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Gambling Explaining Point Spreads season action and four rounds of playoffs, NFL betting options are available all year long. Betting market data is taken from Action Network's Public Betting data, lines are taken from Unabated's real-time-odds tracker. Even if you're brand new to betting on football, you've probably seen NFL point spreads published online or talked about on TV. The point spread levels the. JP MORGAN INTRODUCING BROKERS FOR FOREX

With nearly a 50 percent chance of winning any bet, point spreads allow sports fans to win bets more often. There is also an added incentive to bet on either side of the match. Point spreads give bettors access to increased odds when betting on favourites while underdog bettors get extra points as an advantage. While the final result of most contests is decided well before the final whistle or buzzer, point spread bets can often come down to the waning moments of a contest, giving bettors more bang for their buck in terms of entertainment value.

Involving another variable, like the margin of victory, into the equation opens bettors up to more variance. Since both sides technically have the same chance of covering the spread, point spread bets can be difficult to win, especially over the long run. In fact, a single-game point spread bettor would have to win about 53 percent of the time to earn a profit.

Betting against the spread can also make it difficult to find a long-term edge. While there are times where the oddsmakers set vulnerable game lines and point spreads, the window of opportunity for capitalizing on these inefficiencies is very small. As the sportsbooks begin to adjust, edges against the spread tend to disappear over time. This applies when betting on a single game and over the course of a full season. To win a point spread bet, the selected team must win by at least the predetermined number of points set by the oddsmakers.

Place A Point Spread Bet When it comes to sports betting and other forms of gambling, members can only win if they play. The first step to winning a point spread bet is placing a wager on the point spread of a match. While basketball and football are common point spread betting sports, sports fans can find point spread odds for all matches in major sports leagues.

When selecting the favourite to cover the spread, bettors will need to win by at least the projected number of points set by the oddsmakers. If the underdog is selected, bettors will be rooting for the team to win outright or lose fewer than the predetermined number of points.

Collect Your Cash If the selection covers the spread, bettors will have the total return credited directly into their sports betting account. Just place a bet, cover the spread, and collect your cash. That is because there are already implied profits worked into the original game lines set by the sportsbooks. The cut or profit margin that a sportsbook collects for taking a bet is called the juice of vig. The juice is considered the cost of doing business with the sportsbook.

When sports betting, point spread bettors need to account for the juice to win at a profitable rate. As we noted earlier, it takes a winning percentage of about 53 percent for point spread bettors to earn a profit. However, there are a few tricks that sharp bettors use to increase their earnings over time. When betting on the spread, sportsbooks may offer different point spreads and odds for the same contest.

Signing up for an account with more than one sportsbook can give bettors access to the best odds and game lines for all sports. As an added bonus, bettors can also claim welcome bonus offers at multiple sportsbooks, allowing them to instantly double their bankroll at qualifying sportsbooks. Most professional sports bettors would also advise sticking to a single unit size for most bets. As bettors win over time, they can increase their unit size or withdraw cash to take profits and minimize their overall risk.

Oftentimes, professional sports bettors will bet on point spreads instead of making money line bets. Since point spreads are set to equalize the odds for both sides of a match, professional sports bettors use point spreads to spot inefficiencies in the game lines offered by the sportsbooks. In order to turn a profit while betting against the spread, a professional sports bettor must win around 53 percent of their bets.

When betting against the spread, professional bettors focus only on the games where they have an edge and rarely make parlay bets. Home field advantage affects how bookmakers set run line pricing. The games above were played seven days apart, and the pitching matchup was the same in both contests. While it can be slightly higher or lower, the juice is usually set at on both sides.

Home court advantage is a big deal in the NBA, and point spreads often get jacked up on top-ranked home teams. The odds below are from a Los Angeles versus Oklahoma City home-and-home series in The Lakers were point favorites in the first game at Staples Center arena but dropped to a Some teams are over-valued at home but pay out more often against the number on the road.

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NFL Point Spreads Explained

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