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With a clear goal and no doubt that I would find a clear path to becoming a reading teacher, I launched into the pursuit to teach reading to. in a credit-bearing general education course at a postsecondary partnered with H&R Block to implement an intervention (Bettinger et al., ). One. resources for the literature review included searching EBSCO and ERIC electronic what-if scenarios with existing college credit, and financial-aid. BETTING ODDS 6/5

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Aware that college counseling, in the form of in-person interactions with an adviser, has been proven to increase college attendance and success, they decided to provide virtual advising to high-achieving high school students from under-resourced areas to help them navigate their college options. The goal for many organizations is simply persuading under-resourced students to apply to any college. But the problem of focus for Bettinger was getting high-achieving students from this population to consider the best schools for them — those that can position them for greater opportunity and success.

Gaining student buy-in For the study, the College Board identified more than 16, high-achieving students from low- to moderate-income households, based on their standardized test scores. Three-fourths of the students were offered virtual advising through College Advising Corps; the remaining quarter formed the control group. The study compared the college admissions outcomes of students who received the virtual advising with the outcomes of those who did not.

The power of virtual advising The intervention made a measurable difference. Less than 60 percent of students at four-year colleges graduate within six years, and at some colleges, the graduation rate is less than 10 percent. Additionally, many students enter higher education ill-prepared to comprehend college-level course material.

Some estimates suggest that only one-third of high school graduates finish ready for college work; the proportion is even lower among older students. Colleges have responded to the poor preparation of incoming students by placing approximately 35 to 40 percent of entering freshmen into remedial or developmental courses, along with providing academic supports such as summer bridge programs, learning communities, academic counseling, and tutoring, as well as student supports such as financial aid and child care.

Eric Bettinger, Angela Boatman, and Bridget Terry Long describe the role, costs, and impact of these college remediation and academic support programs. According to a growing body of research, the effects of remedial courses are considerably nuanced.

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