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All mined #btc will be put towards endeavors to continue educating our community about the usefulness and utility of #Bitcoin!! Give them a follow and use. Kaboom provides a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency token. It offers a decentralized P2P payment network. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The Salvation Army has partnered with Home Depot and KaBOOM! to rebuild playgrounds and other areas of our campus on July 11th.. Colorado Springs Corps. INVESTING OP AMP WAVEFORM

Parks serving majority low-income households are on average four times smaller and serve nearly four times more people than majority high-income households. This denial of access to quality play spaces contributes to higher rates of childhood obesity and other physical and mental health challenges experienced by kids of color growing up in high-poverty communities that are experiencing disinvestment. These are the very systems that have historically excluded Black and brown families and disinvested in their communities, and now do not have the resources alone to address the deep inequity in playspace access that currently exists.

James shared the following example of a high-impact project in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools: It was determined through a playspace needs assessment that we conducted with the Baltimore City Public Schools BCPS system that roughly half of all BCPS elementary schools did not have adequate playspaces. Through our partnership with BCPS, funded with municipal, corporate and foundation resources, we have built 20 playspaces.

We have another 24 playgrounds to build to ensure that every BCPS elementary school student has a great place to play where they learn. BCPS, which is a terrific partner with excellent equity-focused leadership, cannot solve this problem alone because of systemic barriers to community development. State funding is essentially allocated per capita rather than according to need. The BCPS budget for capital projects funded by state and local government is dwarfed by the resources of higher-income neighboring school systems that have roughly the same total number of students.

These disparities are only being widened by the impact of the pandemic on local governments. BCPS is emblematic of most public school, park, and housing systems across the country that have high concentrations of both poverty and children of color. To set each and every child on a path to a healthy future, we must end playspace inequity for good.

By July, Celsius had filed for bankruptcy. A very small number of players have massive amounts of assets. Crypto investors need to be able to use it in ways that have been discussed but not fully realized, like getting a business loan or transferring money safely across the world. What could help move it in this direction is more regulation.

Canada is already ahead of the curve when it comes to regulating crypto exchanges and assets that have properties similar to traditional securities. But there are a few more areas that need attention: first, Canada needs to extend its regulatory framework to stablecoins, which claim to be more trustworthy than other crypto because they are pegged to real money.

Terra has demonstrated otherwise. Stablecoins need to be better defined and subject to consumer protections. Second, the federal and provincial governments may need to enact legislative solutions that bring the DeFi system under the supervision of the securities regulator.

Promotion needs to be regulated, too. A bunch of investors got into crypto just because Matt Damon told them to be brave. People need to understand that cryptocurrencies are not the same as money. Crypto banks are not like real banks at all—there are no protections if they go bankrupt.

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Our mission: End playspace inequity for good.

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Kaboom cryptocurrency I encourage you to visit their website kaboom cryptocurrency more of these inspiring stories. Get the Best of Maclean's sent straight to your inbox. A bunch of investors got into crypto just because Matt Damon kaboom cryptocurrency them to be brave. If you provide an email, you will automatically receive a tax receipt after donating. BCPS is emblematic of most public school, park, and housing systems across the country that have high concentrations of both poverty and children of color. Why crypto donations?
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