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Sectors to invest in Kenya include; Energy, Financial Services, information, Communication, Technology, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Real Estate. This research provides an in-depth assessment of the gender lens investing market in Kenya. Know about the context of foreign investment in Kenya: country's assets, inconvenients of the market, foreign direct investments (FDI) in figures (incoming. BEST MOBILE ANDROID ETHEREUM WALLET REDDIT

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One thing remains a fact in times of sufficiency or scarcity, joy or sorrow, people will always eat. Food is a basic need a living being cannot do without. As such, the agribusiness sector, when mastered rightfully, has a lot of potential for willing investors. When drought ravages our country almost yearly combined with political aspects, food becomes pricy, and those that benefit are those in the agribusiness sector.

If you are looking for excellent investment opportunities in Kenya, you could start a maize milling plant and sell maize flour in the East African region where Ugali is the staple food. Still rejected cash crops like Coffee have regained their value after new policies on coffee management were drafted.

Read Also: Business Opportunities for Youth 2. Investing in the PR and Branding sector Elections happen every five years, a wedding happens every weekend, and several other events are arranged daily. This makes branding a significant opportunity for many, especially the youth who can take advantage of it.

This particular sector will control most cash flow in political games and rallies. PR comes through the issue of content Development, social media engagement, and artwork. This is the entire sector for the youth to invest in. If they joined hands, they would reap good returns in the industry, which is not capital intensive, and risks are low. Also read: Top 20 richest people in Kenya 3. The Logistics and Transport sector Within the boundaries of this country and beyond, developments are taking place.

Mobility is becoming an issue of urgency, and now is the perfect time to have you hired out. Every person is looking for cars. Or better still, the likes of Uber, Little Cab and et al. With an increasing population, Kenyans need more cars to manage their travel plans. The hailing apps have shown hunger here. First, the cost of streaming has become relatively cheap in the country. For example, I pay only sh. There are cheaper options. Second, because of the pandemic, more people are staying at home and watching more content.

Finally, YouTube and other digital platforms are really easy to use. You can watch a show at any time. For starters, digital content creators make money in three main ways. First, the most common, is to use Google AdSense. This is a program where Google pays you for showing ads in your videos.

However, it is not easy to make a lot of money using this model. Second, you can have sponsored content or ads from brands you use. Finally, you can solicit donations from your viewers. Richard Njau, who has a channel called Cleaning the Airwaves , has made a lot of money by asking his viewers to donate. There are several benefits for investing in digital content: You can do it as a part time gig. Cheap to start. Most people start with just their phones.

Rising demand. As mentioned above, there is increasing demand for digital content as more people shift from traditional media consumption. Some of the most prominent companies listed in the exchange are Equity Bank, Safaricom, Centum, and Co-operative bank. In recent years, most companies in the index have gone through tough times. However, the reality is that there is still value in some companies that are listed in the bourse. For example, a company like Safaricom is a good buy because of its market share in most products and the opportunities it has.

Banks, too, are among the best in the region. To invest in stocks in Kenya , you just to do three things. First, you need to find a good broker. Second, you need to create a CDC account. This is the account where you will buy and sell your shares from.

Finally, you need to research and find the best companies to invest in and buy. After buying, you will make your money through capital appreciation and through dividends. For one, the population in most towns is rising and demand for agricultural produce will continue to rise. Also, in the rural areas, it is relatively easy and cheap to lease a large piece of land. For example, I know of a person who has leased more than 5 acres of land for less than sh.

Although agriculture is a good investment, most people fail for several reasons. I know people who have lost money by cultivating plants like mushrooms. Instead, we recommend doing market research and planting foods that people eat often. Second, they fail to get the required education about farming. They assume that they know well about the industry. To avoid this, we recommend that you spend a few weeks in a farm learning about the process.

Like in all industries, the people you hire can make or break your business. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct a lot of due diligence in the agricultural industry. Visit a farm and learn from the participants.

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