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It is another object of the present invention to provide a coupon insertion machine that can adapt to changes in the speed of the conveyor transporting the containers. It is a further object of the present invention to provide a coupon insertion machine capable of reliably operating at high speeds. It is still another object of the present invention to provide a coupon insertion machine capable of separating a variety of coupon sizes, shapes, and burst strengths.

It is yet another object of the present invention to provide a coupon insertion machine with an integrated coupon delivery mechanism. These and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the detailed description, claims, and accompanying drawings.

The coupon inserter of the present invention provides the above identified and many additional objects through an apparatus that separates the forwardmost coupon from a continuous web of separable coupons and delivers the coupon into a container or lays the coupon onto goods passing by a coupon dispensing location.

The present invention further provides a method for using the same apparatus that bursts the coupons from the continuous web to achieve the ultimately desired result--placing the coupons into containers or onto goods. The preferred embodiment of the coupon inserter in accordance with the present invention has a frame to which a motor, feed rollers, delivery rollers, a power transmission including a clutch and brake, an activation sensor, and a deactivation sensor are connected.

The frame may be attached to a mounting bracket to position the coupon inserter's dispensing location in the appropriate place along a conveyor or other product handling system. The motor and power transmission are connected to a control unit which controls the speed and timing of the coupon inserter. The activation sensor is linked to the power transmission to provide an activation signal when a receiving product is approaching the coupon dispensing location.

When the coupon inserter apparatus is turned on, the motor continually rotates the delivery rollers and the input side of the power transmission. The power transmission begins rotation of the feed rollers in response to a signal from the activation sensor, and terminates rotation of the feed rollers in response to a signal from the deactivation sensor. The feed rollers and the delivery rollers rotate at substantially the same speed when the feed rollers are rotating.

In use, the coupon inserter is placed in proximity to a conveyor belt or other product handling system which moves containers into which coupons must be inserted. The activation sensor for sensing the presence of a container approaching the dispensing location is placed in working proximity to the conveyor. A continuous web of coupons is fed into the nip between the feed rollers, then the coupon inserter apparatus is turned on starting, the electric motor.

The motor drives a power transmission which continually drives the delivery rollers. Thus, the delivery rollers continually rotate so long as the system is powered. When the activation sensor detects the presence of a container approaching the dispensing location, the power transmission is signaled to engage, which begins rotation of the feed rollers, causing the coupon web to be directed toward the nip between the delivery rollers.

After passing through the delivery rollers, the leading edge of the forwardmost coupon passes the deactivation sensor, which signals the power transmission to stop the rotation of the feed rollers. The deactivation sensor is adjustable and is positioned such that the feed rollers stop rotating while the weakened web portion between two individual coupons in the continuous coupon web is located between the nip of the feed rollers and the nip of the delivery rollers.

Because the delivery rollers are still directing the coupon web toward the dispensing location when the feed rollers stop rotating, the forwardmost coupon separates from the coupon web at the weakened portion. The now-separated coupon travels to the dispensing location and, depending on the speed of the motor, is delivered into the container or lays onto the goods as desired.

The process then repeats for the next container or receiving product. The apparatus 10 is shown oriented above a conveyor 99 which carries receiving product toward a dispensing location The purpose of the apparatus 10 is to separate the forwardmost coupon 22 from a continuous web 20 of separable coupons along a weakened web portion 21 and place the forwardmost coupon 22 in or on a receiving product The receiving product may be a wide variety of containers such as cereal, rice, or cracker boxes, or may be an individual product or stack of products onto which a coupon is desired to be placed such as a stack of cheese slices.

The continuous web 20 may be attached in roll form to the frame 25 of the apparatus 10, or may be separate. The apparatus 10 includes a frame 25 which may be mounted using mounting bracket 26 to a conveyor system 99 or other similar product handling system. As more clearly shown in FIGS.

The intake rollers 35 direct the web 20 into the feed rollers nip 44 formed between the feed rollers 40, which individually are outer feed roller 42 and inner feed roller When feed rollers 40 rotate, the web 20 is fed into the nip between delivery rollers 50, which individually are outer delivery roller 52 and inner delivery roller The delivery rollers 50 advance the web 20 toward the dispensing location When the leading edge of the forwardmost coupon 22 of the web 20 reaches deactivation sensor 85, the feed rollers 40 stop rotating, while continuing to grip the following coupon Because the forwardmost coupon 22 continues to be advanced toward the dispensing location 65 by the delivery rollers 50, the forwardmost coupon 22 separates from the following coupon 23 at the weakened web point In the embodiment shown, the now separated forwardmost coupon 22 is directed toward the dispensing rollers 60, which include outer dispensing roller 61 and inner dispensing roller 62, at the dispensing location 65, by coupon conveying belts 55 reeved upon the dispensing rollers 60 and the delivery rollers In this embodiment the forwardmost coupon 22 exits the apparatus between the dispensing rollers 60 and, depending on the speed of motor 90, is dropped into or placed upon the receiving product A motor 90 rotates feed rollers 40, delivery rollers 50, and dispensing rollers 60 through a power transmission or roller drive 30, which in the embodiment shown is system of belts, pulleys, belt tensioning rollers, nips, and conveying belts.

The belts are described as toothed belts, and the pulleys as toothed wheels, because such toothed components can improve the accuracy, and reduce the distortion, with which the rollers are rotated, although there are envisioned, of course, other structures which can provide similar functionality.

Motor 90 may be a 90 volt DC motor, such as those available from Leeson, or an equivalent motor. Attached to motor 90, preferably through a speed reducer 94, is motor toothed wheel 91 which, when the apparatus is powered, is continually rotating. Reeved about wheel 91 is motor toothed belt After passing over motor belt tensioning idler rollers 93, belt 92 travels around clutch-brake drive input toothed wheel 71 and inner delivery roller toothed wheel 51 part of or attached to inner delivery roller 53 causing wheel 71 and wheel 51 to continually rotate.

Outer delivery roller 52 is caused to continually rotate by the friction between it and inner delivery roller 53 at delivery rollers nip Dispensing rollers 60 are rotatably connected to delivery rollers 50 by a plurality of coupon conveying belts Thus, dispensing rollers 60 continually rotate at the same speed as the delivery rollers Clutch-brake 70 transmits the rotational drive force from clutch-brake drive input toothed wheel 71 to clutch-brake output toothed wheel 72 based on signals originating from activation sensor 80 and deactivation sensor Clutch-brake 70 may be a model number EP made by Warner Electric or an equivalent clutch-brake.

When the clutch-brake 70 is engaged in clutch mode, rotational drive force is transmitted to clutch-brake drive output toothed wheel This in turn causes clutch-brake toothed belt 73, guided by clutch-brake belt positioning roller 74, to move, causing inner feed roller toothed wheel 41 part of or attached to inner feed roller 43 to rotate. Outer feed roller 42 is caused to rotate by the friction between it and inner feed roller 43 at feed rollers nip Thus clutch-brake 70 transmits rotational drive force from motor 90 to feed rollers While the preferred embodiment uses only one conventional motor 90 to rotate the rollers, it is possible that a stepper motor or multiple motors could be used.

Of course, if multiple motors or a stepper motor are used, appropriate feed drive configurations must be designed. For cost and simplicity, the single conventional motor 90 is preferred. As shown in FIG. The activation sensor 80 is placed in a position along the length of conveyor 99 such that the time it takes for 1 the activation sensor 80 to sense the presence of receiving product , 2 signal clutch-brake 70 to begin rotating clutch-brake drive output wheel 72, and 3 the forwardmost coupon 22 to travel to the dispensing location 65, is the same time that it takes the receiving product to be carried to the dispensing location 65 by the conveyor.

Thus, the forwardmost coupon 22 and the receiving product meet at the dispensing location 65 at the appropriate time. Activation sensor 80 may be a mini-beam SMD sensor from Banner or an equivalent sensor. As shown in FIGS. When deactivation sensor 85 senses the presence of the leading edge of forwardmost coupon 22, it signals clutch-brake 70, via controller 75, to brake output wheel The position of deactivation sensor 85 is adjusted such that when the leading edge of the forwardmost coupon 22 is sensed, the weakened web point 21 between forwardmost coupon 22 and following coupon 23 is located between the feed rollers nip 44 and the delivery rollers nip Thus, because delivery rollers 50 continue pulling forwardmost coupon 22 toward the dispensing location 65 after feed rollers 40 stop rotating, forwardmost coupon 22 separates from following coupon 23 at the weakened web portion A first set of adjustable set screws 28 are provided, each passing through one arm of the frame and threaded into the other arm.

Thus, by tightening or loosening either or both of the set screws 28, the distance between the centers of inner feed roller 43 and outer feed roller 42 at feed rollers nip 44 can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of coupon thicknesses or to compensate for worn feed rollers In a similar manner, delivery rollers 50 are rotatably mounted to spaced apart but facing portions of frame 25 such that inner delivery roller 53 and outer delivery roller 52 are mounted on opposite sides of flex-slot 27, and a second set of adjustable set screws 29 are provided, spanning the flex-slot.

By tightening or loosening the set screws 29, the distance between the centers of inner delivery roller 53 and outer delivery roller 52 at delivery rollers nip point 54 can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of coupon thicknesses or to compensate for worn delivery rollers Feed rollers 40 and delivery rollers 50 are covered with a compressible and high friction material, such as a pliable rubber, to allow the rollers to adequately grip the coupons.

The coupon conveying belts 55, shown in FIGS. Belts 55 may be in guide grooves in the delivery rollers 50 and dispensing rollers In particular, one set of the coupon conveying belts 55 reeved about the inner delivery roller 53 are also reeved about the inner dispensing roller 62, while a second set of the coupon conveying belts 55 reeved about the outer delivery roller 52 are also reeved about the outer dispensing roller In this way, multiple coupon conveying belts 55 may be used to convey the separated forwardmost coupon 22 to the dispensing location And Egyptian cotton, that is a safe bet, right?

Turns out all those assumptions were very wrong. When we got back to the condo with our purchases, I immediately ran the sheets through the washer so we could use the bed. Nothing beats a nice, fresh, clean set of sheets at night!! The next morning, Hubby complained the new sheets had pills. The next time I washed those sheets was on our return to the condo in January. I am not a good sheet folder Hubby is , and so it is easier for me to just wash, dry, remake the bed with the same set.

After the second washing I put the sheets back on the bed. That night, I felt a few pills at my feet. Now, I am not the Princess from the Princess and the Pea — far from it. Heck, I slept on the floor whenever possible from the time I was a little kid until I was Hubby put the kibosh on that pretty darned quick. He was horrified that my ex-husband took the mattress set when we divorced, and I never replaced it.

I slept on the floor. Because I liked to. I just shifted around a bit to avoid them, and all was well. After the third wash, I was extremely disappointed in my regular brand, ready to put out a nasty-gram expressing my angst in not-so-polite-terms. There were pills all the way up the sheets, and sleeping on them had become a tad uncomfortable, even for me!

Tripping over one of the boxes of those removed linens, guess what I found? The good sheets. Thankfully, I had never sent out that nasty-gram. I immediately washed the good sheets, stripped the bed and then washed the Tuesday Morning sheets and had Hubby fold and pack them away as a spare read: desperate set to be tossed as soon as I order another set. So what are these good sheets? Thomas Lee Sheets. We have purchased the Thomas Lee PerfectCale sheets since I read about them online years ago, and decided to take a chance.

Maybe they are no iron which turns out is half the problem , but for the rest? When I read all the glowing reviews about the Thomas Lee sheets, I figured they either paid a lot of people for good reviews, or they made an excellent product. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that they make an excellent product.

That first set I bought years ago is as good today as it was when I purchased it — probably better because it is even softer or so it seems.

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I am generally a hot sleeper and can definitely tell a difference when these sheets are on the bed. They are thread count and produced without the use of harsh chemicals or dyes. You can read more about their high standards and quality measures here. Each sheet set comes complete with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and two pillowcases you can even select split king mattress if you have a dual adjustable bed. Thomas Lee Sheets offers other bedding basics as well such as comforters, blankets, etc.

PS: Want to see more? This ensures our sheets are woven into an ultra-smooth, tight Percale-pattern weave that gives them their signature fresh and airy feel. The process takes time, but the quality lasts even longer. So snuggle up, and get ready for the best night's sleep you've had in years. Worth the price! These sheets are worth the price! After reading nonstop reviews about tons of brands, I decided to go with Thomas Lee. They are so comfortable!

I will invest in a second set. Kathy P.

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