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So the reality is, a lot of birds are living in these indoor cages. I'd be willing to bet that the above situation is exactly what many. Saddle up for the tale of the world's longest poker game—from the infamous Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, AZ. Action Points/Bets, Action Reverse, Action Reverse Bird Cage, Futur Wagering, etc. Tips and Advices. Understand the probability behind. NADAL WAWRINKA BETTINGEXPERT

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Also make sure that there is no pointed or sharp edge or corner exposed in neither the inner nor exterior of the cage. The prime purpose of the cage is to protect your little friends from the potential hazards in the house like heated pots, swirling fans , so the cage itself should be reliable.

And also, your susceptible feathered friends are vulnerable to fume, continuous heat and cold air… After receiving all the messages above, you can have the idea of where to place your birdcage and what quality it should acquire. However, most bird experts agree that it's stressful for a bird to have her cage directly in front of a window. In the meanwhile, the cage should be located in a well-trafficked part of the home.

Therefore, birdcages sit on wheels can save you many efforts when moving. Rule number 1: never go for a round cage. Round cages are dangerous for the dwellers as they could easily get beak, tail, or entire foot or ankle caught in the small space where the bars gather at the dome. Rectangular and square cages are more preferable when it comes to safety and functionality. These cages are more spacious and the interior space can be better used.

Besides, there are a variety of cage top styles for different purposes — functionality and aesthetics. In the aspect of functionality, there are cage tops with handles for easy carry. The simplified version of playtop is open top, which can be opened and stretched with a perch. As for the aesthetical purpose, the popular bird cage on the market can be generally classified into 3 types — flat roof, curved roof, and gable roof.

Remember the cage is not all for your bird, your convenience should be considered as well. Choosing a cage with feeder doors is easy for you to access the feeders without opening the front door and scare your birds. Make sure to warm water and monitor while the bird is enjoying its bath. However, we can do lots of things to keep the birdcage clean every day: Wash all bird dishes with a dishwasher and rinse with hot water after your birds finish eating their last meals of the day.

You can also do this in the morning before giving them breakfast Check the cage perches and toys to see any droppings. Then wipe them off with a clean cloth or bring the items out and shake the dirt off If you place a liner inside the birdcage, change it every day How to Keep the Area Around Bird Cage Clean When bird cages are kept in the house, there is always a risk of messes.

The birdcage could get dirty and need to be cleaned, or bird droppings may fall around it. Here are some steps you can take to help keep the birdcage area clean. Keep the birdcage away from corners or furniture which might attract bugs like cockroaches. You want a space open around the birdcage to be easily accessible for cleaning and not an obstacle course of chairs, tables, etc.

Place something absorbent under the birdcage to catch any droppings before they hit your flooring. Some people use old towels while others prefer newspapers since newsprint ink may repel insects such as roaches and silverfish birds love to eat.

If possible, place a fan near the birdcage to create air movement and discourage the build-up of insect activity like cockroach eggs around the birdcage. This will help prevent insects like cockroaches from moving into the birdcage area and onto your bird. Sweep around the birdcage regularly so that any droppings are disposed of before they have time to attract bugs such as roaches.

Follow these steps, and you will find that it is easy and enjoyable to give your pets the care they deserve. Cleaning regularly also ensures that they are safe from many diseases, such as Salmonella, which can cause serious health issues for both humans and animals alike.

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