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Convert 1 Bitcoin to Bnoincoin. Get live crypto exchange rates, historical prices & charts for BTC to BNC with CoinCodex's free cryptocurrency converter. Bitcoin News – Articles from BNC tag. Tag: BNC. Colorado Investigating Three Cryptocurrency Firms. Aug 28, PR: BUSINESSCOIN - Decentralized Apps. What is Bifrost? Read our guide to BNC, Kusama parachains and start trading cryptocurrency on Kraken – the secure digital asset exchange. TRADE ETHEREUM FUTURES

BNC publishes a free retail index to create price-discovery for countless items under the new asset class of "cryptocurrency" or "crypto-equity". They also create specialist indexes under their Liquid series, either as a live feed for settlements or as historical data sets for various use cases like technical analysis and building risk models.

BNC is also the first to use blockchain technology to cryptographically secure the Liquid Index series on the blockchain, allowing for third parties to audit derivative operators using any liquid index in a way that does not compromise the proprietary nature of the index methodology itself. BNC's research arm publishes a variety of reports and reference papers, including market, industry and technology reports.

Historical coverage varies by currency; some currencies e. Using comprehensive tagging and filtering, users can easily chart, track and visualize strategies. Asset screener Opportunities can be analyzed objectively and filtered across a range of fundamental, technical and sentiment data powered by Brave New Coin.

Real-time newsfeed The BNC Newsfeed delivers crypto news in near real-time and can be personalized with filters and alerts to help avoid information overwhelm. Traders only receive the news that is relevant to their portfolio. Automate alerts and track assets and portfolio movements, anywhere, anytime. A new way to grow Most traders will be familiar with airdrops, but what about smartdrops? This new token distribution strategy increases product understanding and user growth in a more measured way.

Smartdrops reward people for using the platform, testing features and more. BNC uses Smartdrops — and you can get involved. The first Smartdrop included a group of respected cryptocurrency analysts, traders, and investors who actively manage digital asset portfolios and were able to provide specific feedback that led to actionable fixes in the BNC Pro beta.

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Related Pages: Read about Polkadot and Kusama. How will ETH 2. Find out with CMC Alexandria. Stay up-to-date with the latest crypto news on the CoinMarketCap blog. BNC is Bifrost's native token. The total supply of BNC is 80,, tokens. Bifrost is a Polkadot parachain project. Polkadot uses the relay chain plus parachain framework. Parachains don't have to provide security and can use Polkadot's security instead.

Polkadot also provides secure communication between networks. With the help of the relay chain, the cross-chain transmission of messages can be carried out without any additional trust mechanisms in a concept known as "shared security. BNC tokens have been distributed via the parachain crowdloan method, held at the Kusama platform.

No public sale events are planned for the token. They may not necessarily know how it functions, but it's embedded within the society and more so even in cultures. We will see people interested in Bitcoin no matter what it brings to the table in terms of fundamentals. It is now considered a store of value, which is why it is widely regarded as the digital gold.

The store of value concept does not mean it's a hedge against financial markets like many are deeming it to be, rather, Bitcoin should be seen as a highly liquid and a finite asset where people will try to find a price that is deemed "fair". Due to the finite aspect of it, this creates the idea of scarcity i. This phase creates the largest liquidity within the markets making Bitcoin one of the easiest and most accessible assets to trade, relatively.

As Bitcoin is now in its highly liquid state, this has created a much different and indirect investment philosophy than what we saw back in Most people have "hoarded" to buy as much Bitcoin as they could back in that time period. Now, it's more of trying to find the "fair value" price and continued speculation on where Bitcoin actually might bottom for the current trading period.

Due to this, we can see that the Bitcoin market has fully evolved into a huge liquid asset where the masses are trying to find the price floor, making it more difficult to trade. This in return can make the cycles longer. There is no doubt that the Elliott Wave Theory has recently seen a surge of interest within the Crypto space and we are seeing an abundant amount of new traders trying to decipher Bitcoin through the Elliott Wave Theory.

By having more people interested in trying to predict cycles via the Elliott Wave Theory, it then creates more impact on the herd psychology and efficacy of the theory, essentially increasing the percentage chance of a scenario playing out if many can agree to a collective scenario, also known as the self-fulfilling prophecy. The drawback is that it creates a plethora of open interpretations and can create a divide on which scenario is deemed viable. By understanding the theory inside out please read my complete Elliott Wave Theory tutorial , you may have a great advantage in understanding what scenario is deemed best for you and the market.

Market Psychology is inherently tied to each wave structure of the motive and corrective waves. If you understand the rules and guidelines, you can then use that to your advantage by breaking down each wave degree according to market psychology. Each wave degree, both motive actionary and corrective, can be seen as a story as Ralph Elliott , the creator, said himself. Most of the general public will not be invested into Bitcoin during this phase, no matter how bullish one may be.

This is usually where you will see the most fear related news within the markets when correcting for a wave 2. Most people will collectively think that the markets cannot recover as wave 2 can be the deepest of retracements within the five wave structure. Gox payouts, and so forth. Due to the already harsh correction after wave 1, the price will usually not correct as hard even if the sentiment is worse than what we saw during the correction phase. Most importantly, this is a period where most bears have already swapped to a bullish stance.

The general public is almost always a step behind the markets because of this haze of euphoria. Due to this, this creates an extreme surge in price creating the characteristic of a Wave 3, where it will be the strongest movement in terms of time and price most often, not always.

This is a period of time where the general public is also where they are the invested into Bitcoin the most or any other asset. You will typically see investors buying in or near the top of wave 3. This is where the wave 4 correction usually starts to come in once the general mass is asking the same question to themselves.

The interesting aspect of market psychology is where the vast majority of people will hold through a wave 4, and will typically be in surprise when the wave 5 comes in, which helps re-confirm their bullish bias that the trend is going to continue.

All of the problems that occurred in wave 3 rolls over into wave 5 due to most people having already entered on a wave 3 or 4. Wave 5 usually offsets the anticipation of reconfirming the bullish bias that was created from the wave 3, hence, why most people will get burned the biggest after wave 5 ends.

The opposite can be applied on every bear market structure as well on the A and C waves of the larger ABC pullback for wave 2, where A and C are considered the actionary waves. For example, as stated above, I have mentioned that most people will buy into the top of actionary waves of 3 and 5. The reverse can be said for the downtrend - most people will sell off on the bottom of the actionary waves of 3 and 5 of the downtrend also known as a capitulation phase , and instead of being euphoric like we see at top of waves 3 and 5, we see complete despair on waves 3 and 5 of the downtrend.

Remembering this will help indefinitely to your investment practices as the general public will usually be fearful during supports Bears will also take advantage of trying to drive price down further , and euphoria during resistances or price discovery. After the 5th has ended, this is where the reset continues on each smaller 5 wave degree cycles. Every correction of the bear market has been consisted of a 3 wave move as seen in the chart above.

The 'NVT' Indicator, is one of the most simple, yet highly effective indicators to date. This can be used to find ALL of the accumulation zones indicated by the overbought red and oversold gray territories. It is merely used as a metric to tell you that people may be accumulating in the GRAY zone due to the inactivity of the Bitcoin network.

It is the value of the market cap divided by the data transactions. In simpler terms, it is the number of Bitcoins in circulation divided by the number of Bitcoins transacted at the end of the day. In essence, the lower the value ratio, it can essentially give an extended warning signal that Bitcoin is most probably entering a period of inactivity and prolonged correction if it is in the gray zone.

This can be translated to possibly as a buy signal. The reverse can be said about the NVT indicator going into the red zone. This means the activity is far higher and can indicate a signal that a prolonged period of overbought-ness can occur in the markets. As this is merely a preparation indicator, this can help you confirm a certain bias if used in conjunction with the Elliott Wave Theory. As with all indicators, this does have its drawbacks, hence, why it should be combined with other indicators and theories.

The main drawback can be that it doesn't give a certain range of a time to "Buy" or "Sell".

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