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Your guide to the best in personal financial products such as credit cards, mortgages, bank accounts, and brokerages. Individual savers can also make more from their money – with our investment knowledge. All you need to know about investments – explained in a clear and. Modest Money personal finance blog also covers articles on investing, Financial Commentary, Retirement, Comparisons, Financial Product. ONT ETH CRYPTO

But my debt was actually a large part of why I started blogging — I wanted to track and share the progress of my financial goals. Eleven years later, Making Sense has grown beyond my wildest dreams. My husband and I have reached financial independence, and we've saved enough to retire whenever we want. This has allowed me to live my ideal lifestyle: I work just 10 hours a week and travel full-time on our sailboat. I am regularly out snorkeling, exploring and hiking.

Best of all, we have plenty of time to spend with our six-month-old daughter. Michelle's passive income allows her and her family to live and travel full-time on their sailboat, where they have limited access to internet. Photo: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner How I started my financial blog Making Sense began as a hobby, but about six months into writing, my friend connected me with a company that wanted me to write a sponsored post for them.

After that, I started studying other bloggers who made money off their blogs. I posted more frequently and set up display advertisements on my website. I also continued writing sponsored posts by reaching out to brands that I saw other bloggers working with.

Once I fully paid off my student loans in , I decided to quit my job and blog full-time. For the first few years, I focused on the blogging element of my business and published new posts almost every day. I posted guest articles on my friends' blogs, too. Then I doubled down on my social media presence. Now I have , followers on Facebook , where I post multiple times a day, and , followers on Pinterest , where I post about twice a week.

I also have over , email subscribers. Over the years, I've leveraged my audience to create several passive income streams. And in , I launched my first blogging course. Working only 10 hours per week has allowed Michelle to spend more time in nature with her family. You are always going to have to manage the accounting side of your business, maintain your website, and create fresh content.

But you can do a lot of work upfront and earn money for years with little maintenance. I have three main passive income drivers: affiliate marketing, course sales and display advertising. I'm paid when I direct traffic or sales to partner brands through links on my blog — including on posts that were created months or years ago and are still discoverable via Google, my social media channels, and my blog.

I created my first course on Teachable and did all of the planning, writing and recording work. I commissioned the graphic design elements to freelancers. I also make passive income through display advertising commissions through Adthrive. I'm paid when readers see or click an auto-generated ad on my blog. Posted by: Matthew Dellaquila , Jan 31, PM Blog Entry While not part of a traditional investment plan, several arguments can be made for having some amount of alternative investment funds.

Posted by: Christopher Malgieri , Jan 12, AM Blog Entry As we settle in for the winter months, the holiday season gives way to a much less welcome time of year. Here are a few things young physicians should keep in mind as Tax Day approaches. Posted by: Chelsea Casey , Aug 30, PM Blog Entry Disability insurance maybe the furthest thing from your mind right now but, without it, you may be creating a major gap in your overall financial plan that could quickly dissolve your savings and future.

Posted by: Shyamal Asher , Aug 10, PM Blog Entry Every time you change your employer even going from resident to attending at the same institution , your benefits package will likely be different. To secure your financial future, it is important to review this benefits package thoroughly and intentionally Posted by: Christopher Malgieri , Jul 06, PM Blog Entry The journeyman path that many of us take through medical school and training leaves a dust cloud of landlords and leases.

For those finishing training and beginning life as an attending physician, July 1 st confers a whole new meaning — and, hopefully, Posted by: Jeffrey Steiner , Jun 10, PM Blog Entry The conflicts of interest within medicine are pretty easy to spot when you know what to look for. Posted by: Lindsey Rutland , May 03, AM Blog Entry Upon finishing training, many new anesthesiologists will have debt usually in the six-figure range from medical school and college.

They will likely also have debt from credit cards, relocation loans, car payments and possibly housing debt. Posted by: Lindsey Rutland , Mar 29, PM Blog Entry There is more than one road to financial success, but the key is spending less than you earn. Outgrow your new paycheck too quickly and you may find that you are struggling to meet your financial goals.

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Profit Trends Profit Trends dives into emerging, breakthrough and disruptive trend. This financial site is led by experts Matthew Carr and David Fessler. Oblivious Investor Oblivious Investor is dedicated to spreading the idea that investment success comes from simple principles: diversify your portfolio, minimize costs and ignore financial media noise.

Mike Piper is the author of this investing blog. Trade of the Day Trade of the Day focuses on short-term trading opportunities. Although, some of the insight is also geared toward long-term investing opportunities. Although, the author Jim Dahle now helps high earners in many professions. Too often, high earners fall prey to bad financial advisors.

The author, Eddy Elfenbein, helps readers play the long game. He also gives readers a free and unbiased view of the market. Each year, he publishes a buy list of 25 stocks. Financial Samurai Financial Samurai covers personal finances and investing. Every article is based off firsthand experience to provide helpful insight.

The author, Sam Dogen, started blogging back in after the stock market crash. You can reach out to media investmentu. The foundation for the portfolio may be a series of very safe investments that provide a small but consistent return. Investments of this type would include savings accounts, individual retirement accounts, and similar saving strategies offered at local banks.

The focus of personal investing is often a key part of retirement planning. Once the foundation of the portfolio is created, the next phase of personal investing involves seeking out investment opportunities that carry the potential for a higher return, but also involve assuming a greater amount of risk. There are several options in this category that will offer more return than the various options at the local bank.

These include opportunities like bond issues and some commodities trading. Stocks in companies that have a long track record for stability are also excellent for returns that come with a relatively limited amount of risk. Developing a personal investing strategy requires careful attention to several details. For investors who wish to earn a high return and are willing to accept a greater risk, there is always the possibility of fleshing out the investment portfolio with highly volatile investments.

This can include such opportunities as buying shares in a new and as yet unproven business, taking a chance by investing in a new type of technology that shows promise of becoming extremely popular, or getting involved with the fast-paced trading that is common with currency trading.

Keep in mind that with these more volatile possibilities, it is often necessary to pass credit requirements; this helps to ensure that the investor has the ability to pay if an investment does not go as projected.

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article on personal investing blog

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