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start investing early

We believe it's never too early to start investing. In fact, the earlier you start, the more you can make out of compound interest. By starting early, you will have the most scarce resource in today's world which even money can buy- TIME. You will be having time by your side. Starting early allows you to expand your money into a corpus that you can use to meet your financial goals, be it buying a car or an early. SHAHAR HASIN BETTER PLACE

Stocks are purchased for a share price, which can range from the single digits to a couple thousand dollars, depending on the company. We recommend purchasing stocks through mutual funds, which we'll detail below. In the meantime, you get interest. But bonds earn lower long-term returns, so they should make up only a small part of a long-term investment portfolio. Mutual funds allow investors to skip the work of picking individual stocks and bonds, and instead purchase a diverse collection in one transaction.

The inherent diversification of mutual funds makes them generally less risky than individual stocks. By eliminating the professional management, index funds are able to charge lower fees than actively managed mutual funds. The difference is that ETFs trade throughout the day like a stock, and are purchased for a share price. An ETF's share price is often lower than the minimum investment requirement of a mutual fund, which makes ETFs a good option for new investors or small budgets.

Index funds can also be ETFs. Read more On a similar note When you start early you give more time for your corpus to generate returns. When you give more time for your corpus to generate returns you effectively give more time for your returns to generate more returns. In technical parlance this is called the power of compounding which shows that even with very humble investments you can create a huge corpus over a longer time frame.

To understand this in the right perspective you need to understand why you should start investing early and more importantly the trade-off of investing early vs late. Let us assume two situations. In the first situations a lump-sum is invested in equity funds and it is allowed to grow for different periods of time.

In the second situation we will assume that an investor does a Systematic Investment Plan SIP on a diversified equity fund over different periods of time. Let us see how it works in practice.. Power of compounding when you invest a lump-sum.. In the illustration below we are assuming 5 persons who are all due to retire in at the age of Each of them has invested a corpus of Rs. A person who invested Rs. The individual who invested a lump-sum at the age of 40 could hold the investment for 15 years and the corpus grew to Rs.

On the other hand the person who invested a lump-sum at the age of 20 could hold the investment for 35 years and the corpus grew to Rs. That is the kind of difference that starting early makes. To understand the above disparity in wealth created let us understand the Rule of 72 in finance. That is why you will see that at every gap of 5 years the corpus nearly doubles. That is how the power of compounding works in your favour if you start early.

Lump-sum is fine, but what about SIPs.. In the first case we have seen the outcome of wealth creation when the lump-sum corpus is held for a longer period. For most regular savers and investors, a SIP is more relevant.

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Instead, consider a taxable brokerage account you can withdraw from at any time without paying additional taxes or penalties. Brokerage accounts are also a good option for people who have maxed out their IRA retirement contributions and want to continue investing as the contribution limits are often significantly lower for IRAs than employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

If your savings goal is more than 20 years away like retirement , almost all of your money can be in stocks. But picking specific stocks can be complicated and time consuming, so for most people, the best way to invest in stocks is through low-cost stock mutual funds, index funds or ETFs. We outline the best options for short-term savings here.

If you can't or don't want to decide, you can open an investment account including an IRA through a robo-advisor, an investment management service that uses computer algorithms to build and look after your investment portfolio.

Robo-advisors largely build their portfolios out of low-cost ETFs and index funds. Because they offer low costs and low or no minimums, robos let you get started quickly. They charge a small fee for portfolio management, generally around 0. The most popular investments for those just starting out include: Stocks A stock is a share of ownership in a single company. Stocks are also known as equities. Even a small amount invested regularly can have a big difference in the long run.

What is compounding? Quite simply, compounding is when you earn interest on your original investment as well as on the reinvested interest. This means that the longer you allow your money to grow, the more potential for exponential growth. As you can see, the more time your money has to grow, the faster it will compound — and the more money you will ultimately have. Compounding can turn a small sum of money into a large fortune over time.

You can always increase your contributions as your income goes up or decreases over time. The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to make a dent in your overall savings. Remember: the key is to start investing early and then add to it regularly! Tweet this. If you invest early and something happens that causes you to lose money, you still have time to recover. But if you wait until later in life to start, you have to be more careful, and your risk-taking will likely be more limited.

Your twenties are the time to experiment and learn, so you can find the investing strategies that work best for you. The time is on your side to make up for any losses. Starting early means you have more time to perfect your skills, learn about the market, and make informed decisions. And once you reach retirement age, you may not want to keep all of your money in investments — you may want to use it to enjoy your retirement!

It means you have more room for errors than if you were investing later in life.

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