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You may have seen Bill Ottman on the Joe Rogan podcast. WATCH opzet.xyz #interview #podcast #bitcoin #ethereum #socialmedia. How Ethereum's merge could transform crypto. Our podcast on science and technology. In this episode, we explore how a planned overhaul of. The latest Crypto podcasts on Moneyweb. 21 Sep / Ciaran Ryan. 'The Merge' has just turned ethereum into a potential global financial titan. DALBETH PLACE MATANGI TONGA

Episode - Future of blockchain in India with Varun Sethi In India, the government is ready to implement or give leverage blockchain technology but alarmed of cryptocurrencies. India always being known for it's growing IT industries. One more thing Reserve Bank of India released a statement directing all regulated entities, including banks, to stop dealing with individuals and businesses dabbling in virtual currencies.

This amounts to a ban on banks in dealing with companies or individuals that trade in cryptocurrencies. So you can now understand how hard these regulations are! Listen to this episode CryptoKnights Podcast where Varun Sethi is explaining how he is fighting against the legality of the ban on blockchain and cryptos.

Who is Varun Sethi? On professional front, I am Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Delhi University Graduate with 7 years experience of working with startups in India and abroad, consulting on matters from international fund raise, global structuring solutions, corporate taxation, valuations and cloud accounting. During my startup journey, have also found myself on the other side of the table, i.

On Personal front - I am Sunday cyclist, reluctant poet, level 3 ethical hacker and a legal researcher on policy matters of the Indian Government. Available for you to subscribe and listen to all things crypto About the hosts Craig Jackson Craig developed an interest in crypto after hearing about Bitcoin at soccer training in Since going down the rabbit hole, Craig has endured the ups and downs of crypto, now working in the industry as Head of Growth at Bamboo.

Craig hopes to bring a sensible approach to crypto investing for new people starting out. Tracey Plowman Chief Operations Officer for cutting-edge cryptocurrency app, Bamboo; Tracey Plowman is among just a handful of women taking on executive roles in the digital assets space. Tracey is extremely motivated to encourage more women into technology and believes this can help to empower their investment choices and establish financial freedom.

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Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and the Future of Money - Lex Fridman Podcast #80

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