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itc share price support and resistance forex

View live ITC LTD chart to track its stock's price action. Find market predictions, ITC financials and market news. Support. Resistance. 20 day EMA. day EMA. Nifty Technical Picture. Action. Price. Another trading strategy involves when the stock trade in a range. Sometimes, the stock price keeps bouncing off the resistance and support lines over a time. MIAMI HEAT SPREAD

Introducing Footprint Charts — Key Concepts Footprint charts brought market demand and supply back to life for me. Footprint charts allow you to interpret order flow, similar to how I used Level II quotes in the past. The price of any security depends on whether you wish to buy or sell.

When you want to buy a security the price you will pay is the Ask price the counter-party is asking. If you wish to sell, the price you will receive is the Bid price the counter-party is bidding. If you were looking to buy you would pay Note: The act of buying with a market order is known as taking the offer or lifting the ask. The act of selling with a market order is known as hitting the bid. This display shows all of the resting limit orders in the market Advertised Prices.

Sellers are prepared to offer contracts for sale at Buyers are prepared to purchase contracts at Since the introduction of algorithms a lot of the orders resting in the book will never trade. The algorithms constantly add and pull orders reducing transparency. Not the transactions that are being advertised on the DOM. However, footprint charts are valuable when trading any market including equities, forex, oil, digital currencies, and gold.

On the above candle, the closed transactions highlighted in green is the amount of volume that occurred as a result of market orders hitting the bid. The volume highlighted in red occurred as a result of market orders taking the offer. Also notice the candlestick outline designating the Open, High, Low, and Close for this bar. Considering a price quote is made up of a bid and an ask price, you have to look at the chart diagonally.

When the price quote was We will use the Point of Control to help tell us determine whether buyers or sellers are the aggressor during a given session and to designate areas of support and resistance. Buy and Sell Imbalances What makes the price of security move? If the buyers are more aggressive than the sellers price is driven up.

If the sellers are more aggressive price is driven down. AMT Theory You can! To do this we can look at buy and sell imbalances on a footprint chart. On the above chart you will notice some of the volumes highlighted in green or red. Most charting packages allow you to change this. You will notice a buy imbalance highlighted in green of A total of trades took place on the offer versus trades that took place on the bid.

Footprint Chart Types Footprint charts come in several different types and variations. If you decide to incorporate them into your own strategies, odds are you will use multiple variations. We will go over some examples of how you can use imbalances shortly. Delta Footprint Volume Delta is the difference between buying and selling power.

Volume Delta is calculated by taking the difference of the volume that traded at the offer price and the volume that traded at the bid price. If delta is less than 0, sellers are the aggressor as more contracts traded on the bid than the corresponding offer. Where as trades that occur on the offer represent buyer aggression and increase delta. Volume Footprint The third style of footprint chart is the volume footprint above also known as volume imprint or volume profile bar.

A volume profile displays the amount of volume traded at each price level for a given user defined session. On the chart above the blue represents the amount of volume traded at each price level for a given 5 minute session. POC is highlighted in gold You can also combine different footprint styles. Should you decide to use Footprint Charts, odds are you will use multiple variations. Finally, I use volume profiles volume footprint to determine whether price is imbalanced or balanced, and to determine support and resistance levels.

Now you have a basic understanding of what makes up a footprint chart and the different types. Footprint Chart Strategies Footprint charts are great for building context around your current strategies or developing entirely new ones. Stacked Buy and Sell Imbalances Stacked imbalances are simply multiple buy or multiple sell imbalances in a tight price range.

You can see the stacked buy imbalances highlighted by the white rectangles in the chart above. Stacked buy imbalances indicate strong buyer aggression indicating a potential breakout or the continuation of an uptrend. Below you can see the stacked sell imbalances highlighted by the white rectangles. Stacked sell imbalances indicate strong seller aggression indicating a potential breakout or the continuation of a downtrend.

Notice how price retraced back to the stacked imbalance that formed during the a. Price briefly touched the imbalance zone and was immediately rejected and the uptrend continued. It makes logical sense since we already knew there were aggressive buyers at that level earlier.

Tip: Think of support and resistance as a zone or area, not a specific price point. Unfinished and Finished Auctions Business Up auctions bullish moves end at a price level above which no active buyers are willing to buy.

The price has become too unattractive to the buyers. Likewise, down auctions bearish moves end at a price level below which no active sellers are willing to sell. When either of these have occurred we have a Finished Auction. Finished auctions will have zero on the bid at highs or a zero on the offer at lows. The auction was finished. Likewise, we can see where there were no passive sellers when there is a 0 on the offer. At the bottom of the green bar below we had a price level where contracts traded on the bid and zero on the offer.

You can see another example of a finished auction at the highs of the red candle. Asian markets had a mixed day. Tokyo stocks closed higher on Thursday as investors took notice of the gains on Wall Street and Bank of England's intervention. The benchmark Nikkei index rose 0. The Hang Seng Tech Index fell 1.

The benchmark Hang Seng Index fell 0. Shanghai Composite Index dropped 0. The investors are also waiting for German inflation data for clues on interest rate hikes by the ECB. The high court allowed the separate petitions filed by Bharat Serums and Bard and asked NPP to undertake a fresh exercise of re-computation of the amounts, if any payable, by the two companies bearing in mind the conclusions recorded in the judgement. The impugned orders dated July 5, , and June 26, , pertaining to Bharat Serums and the order dated October 22, , as well as the demand notice dated November 7, , relating to Bard, shall stand quashed," Justice Yashwant Varma said in the page verdict.

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