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Get a feel for our boxing betting odds & lines and bet on your favorite There is no upper limit but the mechanics of a parlay bet are important here. Value Boxing & UFC Picks. The Value Rating which is displayed as a star rating with a maximum of five stars is calculated by comparing the percentage of picks. Pinnacle offers the best Boxing odds and high limits for Boxing betting. Favourites. Log in or Join to change your favourites. CFDS AND SPREAD BETTING EXPLAIN THESAURUS

However, if there is a draw wager available, all other bets are losers in the event of a draw. If a fighter does not come out for the beginning of a round, the bout is considered having ended at the end of the previous round. When betting the number of rounds, the halfway point of round is , and for womens matches. If the over-under for a fight is 8. Changes made to the details of a fight after it opens for betting will often result in no action.

Some online sportsbooks, however, will not allow you to change which side you bet on if the number of scheduled rounds is changed. In addition, if one fighter fails to make weight and changes the implications of a bout, for example, from a title bout to a non-title bout, the bet stands. Results are decided in the ring on the date of the fight. In other words, any changes made to the result of a fight due to a failed drug test, a successful appeal, an incorrect scoring procedure, etc.

The decision rendered at the conclusion of a fight is binding. Alsoyou have no recourse if you come out on the short end of a controversial result, regardless of how overt the incompetence or corruption of the officials was. If you bet on a fighter to win a decision, that bet is a winner whether the decision is announced at the end of the scheduled distance of a fight or if a fight is ended prematurely and goes to the scorecards. If you bet on a fighter to win on points, the bout must last for the full scheduled duration of a fight to be graded a winner.

A bet on a draw will be honored if the draw is announced after the scheduled duration of the fight or if the result is a technical draw due to the fight being stopped prematurely. For betting purposes, all boxing matches become official when the bell begins the first round. Other Considerations 1. Currencies And Languages All of the betting sites above are available in a multitude of languages so you can best use the service in your preferred language.

The best boxing betting sites should also offer odds on all of the top fights. Any of the sportsbooks we recommend in the site rankings above hit all our marks, like Mike Tyson in his prime. Each betting site is safe, secure and vetted to ensure you boxing fans have the best online gambling experience for any big boxing match. Simply select one of the above boxing betting websites, visit the site, create an account, make a deposit using your credit card , Bitcoin , PayPal or other options, and place your boxing bet online.

Be sure to take advantage of the bonus offers that most sportsbooks give to first-time bettors. Some betting sites offer specific bonuses if you bet on certain sports. You could find yourself with a free bet just for betting on boxing! It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the many different boxing websites, weight classes and governing bodies that make up the boxing world. But the sport itself has remained largely unchanged for years.

When you bet on fights online, the trick is to find good value, with some of the best boxers having little competition in their own weight division. Below are the different boxing bet types you can make: Moneyline Betting The simplest form of betting on boxing is the moneyline. Similar to other popular sports, this is a straight-up bet for which you have to pick who is going to win the bout and be the outright winner.

Our betting Odds Calculator can help you with that. This tool shows sports bettors how to calculate potential winnings for all sorts of sports wagers. Method Of Victory Betting Another popular wager among boxing bettors is the method of victory prop bet. This type of bet is like taking the moneyline one step further by predicting how a fighter will win a bout. The method of victory prop bet allows you to make more money if you were to correctly predict how Drago would win rather than just betting on him for an outright victory.

If the fight were to go beyond the 11th round, then the OVER takes the bet. Although it can be difficult to predict an exact round, this betting style offers much bigger potential winnings. We can only hope that Bale and De Niro reprise their roles and this fight actually happens on screen. That would definitely go down as one of the best boxing matches ever. On-Points Betting A fighter winning on boxing points is something you will come across in boxing betting lines.

This boxing bet requires you to pick a fighter to win the fight by decision.

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