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Many of you cover the White House or Treasury now, but I bet at some point in Volatile markets and mobile capital press the case for economic reform. Is he really into a textile business or he is into betting for small/illogical gains What was he doing when the stock market was bullish? Our user-friendly database of campaign contributions by industries and interest groups will help you learn how these interests gain political influence in. FOREX CFT 626 MARKET

While Johnson was absolutely a merchant, he was an egomaniac who was simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong ideas. So Johnson was replaced by Ullman again, who stopped the slide by going directly back to the product and strategy which forced his departure in the first place.

Home Depot? Geiger retired and was replaced with Tom Johnson, a capable operations guy but not a merchant. They brought back Geiger, the merchant. The epitome of them all is Liz Claiborne. He proceeded to sell, close or decimate all of these iconic brands. After changing the name of the parent to Fifth and Pacific, he resigned, proudly announcing that his mission had been accomplished. He simply destroyed a great company. Better still, bring on the garmentos!

Fred Rosenfeld is an industry consultant. He can be reached at frosenfeld comcast. We all had a blast. But in the middle of my party, a friend came over and started telling me about his new start-up. Was it a good business idea? So why do I sound like such a jerk? Let me drink, crack a few jokes and be obnoxious without you bothering me about your new business. Which brings me to the point of this editorial. I know because I was one of them.

It was a new way of reaching out to the customer. No longer would I fear that reaching my customers would be costly and time-consuming. Marketing had never been easier or less expensive. Fast forward to There are promoted photos in your Instagram feed. Now imagine how the customers feel. Here we are, five years into social media marketing, and the results are still inconclusive. With advertisers so heavily invested in social media marketing now, they continue to try to break the code on maximizing their ROI for their social media efforts.

I was hanging out with my friends. A little buzzed. Having fun. And then someone came over to me and wanted to talk business. I was talking to friends. Most brands market on social media, which means we are not only bothered when we want to be left alone, but we are bothered multiple times a day.

Social media, at its best, is a brand enhancer. I may not be a millennial, but I sense a change in the air. The constant noise of advertising and social media marketing is causing people to tune out the messages. Some do it consciously unfollowing a brand and some do it subconsciously scrolling past the message. No, I am not calling for the death of social media marketing. It will be around for the near future, for sure. Brand enhancement.

That means you have an identity to your customers, whether or not you realize it. So use social media to help bring home that message. So time it wisely and go for quality over quantity. In one word: innovation. These five-pocket pants offer the same comfort of jeans with the look of a dress pant. Our customers are embracing trimmer silhouettes, which is now about 90 percent of our buy. What are you looking for from the denim market for fall ? This December, we doubled our five-pocket business so we need to continue to seek out different levels of price.

What does the market need to make denim business better? The denim industry needs to help retailers by creating more margin. Newness in Knits In a world where comfort is key and athletic wear is becoming fashionable outside the gym, denim is finally finding its niche in the athleisure market.

Denim brands are now knitting jeans rather than weaving them in order to offer a softer, stretchy, more comfortable feel. Privately owned stores can take more risk, and those who are will find success. And everyone is bringing their own version of athleisure: yoga, soft pants and joggers. Here, they try to pinpoint what makes it work.

Stu: Yes, but we still had a lot in common. Karen: Yes, it is. Stu: Nor is it mine! My worst purchases have come on business trips with you, Karen. You always think I look great in things that I never like once I get home. Karen: I keep trying to update your image. And I do remember a white 20 MR www. He was a great salesman and spoke seven languages. He sold jeans to sailors on the merchant ships on the New York waterfront.

Karen: How did you end up in publishing? Stu: My first job set the course. But once I got into menswear, I knew I was home again. Karen: Any mentors? Stu: Before I came to BJI, I was blessed with a few really bad bosses who taught me so much about how not to treat salespeople and other employees. What I learned from them has helped me to manage others.

I learned that the best employees are self-motivated and appreciate the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. I was part of a really strong sales team in the lates where I learned that there are a lot of pathways to success, all of which include the interview Stu and Karen circa hard work, honesty, hearing what people are telling you and paying attention to the details.

My manager at that job gave me possibly the most valuable advice of my sales career. In addition to your dad, who were your mentors? He was brilliant and crazy and courageous and believed in total separation of sales and editorial. He taught me to take strong stands on key issues and always write the truth, regardless of who might be insulted. Needless to say, Leslie Fay dropped their advertising. Karen: Of course I have! Early on, the hardest part for me was being tough enough.

I wanted everyone to like me. Eventually, I realized that my job was to get the most for my company, and the person I was selling had the same job for his. In that 22 MR www. But enough about my strengths as a salesman; what do you consider your strengths as an editor? In fact, the first time I met her, DNR writer Clara Hancox a wonderful mentor and friend yelled at me for walking into a clothing showroom and interviewing the president of the company without even looking at the product.

I think my main talent is an ability to get people to open up and tell me more than they intended to. For example, years ago when I interviewed Audrey Talbott of Robert Talbott at their headquarters in Carmel, we sat for hours in her beautiful outdoor garden, chatting about business and about life. When the interview appeared in the Congratulations to all of you at MR and to 25 more years!

Fortunately, Mrs. T got such great feedback from the article that she ultimately forgave me and we became great friends. What about for you Stu: what events standout in your mind? But the funny thing is that each one brings its own anxieties. Our underwear model contest was my favorite. We asked readers to pose in their underwear, send us photos, and we picked the winners. We decided to select a different winner.

It strengthened the relationships we had with so many great retailers and those endure to this day. Karen: You mean like misspelling Marshall Field, our Retailer of the Year, on the cover of the magazine? Move to Russia. Koch beamed from ear to ear and wrote the most endearing paragraph to Michael that I have saved to this day. Lesson learned: start interviews with positive stuff and save tough questions till the end. Stu: Any regrets? Stu: My hope is that young entrepreneurs will find a way to bring more excitement into the business.

I often say that the era of the great salesperson is ending, resulting in a future that will be much more data driven. In that world, success will be measured by people who move money rather than merchandise. I fear that the business will be less fun without people like the colorful characters we have profiled in this issue see page Karen: Any final thoughts?

Stu: It took me several frustrating years to become a mediocre golfer. Success secret: Never settle. Obsess about details. His business philosophy: Be the best you can be. He was always trying to be the best he could be. I learned so much from him, and the key takeaway was that as good as he was, he always wanted to be better. He remembered every favor, and every slight. The audience loved it.

And him! Newest venture: The Polo Bar restaurant. He wants no recognition for any of this. Our Peerless team. My wife, our four children, their spouses and our 10 fantastic grandchildren. I missed so much when my kids were little, but I can be there for my grandchildren.

Who knew? I once had a full head of hair. Crystal ball: Continued consolidation at retail and wholesale. When I started out, there were clothing manufacturers and 50 great department stores. On the positive side, however, even with fewer players there is better fashion and men are starting to shop more like women.

Why he thinks we picked him: My passion! Making both Mavi and 34 Heritage the top denim brands in their categories. Marty Staff The Siskind Group Why we picked him: A true brand builder and one of the smartest, craziest, most fun people in our industry.

So I get confused about what is work and what is play because to me it is all the same. This is a good thing for me. I worked at Calvin Klein for 10 years. On weekends Calvin and I would go to eyewear stores like others go to museums or football games. We would spend afternoons studying eyewear. For me it was exhilarating to do this. I try to prove myself every day. Once you think you know it all, you will probably fail. Most proud of: My time at Hugo Boss.

It was not liked by retailers. We did this by introducing fun, buzz and intense strategic retail relationships to the brand. I love being with my customers and competitors, and I believe they like being with me. More than any time in decades, product is king. In order for any brand to succeed, it needs great product, a soul and a story. Also, the era of a brand working identically everywhere in America is over. Menswear has become like indie bands: every region has its own thing.

In the future, I believe there will be fewer stores which are more productive. The entertainment quotient will go up exponentially. I have however begun to devote time to ArtsQuest, which is a Bethlehem, Penn. As an example, I introduced ZZ Top to the audience at their concert last year.

My big break came as global public relations director for DKNY. A few of our existing clients really needed support with putting on a fashion week show or presentation. We thought, why not use all the resources we have to help? Crystal ball: Super lightweight and durable smart fabrics that are solar-powered with heating and cooling technology.

They will hook to your iPhone and adjust your temperature. Bill Lavin Bill Lavin Designs Why we picked him: He is totally passionate about his work, extremely creative, the ultimate optimist and a master at self-promotion. Success secret: At trade shows a few years back, I began serving great wine in stemware glasses, dark chocolate and playing my own digital music.

Every afternoon at 4 p. People would make new friends, and would start to enjoy our business again. People still talk about those gatherings. Personal: My real passions are my wife of 41 years, my two amazing kids and two new grandkids. I love art, music, hanging out with family and friends with a nice glass of vino. To relax, I run at the gym about six to eight miles and explore the quietness inside me. I love to dive into a great movie. Or to become a design and sales consultant.

Or just break out the vino and music and enjoy. Crystal ball: Our industry desperately needs to drop the low hanging fruit. The internet will play a huge role for many years to come, and virtual reality shopping will continue to challenge brick and mortar. Gran Sasso is considered a real interpreter of the Italian Style and Taste. Every style is accurately developed with a lot a details.

Nevertheless the line is smooth, sportive but not aggressive. The colors and tones are warm and rich. With an extensive in-stock catalog of luxurious sportcoats, suits and trousers. Goals: For my next window or styling to be the best ever. Crystal ball: Menswear of the future is going to be driven by fabric innovation, a crossover from simply performance wear to everyday clothing. Since the world is getting smaller, fabric will be globally versatile.

A consolidated menswear cycle from presentation to purchase: no one waits months and months anymore, and time waits for no one. Self-description: I have a spontaneous, intrepid and enigmatic character, an unerring interest in the world and the people in it. I love our country and my foresight enables me to contribute to its betterment.

My clients and friends enjoy our interchanges of social and political ideas. We are not just a shop. But I thrive on spontaneity and my customers seem to enjoy it. And my son, Joshua Blue Rabin, who was born when I was Crystal ball: The demise of department stores in their current format; the rise of independent specialty stores; the return of made in the USA!

Larry Hymes MRket Why we picked him: His social life and dating history would make a fabulous novel or screenplay. Why he thinks we picked him: Because of my personality and the way I relate to people. I can talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Most proud of: Founding The Exclusive trade show in , bringing it to Vegas in and selling it to Business Journals in , which was the beginning of MRket.

Goals: To climb Mt. Everest and auto race in the Le Mans Grand Prix. We have a team of positive passionate people. Bill: Throw in a little serendipity, a little luck, a little humor, some hard work, some joy. Very important: we hire people who are both smart and nice. At the same time, I take my job seriously, which our associates recognize as well.

Most proud of: Jack: The successful passing of the business from Mom and Dad to Bill and me and then on to our sons. Stress relief: Jack: I play a lot of tennis, a little golf, I write articles and books. I love global travel and walking with family on the beach in Block Island. John doing nothing but relaxing at the moment! I fuel my interest and passion for education by guest lecturing and advising students as an executive in residence at Columbia University Business School and other universities.

In addition, I like to play golf, travel, go to sporting events, be with my friends. Goals: Jack: To stay healthy and happy and maintain the highest level of family harmony. As for business, my nephews and sons are running the business and doing a great job. Why he thinks we chose him: For my outgoing personality: friendly, honest, real.

Success secret: I learned early on, from people I respect including my dad, that retail is always changing. You need to keep a pulse on consumer lifestyles and change accordingly. Most proud of: My 46 years in the business and my 46 years of marriage. Stress relief: Working out, playing golf and being with my buddies. Goals: To continue to evolve the business, to spend more time with my four grandsons and to continue my newly healthy lifestyle.

Crystal ball: Retail will continue to change. Why he thinks we picked him: Because I am Dr. Success secrets: Many loyal customers many of whom are friends throughout 37 years of business have contributed to our success and brand. We have a dynamic team and I have had a fantastic partner for over 37 years. Nothing happens until you sell something. How to keep it fun: By sharing great stories and memorable jokes! Did you hear the one about I try not to take myself too seriously.

Most proud of: Staying in business for a remarkable 37 years while surviving and My friends call and ask me what they should wear on TV. I help people feel great about shopping here and about how they feel in our clothes. Loud I married in August When it is not great, I sit in my favorite chair and watch sports on television with my iPhone in hand.

Connecting with friends is important to me. The accidentally? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the July 11, encore airing logged 2. Sharknado 2: The Second One drew 3. It can be argued that Sharknado is one of the first properties to be catapulted to stardom thanks to the act of live tweeting, a marketing by-product that will only continue as brands use social media as a launching pad and licensors and retailers continue to seek new ways to touch consumers in real time. Portland International Airport recently replaced its year-old carpet to the chagrin of the annual The much Instagrammed carpet has an enormous social media following, nearly 20, on the platform alone, and wisely the brawn behind the airport thought ahead to save several thousands yards of the infamous, abstractly patterned floor covering.

Now visitors to PDX can have for themselves their very own piece of Portlandia and the famous pattern via licensed merchandise such as t-shirts, socks, water bottles and even a Rogue Ales PDX Carpet beer.

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A more challenging question than calling the election, perhaps, is whether US regulators will ever accept political betting as it is understood in the UK. Given where we are right now with the US elections, it seems unlikely a move to allow political betting would gain any momentum, particularly given the controversies that currently surround the outcome from last week.

If anyone wants to bet on the outcome of the next Presidential election, it seems likely they will need to continue to pursue their interest away from the US. At least for now. Scott Longley Industry Analyst Scott Longley has been a journalist since the early noughties covering personal finance, sport and the gambling industry.

Design With in-house design departments in Miami, New York and El Salvador, we have the capability of developing full screen-print art collections, clothing design and packaging design. Sourcing In addition to our vertical manufacturing facilities in Central America, our in-house sourcing group coordinates production in multiple countries across the world.

Knitting and Dyeing Direct and immediate access to in-house knitting and dyeing machinery gives us the flexibility to create an extensive amount of fabrics, fabric blends, colors and specialty finishes. Cutting and Sewing Our sewing factories in Central America allow us to bring almost every manufacturing process in-house, including cutting and sewing of garments.

By not outsourcing so many processes, we minimize overhead costs while increasing and assuring quality. Screen Printing We have access to the latest state-of-the-art screen-printing machines, allowing us to meet any size of production needed. Distribution We have state-of-the-art distribution centers in Central America and Florida, as well as distribution capabilities out of the West Coast and Northeast.

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