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positive charge percent wage shiva oriented bet omaha tears the Trotter brothers agree to look after Boycie and Marlene's 'puppy', after making a rash bet with Mickey Pearce, and in 'As One Door Closes'. says Sue Holderness, 59, who plays Boycie's tacky wife Marlene. "We were shopping in Tesco together, I think it was somewhere like Hull. BUY BITCOINS ONLINE NO VERIFICATION

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Boycie, aged 18 by that time, was a customer. Marlene was the same age as Boycie and had a brother called Bronco and a sister, Petunia. In the early s, a few of the Peckham boys had dated Marlene at some point — something Trigger would often comment on in later life. In fact, Marlene also met Del Boy in the betting shop in and they began dating while she was also seeing Boycie! He even took her to meet his mum and dad at their family home. However, she dumped him suddenly the following day in favour of Boycie.

Del never did get his money back from the caravan park! Marlene went on to marry Boycie in Despite Del and Boycie both dating her at the same time in their youth, they remained lifelong friends. However, there was always an undercurrent of flirting between Del and Marlene.

Their romantic boat ride in the Everglades is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Del Boy and Rodney, who have the Mafia chasing them! Boycie had snitched on the gangster Driscoll Brothers, who were jailed for life. However, they were released early after only 18 months, as the witnesses changed their statements. The Driscolls realised Boycie was the person who put them in jail. They were out for revenge, so he and Marlene left Peckham to lie low.

However, they never quite embraced the country lifestyle. The spin-off series ended in , after four series. There's no doubt the jokes and insults thrown between Del Boy, Rodney, Uncle Albert, Boycie and the rest of the gang have had audiences in stitches for decades. Boycie , played by John Challis, is a genius when it comes to bantering long-standing friend Del.

He also loves to inform his Peckham friends of his wealth and enjoys wallowing in middle-class superiority while drinking with wife Marlene in The Nags Head. And let's not forget Boycie's famously contagious laugh. With that said, here are 11 hilarious Boycie quotes that make us laugh out loud. Trigger couldn't organise a prayer in a mosque. The old Earl of Peckham had a castle where the Kwik-Fit exhaust centre now stands.

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