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Is buying cryptocurrency investing or gambling? Here's how to tell the difference. Peter Dunn. Special to USA TODAY. Ethereum is another popular blockchain network, and the currency it created (Ether) is now widely accepted by online gambling sites. Built on the same premise. On most online gambling services you'll find that the most accepted coin would be Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies. But if you look closely. 6 NATIONS RUGBY 2022 BETTING ODDS

Bitcasino makes an effort to keep its users informed about recent developments in the cryptocurrency space. One of the features we love about Bitcasio is its loyalty club, where players can grow their rewards as they play in return for awesome prizes and rewards.

Although it takes some time to reach the top levels, players will be rewarded throughout their journey with free spins, free chips, and even cashback rewards. These titles, similar to the original physical game of bingo where players match their numbers to those called by the dealer, are a popular choice among Bitcasino players.

For those who are used to playing more traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack, bingo can be a fun and light-hearted new gambling experience. Bitcasino is also a great place for regular bingo players who want to try their hand at Bitcoin gambling too, as their games are similar to those found at Mecca or Gala bingo.

Bitcasino have multiple lottery types, all of which are instant win — meaning the balls are drawn in front of you, and you can win during a single session, no need to wait for a future draw! Users can either randomly choose how many numbers they want to be selected like a lotto lucky dip, or pick their own winning numbers. Safe and Secure Since Bitcoin and other cryptos run on blockchain tech, transactions are easy to monitor.

Players always directly send money to the casino without the approval of anybody. No one could manipulate the transaction and so it is safe. However, just always make sure that you are sending the funds to the right wallet address.

Why Crypto Gambling is Getting More Attention In general, the use of cryptocurrencies is seen as the future of online transactions. This is also the case for the gambling industry. Many predict that online casinos will heavily rely on cryptos in the future. The number of crypto users is also continuously rising.

Before ended, Bitcoin was able to surpass its all-time high since In , its highest value was at around 20, US dollars. This year, its all—time high was at 58, US dollars and this happened in February. This is a dip that many is seeing as a sign that it would still be able to reach a new all-time high before the year ends. Some are even saying that it could rise to k USD by the end of the year. The uncertainty is keeping people intrigued that more crypto wallets are created every day.

Now, whether it does peak once again or not, Bitcoin has gained more users. This only means that there is now more Bitcoin circulating for people to use in online transactions like gambling.

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Requests for loans or financial support to cover their eventual losses. Feelings of estrangement from family and friends. The need to lie to avoid accusations and confrontations about their risky investment behaviors. This addiction can also lead to financial problems, job loss, or dropping out of school.

In addition, sufferers may experience self-concept problems. Finally, the fact that cryptocurrencies can be bought from anywhere in the world increases the attractiveness of this activity. Furthermore, the economic crisis, the increase in unemployment, and the few job opportunities available for young people have generated a search for alternative income. Consequently, an environment has been created that makes it easy for people to develop this kind of addiction.

The fine line between being an investor and being a gambler Cryptocurrency gambling seems to be prevalent among young men. In fact, they seem to view these investments as the opportunity to get rich easily and quickly. In addition, a positive image seems to have been built on these transactions. This can have an impact on the behavior of many young people who seek to imitate these aspirational role models. Indeed, they also want to be viewed as shrewd, courageous, and determined.

Traditional gambling and cryptocurrency gambling The conventional forms of gambling disorder and the addiction to investing with cryptocurrencies coincide when the individual denies or minimizes their problem. In addition, they tend to hide it from those around them.

As a matter of fact, with this particular form of gambling, those who suffer from it tend to completely deny the fact that they may be putting their savings or those of their family at risk. This is because they disguise their pathological behavior within the investment logic.

People with an addiction to cryptocurrencies become convinced that eventually their investments will be reflected in profits, and that losses are a natural part of the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies offer this by default. Cheap — to discourage the habit of gambling the government charges exorbitant taxes to certain services such as gambling. This is passed down to the gambling business operators through their payment processors and then trickles down to the players.

Furthermore, the payments take time to process further impeding the value of using traditional payment methods. Cryptocurrency networks are not just anonymous, they are also cheap to use. Transaction speed — generally speaking using cryptocurrencies to make payments is faster than using conventional methods such as wire transfers which could days to settle.

Depending on which cryptocurrency you choose to pay with, the transaction times vary from a few seconds to hours. Popular cryptocurrencies used in gambling Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and for good reason. First, it was the first successful cryptocurrency to be introduced back in which means that it has been around for more than a decade.

Second, it was created to serve as an alternative to conventional payment systems that are arguably used by governments to oppress their citizens and other governments. Finally, as highlighted above, it offers all the benefits of a classic cryptocurrency including offering anonymous transactions, cheap and fast confirmations among other benefits.

However, due to its popularity, bitcoin has become less popular in the gambling market. This is because even though it is still cheaper to conduct transactions on the bitcoin network as compared to conventional methods, over the years, there have come up other cryptocurrencies that are more suited to help process payments cheaply, fast and more anonymous.

Litecoin has been around since so it is almost as old as bitcoin. The coin was born out of the initial code of bitcoin but was created to be a little different than the flagship cryptocurrency. Litecoin is cheaper, faster and in the recent past, its core developers have been working on solutions to make transactions on the network more private.

The coin has become extremely popular in online gambling that it is common to find sites specifically focused on offering Litecoin gambling services. Conclusion Since the launch of bitcoin back and the subsequent proliferation of cryptocurrencies, it can be argued that cryptocurrencies have made it easier to make online payments and thus made it easier for online gambling businesses to operate.

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