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The largest FIFA 18 player database there is: opzet.xyz We have got every single player's stats for you on our website. Come visit us if you would like. add more leagues like conference, blue square premier, scottish 1,2,3 and also it would be good in career mode its more realistic so the chairman could send. This was mirrored somewhat by his FIFA 14 potential of 85, making him a nice addition to any Career Mode side on the wings. FOREX MARKET TIMINGS

Both are at a potential OVR of 80, with Chambers a marginally better defender something you can attribute to his age advantage over Pollace. Plus Chambers should fit in nicely with the other Southampton starlets in this line-up. All three are left-footed so they compliment the right-footed Zouma perfectly. Doria is the best defender but also by far the slowest, while Rekik is more progressed than Ake and can also fill in at LB. Our picks: Zouma and Rekik.

Left back: Luke Shaw 18, Southampton is miles ahead of the pack. He will be ready to take over from your first-choice left back in 2 years tops. Fantastic talent. Our pick: Luke Shaw. FIFA 14 lists him as one who likes to take long shots, and if he can boost that attribute to 80 or above then he becomes an interesting player to have in your matchday squad.

Lightning fast, good on the ball, can cross and take free kicks, decent passer and finisher and a 4-star skill rating, Bruma is your go-to transfer buy if you want to groom a young winger. Great on both wings, his high potential OVR is well-deserved based on some excellent real-life performances for club and country. Our picks: Bakkali right and Bruma left. Of these 4, two players pick themselves. Goretzka is the best young CDM in the game and his current mental stats mark him out as a very intelligent player on the pitch.

James Ward-Prowse our 3rd Southampton player in this list is the best all-round midfielder in this list. Quick, reasonable defending stats and good mental and skills stats to round things off. Not a jot. Isn't it time to let the good times roll once more? Their story is sadly very common in German football, with a handful of sleeping giants not where they deserve to be.

But Dresden, at least, have a promising core of youth: year-old Kevin Ehlers lines up in central defence with Jonathan Meier 22 at left-back, while former Bayern boy Oliver Batista Meier 21 is a potential star at right-wing alongside RB Leipzig loanee Dennis Borkowski 20 at centre-forward.

That's enough to build with already. You can get them back up in no time, right? Ever since, their existence has been similarly pinball-esque between the top three tiers of Spanish football. Right now, they're the best side in the Spanish second tier: Ruben Duarte and Nahuel Tenaglia are arguably their two best players at left-back and right-back respectively so no need to worry about the boring positions, while Real Betis starlet Rober is on loan and ready to burn grass on the wing.

Promotion is in your sights: then you can rebuild this side and establish them beyond their yo-yo status with a few more exciting finds. Derby County Fancy taking over from Wayne Rooney? But here's a club with no direct rivals for miles around, as many titles as Tottenham Hotspur and a Premier League-capacity stadium: it would be a decent club to own, were you in the mood to plough real-world money into a football club.

Settling by being Derby on Career Mode is a good challenge, though.

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