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decimal point betting calculators

The calculator will automatically update to show you the decimal odds can use our odds calculator for any type of bet, from a moneyline wager, to point. Convert betting odds easily with our odds calculator & see how much you can win based on your stake. Works for American, decimal, fractional & implied odds! Now you understand how to convert moneyline, fractional and decimal odds, check if you can place legal sports bets in your state with our gambling laws guide. OIL PRICE INVESTING

Although it takes a while to adjust from thinking in fractional odds to decimals they are becoming increasingly popular as they accurately convey to the punter the exact return they stand to walk away with if their selection comes in. Decimal odds provide purer calculations and are increasingly common on online platforms as bookmakers cater to ever growing international audiences.

Decimal odds are also frequently used on betting exchanges. Follow the patterns of typical decimals odds such as 4. You can always use a bet calculator or an odds conversion table like the one we include below to cross reference prices if you are unsure. Remember though, is evens, so your returns are exactly double what you put down. With any negative moneyline figure beyond the price is odds against and you stand to make less profit than the stake amount.

With moneyline decimal 1. With a price 1. Converting odds manually Punters usually only find themselves in situations where they are trying to convert odds between formats occasionally, for example whilst on holiday or traveling and betting outside their home countries. Converting decimal odds to fractional, take the decimal and subtract 1. For converting moneyline to decimal, when the moneyline price is positive divide it by and add 1.

When the moneyline price is negative, take and divide it by the moneyline amount first removing the minus sign , and add 1. For conversion of fractional odds to decimal take the first figure and divide it by the second figure then add 1.

Win Probability Calculator The odds calculator will also tell you the implied probability of winning a given set of odds. You can also check out our implied win probability to odds calculator if you want to take a win percentage and translate it to American or Decimal odds.

Using the previous example, American odds of represents a Why is this useful? Knowing the implied odds of a bet is extremely useful if you are doing your own modeling. Using odds calculators are a good way to check how your numbers stack up. How do I calculate betting odds? Calculating betting odds will depend on which odds format you used to place your bet: American, Decimal, or Fractional odds.

Most bettors in the United States will use American odds. Each odds format represents the same thing: the percent chance of winning.

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Can I use implied probability? Unfortunately, no. It does not accept implied probability or Sporttrade odds as an input. What does hold mean in sports betting? A positive number is a positive hold percentage for the sportsbook assuming balanced wagers on both lines. If your input generates a negative number, this means the sportsbook expects to lose money because a negative for the sportsbook is a positive for the bettor. For a bettor, why does hold matter? Finding the best price across sportsbooks is called line shopping.

And using the best prices you find on either side of a line creates the lowest possible synthetic hold. The lower the synthetic hold the less of an edge the sportsbooks have over the bettor, regardless of bettor skill. It is very important to know what payout you are getting on a bet. The odds that a sportsbook offers you is directly related to the implied probability of that outcome happening. If you find a bet where the implied probability of an outcome is lower than the true probability, then that is usually considered a good bet to make.

With this being said, lets look at an example from an NFL game. True Odds vs. Implied Odds When you decide to bet on sports, it is important to have a grasp on a few things. These are listed below: What are implied odds? What are true odds? Implied odds and true odds are important in determining if you are making a bet that has good value. You can use our odds calculator above to calculate the implied odds of a given bet as long as you know the odds of the bet.

Implied odds are the conversion of a sportsbooks offered odds into an implied win probability. A spread bet in football is normally offered at on both sides of the bet. This gives both outcomes a win probability of The implied probability of this spread bet winning would be Let's use the above bet of for both outcomes on a NFL spread bet. We know that both outcomes have an implied probability of If that same outcome has a true probability of

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Free Play Value Calculator Determines the risk-free real dollar profit that may be obtained from betting and hedging a free play of a given size. Kelly Calculator Calculates Kelly stakes for bets on up to either 15 simultaneous events or 15 mutually exclusive outcomes of a single event. Parlay Converter This calculator determines parlay bet payouts as well as associated premiums, given a set of underlying bet odds. Poisson Calculator Calculates win probabilities and odds for one or two variable Poisson-style proposition bets, given an underlying win percentage.

Reverse Bets This calculator determines the maximum win and loss amount for a given reverse bet, as well as the situational results based upon whether or not each underlying game wins, loses, or pushes. Round Robin Calculator This calculator determines the maximum win and loss amount for a given round-robin, as well as the situational results based upon whether or not each underlying game wins, loses or pushes. Streak Calculator This calculator determines the probability of losing a streak of wagers over the course of a wager series of specified length Sports Betting Functions for Excel A library of Excel functions relevant to advantage sports betting.

For advanced users. Benefits of Using These Betting Tools These free sports betting calculators are designed to help handicappers maximize their chances of earning a profit. You can enjoy several key benefits by using these calculators on a regular basis: Quickly determine whether you can lock in a risk-free profit by betting on every possible outcome of a sporting event.

Calculate how to properly use any free play bet bonuses that sportsbooks provide when you register for an account. Figure out if it is worth buying or selling half-points on spreads and totals by revealing the options that offer the highest payout. Put the popular Kelly Criterion to the test with real examples of college football picks , NFL picks and other sports betting markets you like the look of.

Rapidly convert a set of odds from American odds to fractional odds, decimal odds, implied probability, Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds of Malay odds using the betting odds calculator. Calculate the total winnings you stand to receive when compiling a parlay bet, using American odds or decimal odds, while learning the true parlay odds, win amount and premium paid over both the mathematical odds and the true parlay odds.

Improve your football picks, NBA picks and so on by calculating the probability of events using the poisson calculator. Determine the maximum payout or loss for any reverse bet using American odds or decimal odds. Quickly calculate the maximum payout or loss on any type of round robin bet you might be considering.

Improve your bankroll management by figuring out the chances of going on a losing streak without a payout over the course of a year of bets. Import advanced sports betting functions into Excel to help improve your chances of securing a payout on the best mobile apps and desktop sites. Who Should Use These Betting Tools These betting tools are designed to help experienced bettors and novice handicappers alike. You might be new to the wonderful world of sports betting and keen to apply a more rigorous, mathematical approach to boosting your bankroll while you bet.

American Odds? Be sure to enter the minus sign - if applicable to your odds. Decimal Odds? Decimal odds are displayed as a number greater than one, usually with up to two decimal points 1. Error Total Payout? This is the amount you will receive if you win your bet original wager amount plus profit. More betting tools: Parlay Calculator Understanding betting odds The way sports betting odds are presented can differ between American, Fractional, and Decimal.

While they all mean the same thing, understanding how they work with your wager can be tricky. Use our betting odds and moneyline calculator tool above to convert these odds and learn more about them below. Bets with higher implied probability are given a higher negative value. Bets with lower implied probability are given a positive value. Decimal odds explained Decimal odds are the preferred variation for most countries outside of the U.

Instead of using positive and negative values or fractional equations, decimal odds display a simple value that you multiply your bet amount by to calculate your profit money won and overall return profit and original risk amount. Fractional odds explained Fractional odds are most common in horse racing and futures markets.

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