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Dara Khosrowshahi logged five and a half hours as an Uber Eats courier over Khosrowshahi has also stockpiled a wealth of Uber shares. Get Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc (FBHS:NYSE) real-time stock quotes, news, price and financial information from CNBC. The founder of the Eco cryptocurrency has now surpassed Travis Kalanick in terms of the shares held in Uber by figures of nearly two. BETTING EXPERT TIPS BASKETBALL

To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today. Just over a decade ago, Uber cleverly combined existing technologies into an on-demand taxi service. Without a confluence of necessary building blocks—such as app stores, geolocation tools, digital payments, and smartphone-wielding masses, to name a few basics—ride-hailing would never have been a viable business.

Similarly, a raft of new technologies springing from the cryptocurrency world is coinciding with a peculiar set of macroeconomic conditions, like rock-bottom interest rates and mounting inflation fears, to create a moment ripe for—in this case, financial rather than logistical—innovation.

The Uber comparison is apt. Garrett Camp, the Uber cofounder and board member who came up with the idea for that business, advises Eco as a board member, and his startup studio, Expa, is an investor. While Camp earlier dreamed up Eco as a global cryptocurrency project in , his team later abandoned that vision and offered up the brand to another company in which it invested, called Beam.

Like other fintech startups, Eco aims to lure people to its mobile app by offering high-yield savings and cash-back rewards, among other perks. She compared the appetite for new fintech products today to the reception that Uber received when it launched.

Then Eco lends those funds to over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading desks, like Genesis, and lending platforms, like BlockFi, to reap high yields. If he succeeds in taking over crypto, the mainstream finance industry is next. His parents are both Stanford law professors. His mother also runs an influential data-driven Democratic donor group, and his father trained as a clinical psychologist. In writings since the s, Singer has posed a deceptively simple ethical question: If you walked by a child drowning in a shallow pond, would you stop to pull her out, even if it would muddy your clothes?

Not giving large sums of money away is as bad as letting the child drown. He joined a coed fraternity called Epsilon Theta, where, instead of throwing keggers, members stayed up all night playing board games and slept in an attic full of bunk beds. He and his collaborators aimed to use mathematical calculations to figure out how individuals could do the most good with their money and time.

GiveWell, an effective-altruism group based in Oakland, Calif. MacAskill estimated at the time that a successful banker who donated half her income could save 10, lives over the course of a career. Others say the movement flatters the rich by painting them as heroes and fails to address the root causes of poverty. Bankman-Fried got a job there, too, and for three years after graduation, he worked as a trader and every year gave away about half of his six-figure salary to animal-welfare groups and other effective-altruism-approved charities.

But he grew restless. Then he happened upon a cryptocurrency website and noticed something odd. It was , and crypto was in the middle of its first boom. What caught his attention was a page on CoinMarketCap. People who want to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin or Ether simply send their dollars, yen, or euros to an exchange, trade back and forth for a while, and then withdraw their cash. Bankman-Fried saw that certain coins were selling for way more on some exchanges than others.

On crypto exchanges, the discrepancies were hundreds of times bigger. Bankman-Fried recruited a few friends to help him with the project. They moved into a three-bedroom house in Berkeley and dug into the arbitrage.

The obstacles to the trade were mainly practical. Bankman-Fried named his company Alameda Research to sound harmless. But U. Japanese exchanges would allow only Japanese people to withdraw money in yen. So he opened a subsidiary in Japan and hired a local representative. Still, the business sounded fishy, and bank tellers would raise questions about his overseas wire transfers.

He had so much trouble sending the money that he started calculating whether it made sense to charter a plane, fly to Japan, and have a planeload of people withdraw cash and bring it home. Once Bankman-Fried found willing banks, each day became a race.

Completing the cycle required the precision logistics of a heist movie. A team of people spent three hours a day in a U. Few bets paid off as easily, but there were others that came close. Compared with the stock market, crypto offered fat targets because ordinary investors were piling in, and only a handful of smart-money players were hunting for arbitrages.

In , Bankman-Fried went to a Bitcoin conference in Macau where he met some of the other big players in the market and decided to stay at the center of the action. Eventually, many of them joined him in Hong Kong, which has more permissive regulations than the U. Instead, he and his colleagues decided to reinvest their winnings, partly into building their own crypto exchange.

The marketplaces were in a sorry state. They were buggy, frequently crashing when prices plummeted or spiked. Some charged Alameda fees to compensate the exchanges for their own losses on margin loans to customers—a practice unheard of on the New York Stock Exchange. Two of its founders pleaded guilty in February to violations of the Bank Secrecy Act and face potentially yearslong prison sentences. FTX catered to big traders, offering dozens of different coins to bet on, complex derivatives like tokens with built-in leverage or index futures, and even bets on elections and stock prices.

It offered margin loans, so traders could ramp up their returns—and risk. Customers could borrow up to times their collateral—slightly higher leverage than offered by the competition. FTX cut the limit to 20 times last year after criticism. It was a hit, in part because so many people wanted to use the exchange to trade with Alameda. Dan Matuszewski, co-founder of the crypto investment fund CMS Holdings, says Bankman-Fried handled customer service at all times of day and solicited ideas for new things to trade.

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