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investing chemical equilibrium lab

Lab A. INVESTIGATING CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM. Name: CHEM OBJECTIVES: 1. To recognize the macroscopic properties of five chemical systems at equilibrium. Le Châtelier's Rainbow: An Application of Chemical Equilibrium. CHEM This experiment is set up as a series of six stations at each lab table. You can summarize the rest from the virtual lab. 1. Write down the equilibrium equation you are investigating using the information. RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY IN FOREX

Hypothesis: Explain the relationship between forward and reverse reactions at equilibrium and predict how changing the amount of a reactant or product creating a stress will affect that relationship. For example select one from each underlined section If the amount of reactant increases, the rate of the forward reaction will increase to reach a new equilibrium. If the amount of product decreases, the rate of the forward reaction will increase to reach a new equilibrium.

Procedure: Access the virtual lab and complete the inquiry experiment. List your controlled variables, independent variable, and dependent variable. Explain why these are the variables. Summarize the steps of the experimental procedure. The demonstration Make the pink cobalt chloride solution up to cm3 with 60 cm3 concentrated hydrochloric acid from a measuring cylinder. A violet-coloured solution should be formed. Adding a more hydrochloric acid will produce a blue solution containing mainly [CoCl4]2—, while adding water will restore the pink colour.

Place about 2 cm depth of it in each of the six boiling tubes in two groups of three in suitable racks. Effect of concentration Keeping one tube as a control, use dropping pipettes to add water to the second tube and concentrated hydrochloric acid to the third until the colours change to pink and blue respectively.

Swirl to mix well as the liquids are added. If desired, show that these changes are reversible by adding concentrated HCl to the second test-tube and water to the third. It will turn blue. It will turn pink. If desired, show that the changes are reversible by swapping over the two test-tubes.

Teaching notes The change in colour from blue to pink of the cobalt complexes here has been the basis of cobalt chloride indicator papers for the detection of the presence of water.

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Under such conditions the amount of water is so large that changes in water concentration display little effect. However, acetone is the solvent in the experiments shown in the video above. Because of this, additions of water strongly increase the concentration of water in the system, shifting all equations to the left. In a future post I will share how addition of AgNO3 for chloride removal and temperature affect this system of non-aqueous copper II chloro complexes. Please do leave a comment if you have any other suggestions for further experimentation, or any other comments on this work.

Happy experimenting! References 1. Shakhashiri, B. Grant, A. Cobalt complexes and Le Chatelier, J. DeGrand, M. Helmholz, L. Khan, M. Elleb, M. Ramette, R. Think again about how this will change the concentration of the substances in the equilibrium mixture. Add an equal volume of distilled water.

Control test tube. No action required. Use this test tube for color comparisons. Observations Questions: 1. Based on test tube 1 and 2, is the forward reaction exothermic or endothermic? Justify your response with data from the lab and sound chemistry principles.

Based on the results, predict and explain the magnitude of the equilibrium constant at room temperature. In other words, is Kc much greater than 1, approximately 1, or much smaller than 1? Justify your answer. State and explain whether the value of Kc increased or decreased when you increased the temperature.

Write the chemical equation, complete ionic equation and net ionic equation for the double-replacement reaction that occurs in test tube 4. What is the ligand in this reaction? What is the coordination number of the coordinated complex? Explain why the complex is colored. Why or why not? Preparation: To make the equilibrium mixture I give to students, I use some copper II chloride, and add some sodium chloride or aluminum chloride to shift the equilibrium a bit more towards the products.

I don't use a specific concentration, as the lab is very qualitative.

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Chemical Equilibrium Lab investing chemical equilibrium lab

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