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After 2 hours or so, I was done with the trail 7,5 km! Lemme tell ya, I was very pleased with myself. Thanks, weather. Then, I continued my way down to the south-west of Cyprus. I stopped at Agios Georgios totally not planned to admire the church and beautiful beaches. But I think what got me the most were the banana trees, dunno why. I sat in the car again and drove to the Avakas Gorge. However, my Ford Focus survived! The hike was not difficult at all.

The gorge is wonderful: the narrower it gets, the more beautiful it is. While getting back to the car, a freaking goat scared the freaking shit out of me since it was walking right towards me! Later, when I was on the road again, I stumbled upon a sign pointing to the sea caves so I decided to go check them out again, totally not planned.

The next thing I visited were the Tombs of the Kings, an archaeological site with as the name itself implies several ancient tombs. I must have passed them like two or three times! Once I found them and got to explore the site, I was very happy. I really like that you can go inside some of them, and the fact that they are located right next to the sea gives them extra points.

Although I initially intended to visit Paphos some other day or even skip it, I decided to go for a short stroll around the old town instead of coming there again. I bought myself some ice cream and munched it while walking around. Unfortunately, I missed Paphos Mosaics, the best thing to see in Paphos, apparently. The selection of rides is diverse enough to cater for all ages and all levels of thrill seeking! Families can enjoy donkey riding and have some fun! Traditional food is also available in their restaurant.

You will have the opportunity to meet all the residences: giraffe, monkeys, meerkats, crocodile, kangaroos, albino wallabies, mouflon, white lions, tigers and many more! Fassouri Watermania is the ideal place for families, friends and children to spend a one-day outing. They are the ideal family spot, right in the heart of the city. It also includes cafes, restaurants, an ice rank, bowling and a playground for children. Very close to Agiou Andreou street and the coastline, with over shops.

A very popular attraction and declared third best beach in Europe for by TripAdvisor. It has also been awarded the blue flag and has been given its name from the fig trees found near the coast. There is a small islet which can be reached by swimming through the shallow waters.

It is hidden at the foothills of Konnos Bay and offers magnificent views, golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Konnos Bay is considered to be one of the most scenic beaches in Cyprus. The cleanliness of the water, its colour and the aura in general will make you love it and dive into the cool water or just gaze at the breath-taking view. The beach stretches out for m and the waters are crystal clear. It owes its name to a smaller islet near the beach, which you can visit through a path of shallow water.

There are several water sports available and the beach is quite popular, attracting young crowds hosting beach parties during the summer. DJs visit the beach nearly every week. There is white sand which makes the beach suitable for various water sports such as water skiing, parascending and diving. The clear calm and shallow waters makes the beach suitable for all ages.

Lara is the birthing grounds of the green turtle. The entire scenery is protected and therefore intact making a small paradise. The way to this beach is an off-road journey. The beach is quite popular for all ages and is a Blue Flag certified beach. There are water sports available for hire and more. There are also two restaurant-cafes as well as sunbeds and umbrellas available at the beach.

The beach is near to half a kilometre long and was named after the Palm trees planted there back in the It has a Blue Flag status and is kept very clean provided with lifeguard service by the Larnaca Municipality. There are many facilities including sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. The beach is home to the Zenobia Shipwreck.

The view is amazing because there are no buildings around it, around 17km west of Limassol. This place is also reachable by public transport.

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The Venetians also demolished several houses, churches and palaces within the city as well as buildings lying outside the new walls, both for the acquisition of building materials and for a clearer field of vision for the defence of the city. The Fourth Ottoman—Venetian War broke out when the fortifications were still incomplete. The city held out until 9 September, when the Ottomans breached the wall at Podocattaro Bastion.

The Ottomans then killed the defenders and captured the remaining inhabitants. The city then experienced a steady decline. It was still confined within the walls when the British occupied Cyprus in An opening was made near Paphos Gate in to facilitate access to the surrounding area. X 08 Venetian Walls The first walls surrounding Nicosia were built by the Franks in the 14th century and encircled a greater area than the Venetian walls built in the 16th century that still encircle the old town.

Read more Venetian Walls The first walls surrounding Nicosia were built by the Franks in the 14th century and encircled a greater area than the Venetian walls built in the 16th century that still encircle the old town. When the Venetians had sovereignty of Cyprus, they pulled down the Frankish walls because they were out dated against new weapons as was artillery. Another reason for tearing down the walls was that they were too large to be manned by the Venetian army and too close to the hills.

The Venetian walls were fortified by 11 heart shaped bastions forming a circle and encompassed by an 80 metre wide moat. The walls were made of mud, bricks, and with stone bolstering the lower part. The walls were repaired and the upper part covered with stone by the Ottomans when they occupied Nicosia.

X 09 Green Line Nicosia is the only divided city in Europe after Turkey invaded the island in and occupied the northern part of Cyprus. There is a UN buffer zone which splits the capital walking near the green line evokes an eeriness. Read more Green Line Nicosia is the only divided city in Europe after Turkey invaded the island in and occupied the northern part of Cyprus.

Nowadays, crossing into the North part of Cyprus is easy. The Green Line and the ghostly buffer zone with its abandoned, ruined houses, and bullet-ridden old airport will fascinate you, whilst its mere presence gives Nicosia a somewhat otherworldly feel. Read more Discover More Nicosia Monasteries The Mesaoria region, scattered with small villages and ancient monasteries, lies west of Nicosia.

Visit Machairas Monastery a monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary , sitting in splendid isolation on a rugged mountain top.

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On 9 September , less than three years after the completion of the wall, the Ottomans seized Nicosia after a day siege. On the first bastion they had been able to seize, bastion Costanza, the Ottomans built the mosque Bayraktar, named after a standard bearer bayrak who was killed during the assault of the bastion. Nicosia is now divided between the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus , recognized only by Turkey.

The wall and the 11 bastions have been preserved and still separate the old city of Nicosia intra muros from its modern outskirts. Five bastions are located in the Greek zone, another five are located in the Turkish zone, whereas the 11th bastion, Flatro, is controlled by UNO. The moats around the wall are usually dry, but they are sometimes flooded by river Pedeios. Eleana Petsa, 17 September Only eight bastions are represented on the emblem and flag. Santiago Dotor, 26 September My best guess is that the designer of the flag represented only eight bastions to preserve the symmetry of the design, assuming that an accurate description of the immediatly regognizable Venetian wall was not required.

Since ancient times, the city of Nicosia has been the centre of Cyprus, both from a geographic point of view, as well as from transport and economic. This fact made Nicosia the governing city of Cyprus, since it later became the capital of the island. Today, the historic centre of Nicosia lies within the great mediaeval walls built by the Venetians.

These walls are a trademark of the capital, with the bastions and gates being used to house important buildings such as the City Hall and other buildings. The walls have a circular shape and a perimeter of 3 miles, are made of earth and clad with bricks.

These names remain today. The castle had the Gate of Pafos, the Gate of Kerynia and the Gate of Famagusta or the Gate of Juliana in honour of the architect, which was the largest of the three. It is politically governed by the mayor. Nicosia also houses the executive, legislative and judicial power of the Republic of Cyprus. South of the centre of the capital is the Presidential Palace, where the President of the Republic of Cyprus lives and where the English Governor of Cyprus also lived in colonial rule.

The northern part of Nicosia is still under Turkish occupation since and this makes Nicosia the only remaining divided capital all over the world. The occupied and free areas of Nicosia are separated by the Ceasefire Line. Many times, it is also called "Green Line". The Green Line was named after the green line drawn on the map of Cyprus in to show the boundaries of the Greek and Turkish sectors.

Attaching the green line to the free soils, there is a zone called the dead zone. This is an area in which the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has granted a right of control to the United Nations to maintain the status quo resulting from the invasion of Turkey in The Fire Line extends to the east and west of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Also in recent years it has become a centre of services of a very financial but also educational nature. Nicosia, although its used to have its own Bishop, Holy Bishop of Ledra, now belongs ecclesiastically to the region of the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus. Nicosia is an important financial centre with many shops, 3 modern shopping malls, restaurants and many entertainment venues. It is ranked internationally as the richest per capita income city in the Eastern Mediterranean and the 10th richest city in the world according to purchasing power.

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Nicosia Cyprus, a Walk Around the Old Town Within the Venetian Walls.

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