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My French is not good, but the sentiment, as summed up by Ger- It is a way to praise the Lord and be with my people from my home, from Cameroon. We sang, we danced - it was one of the happiest days for me. I make the acquaintance of Germaine, who has sung with the choir for two years, and Edwige, who is a stunning young woman, well-spoken and warm. It is a way to praise the Lord and be with my people from my home, from Cameroon. It is a way of sharing, and to sing for God is twice as good. As the service progresses, the choir stand often to sing, and the congregation join in; there are many young families with children, countless nationalities united in worship and song.

I am moved and surprised by the offertory hymn: the choir leave their pews and gather not just money, but all sorts of contributions. They dance down the aisle to present their offerings: Edwige donates wine, a young gentleman hands over a bag of kitchen roll, and one chorister with incredible energy manages to sing, stamp, twist and turn all while carrying six bottles of water. As the service draws to a close, I leave with a spring in my step, uplifted by the music.

Quietly famous, and becoming more so all the time. But now the British come to trek rather than conquer. First the fertile plane of India and then up, over and thrillingly close to the Himalayan peaks, above a landscape where there seems nowhere to land, let alone live, until we swoop into the Ladakh valley and the airport at Leh. Leh is around 3, metres high. I keep an eye on the mirror. It is hard to believe we are still in India: different landscape, different temperature, different people.

The name Ladakh means land of passes and we are squeezed here between two mighty ranges - the Himalayas to the south and the Karakoram to the north. Its Tibetan character was initially geographical but has become more political with the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the exile of the Dalai Lama.

Old monasteries stand high on these dry, rocky pinnacles, sun glinting off golden Buddhas, the cheerful crimson robes of the monks a slash of colour in a merciless landscape. The weather changes rapidly during the day: high winds followed by still skies, thick cloud blown away in moments to reveal a glorious blue. They claim you can suffer heatstroke and frostbite on the same day. It barely rains here, though locals say it is getting wetter, a development that threatens the integrity of the traditional building stock, dried mud bricks.

There are lines in the hills cut by water streams and lines of poplars and willows show where streams still run. Over the week, we stay in three, each with a character of its own. We awake one morning to the sound of singing and look outside. Below is our landlady, bent and weatherbeaten. The dzo, all shaggy black coat and big horns, ignores her. Ladakh is an ecological dream. Ladakh in winter is so cold that outside life pretty much stops, so best to come from May to October.

There are stupas, the Buddhist commemorative monuments, everywhere. Monks preside over law and order as well as other kingdoms. They have, we are told, the power to chastise and to beat thieves or cheats. We rise early to go to prayers at Thiksey monastery, founded years ago, and sit at the back to watch the monks chant. Will he be in trouble? Our driver, Sonam Tashi, takes us high into the mountains to the village of Likhir, negotiating back roads and dirt tracks from which we dare not look down.

It is a vertiginous outpost that feels far from western existence. We understood the description of this region as the top of the world. Just as we begin to know what to look at in Tibetan architecture, Navarino takes us to Alchi, founded in the 11th century and decorated completely differently, in a gorgeously painted Kashmiri style.

On the last day, we raft down the Zanskar River. When the snows are melting, this is a river with real rapids. And so to our third destination, a house at Shey set among pastures. The wind drops and we take a walk along the rivers. This landscape is timid but I feel much more at home - it takes a hardy, fearless world view to feel entirely at ease on the arid hillsides. It is the contrast that is so exciting.

You need wholesome retreat in life but re-entry into the Western world is a thrill all of its own. The seventh-century historic district, with its mud and coral town houses adorned with ornate wooden balconies, holds the only remnants of the traditional architecture of the Hijaz, as the western Arabian Peninsula is known. Houses where the wealthiest Jeddah merchants once lived are now cheap dwellings for poor foreign labourers, beggars and illegal immigrants.

Local laws stipulate that this be done with mud and coral limestone drawn from the Red Sea, using costly traditional building techniques. The local property market further discourages restoration efforts: new buildings in the area can command rents of 50, riyals a year compared with 2, for old houses. Of old houses counted a decade ago only remain. As the authorities consider how to proceed with restoration of the historic district, Jeddah residents like AbuSulayman continue to lobby for swifter action and monitor the development in the area as best as they can.

Orthodoxou Aviation is a member of Orthodoxou Group of Companies and is one of the prominent travel houses in Cyprus. Air France aims to adapt to the changes in purchasing behaviour and the new expectations of travellers, while at the same time attracting new customers. With two complementary offers available all year round and fully combinable fares, this new offer enhances the attractiveness of Air France fares.

It particularly targets the 60 per cent of customers who are looking for the best possible fares and the 40 per cent of short and medium-haul customers travelling without checked baggage. One of them is situated 45 minutes from Cape Town, close to Paarl, one of the most premium wine producing regions.

Nederburg Wine Estate is a winery with a heritage of over years. Phillipus Wolvaart established the 49 hectares farm of Paarl Valley and in just six years the land was completely fruitful. Through revolutionary techniques such as cold fermentation, Johann Graue, who took ownership in , established Nederburg as the leading producer of quality South African wines. During the late s Graue, pioneered the philosophy that a great wine starts in the vineyard and evolves through every step of the winemaking process.

The winery is supported by an extensive investment in superior plant material, propagated at a dedicated nursery, Ernita, near Wellington; long-standing relationships with supplier growers; ongoing viticultural research; and a cellar that comfortably accommodates production for growth markets, as well as specialist, connoisseur wines.

Razvan Macici heads the team as Nederburg cellarmaster. He is supported by two winemakers who work closely under his direction. They are Wilhelm Pienaar, who produces the red wines and Wim Truter, who makes the whites. Western Cape South Africa In the mouth it has very nice freshness thanks to a cool, lemon zest although the alcohol is not modest at A nice balance between quite pithy acidity and touches of nettle and delicious pineapple adds more character to a pleasing, very drinkable wine.

In the mouth it is juicy, spicy and beautifully textured with high toned notes of cinnamon and cherry. Excellent served with pasta, pizza, roast leg of lamb and even chocolate. It has a wonderfully perfumed, seductive nose of pure sweet blackcurrant and blackberry fruit, currants and violets with an earthy edge and some gravelly minerally notes in the background as well as nuances of oak. With a deep ruby red hue, this wine has initial fruits of citr citrus marmalade, dried fruit, sult sultanas and spices that shift gra gradually into forest fruits and her herbal notes.

Th The colour is red ruby, very busy tending to garnet with w ageing. The smell is tha that of the variety, tasty choco chocolate and caramel aromas over spicy dark fruit, black cherry and intense perfu perfume of purple violets and a shake of fragrant pepp pepper. In the mouth Vino Nobil Nobile is pleasantly tannic, show showing good acidic structure, harmonious and full body body. Excellent with ragout of be beef, pork sausages, salami and grilled roasted lamb lamb.

While the potatoes are roasting heat the remaining oil in a large frying pan over a high heat. Season the lamb, then cook, in batches if necessary, for minutes on each side for medium-rare. Set aside on a warm plate to rest for 5 minutes. Scatter the cutlets with the coriander leaves and serve with the potatoes, lime wedges and yoghurt. Combine the curry paste, coconut milk, 2 tbsp desiccated coconut and half the peanuts in a bowl. Coat the cutlets in the mixture and leave to marinate for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, put the spices and 60ml of the oil in a saucepan over medium heat and cook for 3 minutes or until hot and fragrant. Scatter the potatoes on the tray, then pour over the oil, toss well and season. Whizz the lemongrass, grated ginger, chilli, and lime zest and juice into a paste in a bowl using a stick blender.

Sprinkle over the sesame seeds and Whyyoushouldeat Apples As the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And while you may not be able to keep the doc away forever just by munching away at the crisp, bittersweet fruit it will certainly help things function in good working order. Great for a snack at any time, apples also make for lovely juice that can be drunk in combination with a wholee varioice. Containing a fibre named pectin ass well as heaps of antioxidants, regular consumption of apples has a whole bunch of proven benefits.

The soluble fibre in apples has also actually been shown to lower cholesterol levels. But more than the well-known claims that remaining spring onions and serve with the steamed vegetables and noodles. Season the pork, in batches, cook for minutes until browned all over. Remove from the pan and set aside. Add the onion and carrot, cook stir- ring for minutes until softened and slightly browned. Add the soy sauce, sugar, star anise, garlic, vinegar, stock, sesame oil and two-thirds of the spring onions.

Stir to dissolve the sugar and bring to a simmer. Add the pork to the casserole, put the lid on and transfer to the oven. Serve with rice, Chinese or tenderstem broccoli, a drizzle of the rich sauce, sliced red chilli and the remaining sliced spring onions. Although it might sound strange, they actually beat both diarrhoea and constipation, while alleviating symptoms of anyone who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome.

It is perfect for those looking for the ideal lunch place, or for an evening meal that makes sure you will not pack on the calories. Located in the heart of the picturesque Old Town in Limassol, the restaurant marries art, design and food. It is located in a renovated building with seating outside so you can enjoy the Old Town landscape when the weather permits.

Enter the meal, I chose to visit during the hustle and bustle of the lunch period. Waiters, who are quite friendly, show you to your seat and your artistic lunch experience is about to begin. There is an abundance of choices, one more delicious than the other, and they are all unique. The choice of appetisers is overwhelming. You could also try the Scottish smoked salmon or Something Cypriot, as it is called, that consists of breadsticks, tahini with carob, kaskavali cheese, tomato, cucumber and black olives.

This delicious combo consists of ten tasty king prawns in a tomato and basil sauce served with cubes of buffalo mozzarella. The other highlights of the appetiser menu are the hot brie parcels and the duck pate served with an apricot and orange marmalade.

The sushi is delectably fresh. The salmon sushi is uncommonly tasty. Coming in delectable combinations and a large bowl they are exactly what the doctor ordered. For Japanese lovers there is the raw Japanese salad with seaweed, salmon, tuna, sea bream and prawns and for cheese lovers the cheesy lovers salad with mozzarella, parmesan and scarmoza smoked cheese.

If a more substantial meal is on your mind, how about trying the refreshingly original pasta options that range from Blank Ink fettuccini, served with baby calamari, baby octopus, king prawns and a touch of tomato sauce, spaghetti with lobster tail in pink cream sauce and gnocchi with prawns? Anarchy Reigns incorporates a diverse range of multiplayer modes to provide players with different challenges, including Tag Team battles and Battle Royal, where players can challenge others in a full-on fight for victory.

Creativity and violence are rewarded in this online brawler, as you battle to become the ultimate survivor. With over eight different characters to choose from, each with their own unique style, weapon, and signature kill move, this is the ultimate survival of the fittest.

Anarchy Reigns provides a variety of multiplayer modes to cater for different tastes. You can always start an argument over , the rock opera that made them stars. Rush made more-popular records, more-succinct records, but — newly reissued in expanded form — is their most extreme, grandiose and Rush-like record, and thus their greatest — 20 minutes and 34 seconds of the Rush worldview plus five extra songs on Side Two, which nobody has ever played twice.

The deluxe version of features remastered music although, philosophically speaking, not mastered at all. No two matches will ever be the same. Console: PS3, Xbox don, where music is outlawed, a kid finds an old guitar. He figures out how to play it, which makes him a criminal to the evil priests from the Temples of Syrinx. Can his innocent strums revive the ancient spirit of music? Can he escape the tyranny of the elders? Will they let him rock? The last one was a concept album about a fictional Irish-American; this one may be their most devil-may-care, mixing hardcore blitz, Pogues instrumentation and Thin Lizzy swing.

It works like a game, challenges kids to find words in the real world scenarios, like grocery shopping. And its soundtrack album is an equally spot on mix of hipster mood music — from the high-end dance-floor whoo! There are elegant new tracks from fun. Then onto the next one. In past years the company has delivered some of A to Z of websites for part 2 i-escape For discerning independent travellers who want to stay in small, stylish and special places in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

JustGiving Perfect for your fundraising efforts, allowing users to set up their own page, where family and friends can make a secure donation by credit or debit card. The Kernel Edited by Milo Yiannopoulos, this site publishes high-quality editorial on technology, media and politics and is not afraid of debate, comment and controversy. Letters of Note Gives an insight into the letters of famous writers, philosophers and actors. Shaun Usher has taken previously archived offline material and made it available to us, currently letters in all.

Made Cuts out the middleman to offer high quality, designer furniture and home accessories at a fraction of the recommended retail price. But to make the process a little more enjoyable, it adds an adjustable rotatingg iPad stand that provides plenty nty of distractions during the ordeal. It comes withh a removable screen cover and splashguard. In true PlatinumGames form, each character brings a unique style and feel to the single-player Campaign mode, providing over 10 hours of gameplay.

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Nozomi is situated just off Kallipolios at the Hilton end in Agathonos street and occupies a building once known as the Date Club. The entrance is elegant and welcoming. Inside the atmosphere is calm, the decor, black, white and grey, with a dash of purple on the ceiling; a Japanese flavour and order prevails. The seating is simple, uniform and comfortable. The design is cool, relaxed and enticing. As we arrived the door was opened for us by our waitress, Thalia, who showed us to our table and provided the menus and drinks list.

Our first request was of course water with ice and lemon, and our sparkling San Pellegrino arrived pronto and clinking. We took a moment or two to peruse the drinks menu, which consisted of four pages of cocktails, Nozomi specials, Classics, and Signature specials followed by eight pages of shorts and wines. Also there is homemade Japanese Iced Tea and three Sakes. We settled for an Asahi each. This consisted of fresh oceanic crab with a very finely diced salad decorated with baby asparagus spears and citrus vinaigrette.

What a delight looking for all the world like an exotic flower, with finely cut radish petals and a blossom in the centre to set the whole thing off. Omonia have conceded 8 goals in the process, just under 3 goals conceded per game. United should have a comfortable day out in their own city, as Premier League football awaits just a couple of days later.

Out of these seven, a majority of their heavy-duty games have been in Europe, where they have come out as a punching bag for Group E. With the win at Everton on Sunday, United have now failed to keep a clean sheet in three games and running too. Nevertheless, we believe that this game will be a good experimental playground for Erik Ten Haag, who will exploit every little space given by Omonia on Thursday night.

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