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Different indicators are used to indicate different situations. Moving averages are used to smooth out the volatility of prices on a forex chart. Forex traders usually use a default setting of 14 periods. There are numerous adaptations of the moving average indicator, such as weighted, exponential, triangular, time series and Wilder smoothing. Moving averages are one of the most reliable forex indicators and are heavily used by professional traders.

Bollinger Bands are classified as a volatility indicator. The middle line is a simple moving average described above. The default setting in forex platforms like MT4 is 20 periods. The upper band has a standard deviation of 2 added, and the lower band has a standard deviation of two subtracted.

Bollinger Bands forex indicator on the MetaTrader 4 platform As price volatility increases, the bands drift further apart, and as volatility decreases, the bands tighten. The price of a currency pair will move roughly within the bands, bouncing between the top and bottom.

Bollinger Bands are used to ascertain support and resistance levels used to determine entry and exit points. The upper band is interpreted as a resistance level and the lower band a support level. The middle band, the simple moving average, is interchangeably read as either a support or resistance level.

The term parabolic refers to the curve-like parabola visualization of this indicator. The Stop and Reverse aspect refers to the parabola alternating above and below the price data indicating when a trend stops and reverses. Whereas the indicator is plotted below the candles, it indicates an uptrend. When the curve switches from below the candles to above them, it signals the current uptrend is stopping.

When the indicator continues to print on the opposite side, it shows the new direction of the trend. If the price is below the moving average it typically indicates a downtrend where trend following traders may look for short trades. Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands were developed by chart technician John Bollinger and are used as a forex volatility indicator. They have three lines with the middle line representing a simple moving average which is typically the 20 SMA.

The bands above and below the moving average are based on a mathematical formula for standard deviation. These bands increase and decrease as volatility changes. Traders would analyse these bands to identify low volatility and high volatility market conditions. When the Bollinger Bands are flat, close together, and contracting it indicates the volatility of the market is low and potentially more range based.

When the Bollinger Bands expand and move away from each other it indicates the volatility of the market is increasing and is more likely in a trend. Traders will often use the upper and lower bands as areas of support and resistance where market turns could take place.

Forex breakout traders will also use them and wait for the price to close outside of the bands to indicate a volatility-based trend. Awesome Oscillator The Awesome Oscillator is a momentum-based indicator that is used to confirm the trendlines of the market and any potential changes in the trend. The indicator compares current price data to historic price data to forecast the momentum of the market.

The underlying calculation for the Awesome Oscillator is relatively simple. It is the computation from subtracting the 34 SMA simple moving average of median price from the 5 SMA of the median price. It can be used on any timeframe and is automatically calculated in your trading system. One of the most common ways to use the Awesome Oscillator is to wait for the indicator to crossover the zero line. When the indicator crosses above from negative values to positive values it indicates bullish momentum.

When the indicator crosses below from positive values to negative values it indicates bearish momentum. Welles Wilder. The aim of the indicator is to measure the speed and change of price movements to find which direction has more strength. The RSI oscillates between zero and It is generally considered overbought when the indicator moves above 70 and oversold when below The RSI is one of the oldest and time-tested forex indicators available.

But while traditionally used for overbought and oversold signals it is now more commonly used for divergences. RSI divergence occurs when the price moves in the opposite direction of the indicator. This highlights the recent trend is losing momentum and a reversal could be imminent. It is another momentum indicator that shows where the price is relative to the high and low range of a set number of bars or periods. The underlying concept of the indicator is that momentum changes first, before price turns.

While the indicator is used for overbought and oversold signals, it is more commonly used for divergences. This is where the Stochastic Oscillator moves in the opposite direction to the price of the market. This situation highlights that momentum is weakening and thereby causing a potential turn in price.

The indicator represents the level of the closing price relative to the highest high for a user-specified number of bars or periods. The indicator oscillates between zero and When the indicator line is in between 0 and it indicates an overbought market.

When the indicator line is in between to it indicates an oversold market. The mid-point level at is also considered important. As the price moves above the line it indicators bullish momentum is building. As the price moves below the line it indicates bearish momentum is building. If the indicator line does not follow the market price higher it is considered a bullish momentum failure where a reversal lower could be likely.

If the indicator line does not follow the market price lower it is considered a bearish momentum failure where a reversal higher could be more likely. Welles Wilder and is used as a measure of volatility. The calculation of the indicator starts with analysing the True Range of the market which is either the current high less the current low, or the current high less the previous close, or the current low less the previous close.

The most common measurement when using the ATR is to use 14 periods. This can be applied to any of the timeframes such as the daily chart or 1-hour chart. As the indicator represents the average range over the last 14 bars or periods it can be used to aid in trade management techniques. For example, a forex swing trader will need to know the Average True Range to help with stop loss placement. The indicator is much more unique than his others as the Parabolic SAR is a price and time-based indicator.

It does this by drawing a small dot above price in a downtrend and below the price in an uptrend. It looks similar to a trailing stop. There are a variety of ways to use the Parabolic SAR indicator. Traders could use it as a trend confirmation and only trade in the direction of the indicator. Another method is to actually use it for trade management and trail a stop loss to stick with the trend for higher reward to risk trades.

Momentum Indicator The Momentum Indicator is used to identify when prices are moving up or down and how strongly. It does this by comparing the current closing price to the closing price of a specified number of periods historically.

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