the chart below, the 5 red is crossing below the 13 yellow at the same time the 13 is crossing below the 62 blue.

This can be very powerful. I want you to also focus on the fact that the pair, after this crossover occurs at the pink circle, return to hit the 62 EMA again — and this is an excellent time to sell the pair all over again. You can see an example of this in the blue box on the chart below. This works for long and short trades — the 62 EMA will act as a dynamic level of support and resistance. Stops and limits Last of all, do the following: 1.

Set a stop-loss at 20 pips beyond the 62 EMA.

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