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endowments investing in private equity

The revolution Swensen started has spread to other endowments and foundations, and then to sovereign-wealth and pension funds and money managers. Endowment funds are investment funds set up for the benefit of educational and other institutions and funded by gifts and donations. Expect more college and university endowments to invest in private equity and venture capital moving forward. That was one takeaway from a. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN POSITION DISTANCE AND DISPLACEMENT CALCULATOR

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Should You INVEST In Private Equity?


Historically, the ESG movement focused on restricting the types of investments that a private equity fund could make, such as precluding investments in fossil fuels, firearms or tobacco. However, recent trends in ESG investing have aimed more at adopting general sustainability principles with more flexibility, partly due to concerns that specific prohibitions could inhibit returns. In seeking a more holistic approach to sustainable investing, endowments may request a commitment from private equity managers to proactively consider ESG factors when looking at investment opportunities.

As an alternative to a flat prohibition on certain types of investments, an endowment investor also might obtain the right to be excused from investments in violation of its ESG principles. Endowments have also become key investors in the impact investing space including opportunity zone investing , where managers invest assets in pursuit of social or environmental goals alongside a positive return.

Side Letters As special negotiated terms have become common in private equity, endowment investors have become more assertive and successful in receiving preferential terms for their investments. Once viewed as an incentive for early closing or very large investors, certain basic side-letter terms have become almost ubiquitous in institutionally-offered private equity funds.

Moreover, endowment decision-makers rely on accessible and intelligible investment data to make efficient and informed investment decisions about their portfolio. These pressures have led endowments, along with other similar institutional investors, to push for increased transparency from underlying private equity managers, often in the form of increased reporting and standardized data sets.

In addition to the standard reports already provided by private equity funds, endowment investors might require that managers include a description of any borrowing by the fund, any reserves for claim or liabilities, amounts applied to offset management fees, or detailed information regarding new or particular kinds of fund investments. Well, it starts with having money already, lots of it. That enables the endowment managers to participate in more esoteric investments. Alternative investments include private equity or venture capital, hedge funds , managed futures, art and antiques, commodities, and derivatives contracts.

Real estate is also often classified as an alternative investment. It takes really big bucks to buy into some of these ventures, and it also takes a large professional endowment fund staff to choose and monitor these sophisticated vehicles. And those asset classes did really well. Those classes outperformed the equity market.

Ma and Kevin A. Of the schools that have announced their endowment returns, Dartmouth College reported 47 percent returns while the University of Pennsylvania posted 41 percent returns. The equity markets were still down in September of , whereas a year later the tsunami of federal and Fed largesse had lifted all equity boats to the sky.

Final issue: can the little guy pick up at least a few crumbs under the table of this private equity feast? PE and VC firms both raise pools of capital from accredited investors known as limited partners LPs , and they both do so in order to invest in privately owned companies. Their goals are the same: to increase the value of the businesses they invest in and then sell them—or their equity stake aka ownership in them—for a profit. Venture capital VC is perhaps the more attractive, heroic side of this investing complex: Venture capital investment firms fund and mentor startups.

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Should You INVEST In Private Equity?

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