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vivid weathers stars and galaxy sky vs etherial cosmos

Mind-blowing images of planetary nebulas, erupting stars and distant planets. Merging Galaxies Form Cosmic Exclamation Point. Galaxy poetry: Once upon a time the universe gave birth to a new galaxy, a unique galaxy: one with life, I thought that stars were for the sky. Why is the sky silvery, gray and blue? How many stars are in the universe? Can the grains of sand be counted? Who arranged the colours of the rainbow? FOREX TECHNICAL INDICATORS TUTORIAL EXCEL

Now that we have our ini and save done we are gonna use Bethini to change and optimize our settings to get the best possible result for us. You can run it anywhere. Now press [Save and Exit] With this now your files are in order and we can start our modding journey.

Lets start modding[ edit ] Before starting here are things to remember: - Mods are sorted into categories and should be installed in the order presented for proper overwrites. God knows it has happened before - If a mod is not marked for cleaning in the guide, do not clean it!

Some selected ITMs are necessary to ensure proper functionality. To know which file to download please read on the "version" text which will detailed which mod in specific to download or if you need to download more that one from the same page Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch[ edit ] A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition.

Features: - Hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs fixed. Many players also see the answer a somewhat obvious, but it's not quite like that. This said, SE is somewhat [less] stable in a long-time perspective and when being heavy-modded and some SE versions of massive mods being ported hastily or not by mod authors themselves which results in more bugs compared to LE versions of the mods, more crash cases generally throughout a game world which appeared in SE and never existed in LE to begin with.

This said, it doesn't mean SE will be crashing hard or something - but with medium-to-heavy modded game, you'll have sometimes have more headache with it. In return, SE requires a bit less stability mods read - its stability section is shorter than LE one and so, somewhat less time required for this part.

But this is only about stability section itself - roughly said, if you can apply LE guide stability section in an hour, in SE you'll need 30 minutes. Yet, this is a a pretty neglectable difference as you'll most likely spend many more hours of joyful modding the game's graphics and gameplay parts. Tldr: Stability is almost the same for both SE and LE today - you can run a fully stable heavy-modded game without issues in both versions, with LE having a slight benefit in a long timespan.

Additionally, parallax 3D look imitation for objects for SE is supported only for terrain, while LE has a complete parallax support for all objects in general. The difference is still really noticeable and it's not guaranteed SE will ever catch up to LE in this matter. Tldr: If you're aimed on a graphics enhancement most of all, LE is definitely a better pick.

In SE this issue doesn't exist. LE modding stage is active as well - but SE receives more new mods in general. At the same time, considering that LE modding stage is active for 5 more years, it still provides more mods in general - this is usually not related to "prominent" mods, but when it comes to "devil in details" part, SE often lacks some nice mods here and there. Tldr: both versions have mods other version don't have, so choice here is personal. You can also port mods so both version can actually benefit from this difference - read below.

Model and texture mods can be ported via few clicks in CAO further in the guide , most of plugins can be ported without issues as well, and animations can be ported too. Tldr: with just a little practice, you can port almost all mods asides from really huge ones and SKSE plugins, yourself - so difference in mods arsenal for two game versions can actually only come in handy.

As you can see, the are actual reasons to mod exactly SE or LE, but as for today, it's rather a matter of a personal perspective depending on your modding goal. In the rest - feel free to translate into other languages just message me in Discord first , I'd be glad if you'll link it to help other people and so on.

Not a single texture will remain ugly after you finish this, and all possible gameplay mechanics will be improved, as well as tons of new ones can be added, hell yeah! Everything you need yet nothing excess. Not a huge mod list, filled with subjective choices, yet a roadmap showing you how to build your own dream setup. While, if you lack time - there are some mod lists prepared for you, in [addition] to guide itself. Detailed installation order. Patches list for compatibility and my personal remarks for the best result.

Performance notes. The biggest problem of heavy-modded games, script overload, didn't go anywhere in SE, unfortunately - game script engine, Papyrus, was not changed and having too many script-heavy mods may break even the most stable game. Worry not! Many script-heavy mods are marked with special mark in the guide, so you'll know in advance which mods you'll need to be careful with.

Merging the mods easier then ever before! Mods that can be easily merged in a few click - marked with a special sign - so you don't need to spend own time checking for many factors. Currently, more than mods are marked already, meaning that's literally more than mods you can merge straight away, and I will expand this gradually.

Pre-made mod lists for different tastes and goals, which you only need to mimic and don't worry about incompatibilities and other issues - in addition to the whole guide itself. Constant updates and support : How to Support: This project is completely free.

Still, it takes insane amount of my time to build and expand it - the modding guides and other related modding content already took me over working hours in total. The more independent I will fee myself as an author - the less stress and more free time I'll have - and so, the faster new updates and modules will arrive, and new projects will appear as well. For the changelog of the update 3.

Huge amount of mods that previously were grouped into a humongous chunks of lists, were sorted and divided into subsections, as well as new expandable subsections added for easier navigation and not that "scary" look of some of them.

Same applies to other sections. Yes, this guide is made for ALL rigs - no matter if your PC strong, not that much or a complete potato - you can find recommendations, and build best possible modded game. A: You technically can ofc, but that's not mandatory. This is a guide - it gives you an ability to compare and choose. Open mod pages, browse the images, read the description.

Install what you like and don't install what you don't like : Lastly, there are pre-made mod lists for you to mimic. Q: I have the game in language other than English, is it a problem? A: The guide is made for original, i. English version of the game. Graphics mods will ofc work fine in most of cases, but as for the gameplay mods, there is no guarantee that they will work with non-English version of the game, or work at all.

Moreover, many translations are often outdated which leads to various bugs and conflicts. If you want to be able to use Skyrim modding stage and this guide on its fullest, use English version of the game. I won't be able to give any troubleshooting support for non-English versions.

Q: I also want to install ENB, where's a tips for it? A: Sure! Whatever you want - it is here ; Just read a bit further. A: Please read "How to start" section carefully. Read it and install all the things needed before starting to install mods themselves.

Q: That doesn't help! If not, feel free to join our Discord server and community members or I will try our best to help you : Q: Where are you from? A few words about you? A: Ukraine. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now as hobby. A: Sure - I will update and improve it. Unstoppably : Q: Ok, guide just received massive update, but how can I see the little new additions? A: I add mods and fix text errors few times per week. A: One of the main goals of the guide always was to keep your game stable.

There are some absolutely great and popular mods, but the thing is popularity now always equal same great quality and stability. Some mods are not included simply because they have major or too many minor issues and not fitting concept of stable heavy-modded game. Nothing more besides that. Q: Can you just upload your Skyrim folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one?

A: Unfortunately, no. The reasons: Firstly - I can't do this as many mods from the list are Nexus-excslusive and mod authors didn't give a permission to re-upload their works somewhere. I respect their work. Secondly - everyone has absolutely different PC specs and different taste, and my setup can be absolutely unplayable for many people from both these aspects.

Trust me - when you're making your mod setup by yourself the result will be way better because most of mods are absolutely matter of taste. Q: But there are a lot of modpacks in internet! I saw them! Even Nexus itself should have modpacks soon! A: Of course. Modpacks are easy to find and get, but it's also one of the main reason of myth about "heavy-modded fully stable Skyrim isn't possible" exists.

For very same reasons, modpacks simply can't run the same good for everyone. In worst case, it will just break your game eventually. From that point, you can either play the game as is, which will lead to glitchy gameplay and eventually a lot of wasted time, or you'll have to go to point zero and learn about all the mod in the modpack yourself, basically, doing what you had to to from the very beginning, but once again, wasting some time.

Modpacks are like those ads in internet that are promising you 6-pack in 7 days without diet and training. There's no "magic button" in case of TES or FO games, and it's no matter who made it - random internet person or they are distributed by some popular authors or websites - it doesn't change anything in terms or aspects listed few lines above.

Now, the first and most important rule. No exceptions: Before you start reading, watch this short video: - Before you'll start modding. Disable all possible overlays, "boosters", "tuners" programs you may be using in general. All CC mods have better and free alternatives available on the modding stage. I won't be able to provide troubleshooting suppor if CC mods are used. If it's written here to limit your fps using enblocal fps limiter - do it, and don't use and third-party software for it, and so on.

You got the idea. Also, never have Skyrim installed in Program Files. If you have it there - reinstall it on another drive, or at the same drive, but out of Program Files folder. Lastly, it's heavily recommended to disable game autoupdates in Steam. All 3 of them are great mod managers, each with something own to benefit player. I personally use NMM. What's the difference? NMM is "simple yet effective". MO is a mod manager packed with tons of cool features, mod manager on steroids if we can say so.

Kortex is something in between, more similar to MO, but has own pros and cons over it look here for comparison. Almost all mods can and should be installed via mod manager. Do not install mods manually. Due to the same reason, I won't be able to provide Kortex troubleshooting support in Discord - but once again, it's a great mod manager and you should be absolutely feel free to try it.

It's looking pretty fancy visually, but sadly, it's still very glitchy and pretty dysfunctional. I won't be able to provide any troubleshooting support if you're using it as it's not suitable for modding games like TES or FO. My advice atm is, if really want to, track it and test it by modding some other games with much simplier modding stages. Do not use Vortex to mod Skyrim. Yes, this note still applies for If it will be fine one day, I'll let you folks know.

If you allready have it - great. If no - install it. It's obligatory. SKSE is [essential]. Stability mods are also working through it, as well as vast majority of amazing gameplay mods. Consider it a basic invisible evolution element of Skyrim. If you're on AE, download the AE version as marked here. Download the archive somewhere, unpack it. From the folder, get the. A general note about SKSE-based mods and what to do with them. Why so? Thing is, the problem with past SE updates was basically pretty simple and related only to the game version update itself, which was fixed by Address Library mod further in this section.

For AE, huge amount of SKSE functions themselves were changed or deleted, so for most of SKSE based mods to fully and properly work in AE, most of SKSE mods code will need to be rewritten by its author, on some scale - from just a few lines to possibly a complete rewriting from scratch, depends on the mod.

That's why AE modding stage will need more time to recover then it was usually taking for SE updates in past. But hopefully, we'll get there soon. Remember that alternatively, you can simply mod LE for your current run, as it doesn't have this issue to begin with - and for the another run, some time will pass, and AE modding stage will be most likely recovered by then.

Simply look on every such mod page Files tab - if the mod is already updated for AE, there most likely will be a separate version of it, with an indication it's for AE - so, you'll need to install the AE version of the mod. That's it! On practice, it's also required by most of well-known mods in addition to SKSE.

Also install this fix for it and this. Optionally but very recommended as it's just looks so much more alive and beautiful install animated icons mod for it. Also optionally, install this "wider" addon for MCM look. Also install iHUD. Get the.

LOOT is a must-have tool if you're planning to have many mods. It's very easy to install and use. Its most basic and important function is mod sorting. Many mods should be loaded in strict load order to work properly together. LOOT makes miracles! You can automatically sort most of your mods properly by just clicking a button twice.

Sometimes it happens rarely, so you probably won't have to think about it some mods have direct instructions about how they should be loaded, in this case it's also easy to sort them manually using it. Also, LOOT shows you all you need to know about your installed mods - errors, missing records etc. In many cases, if something is not right - it will let you know and it will advise you. Actually, you'll not need to read and learn more than this to use it, but if something is unclear or you want to look at very in-depth guide, check this awesome Gopher's video.

Use LOOT sorting each time after you've installed a few mods. Note: make sure to get a proper mod version, depending on whether your game version is SE or AE. This mod is a partial solution to endless game update issues in SE which breaks dll SKSE mods - it allows for such mods to keep working properly not depending on the game version.

Solution is partial because it doesn't work automatically - each dll SKSE mod must be updated by its author to depend on this one, and as not all authors are aware about this or just active, this solution won't be universal - but it clearly will help you with many mods which are usually broken after every update.

Note: mods has TWO parts - first main file, the "Part 1" you can install with mod manager. Second, "Part 2", you should download manually, unpack and place all 3. Fixes some SE engine bugs. Make sure to also install. Mods may contain "dirty" records and some other issues, and when you have hundreds of mods, that could be a problem and cause crashes. Clean all mods that have dirty records until it's directly written by mod author to not do that for some reason and all Skyrim's DLCs which have [hundreds] of dirty records.

Yeah - Betheshda didn't even bother to do this for the game "remaster". Don't be afraid of it, it's not as hard to use as it may look. Check these awesome video tutorials about it. Also there is a lot of info and videos on its Nexus page. Note 1: Make double sure to clean all base game master files Update. Note 2: MO2 users can try to download and use zEdit as an alternative. It doesn't mean it's bad - quite the opposite, but until it's officially and fully released, I won't be able to provide troubleshooting support for it - so use it at your own wish.

There's a basic documentary and description of it here. Scroll down and download the. The link now is temporary, as it's the newest release that fixes some bugs - so track the WB page itself from time to time to see if the newer version is uploaded at the mod page.

Amazing and essential tool to achieve maximum possible compatibility between all your mods. We will use it later in our journey, so just grab it for now. I'll explain it later in the guide : Note: if you'll be noticing you're clearly going above active. Yes, Merge Plugins is hosted in Skyrim LE sections and yes, it does work with SE absolutely fine : You will need this if you'll make really heavy load order and reach the plugins.

It easily merges plugins into one. For A to Z simple tutorial about using it, watch this amazing video and follow the steps. Note 1: But what about. It's allegedly a cool feature, so maybe we don't need to merge mods at all anymore? There is a bit more about that - indeed, marking plugins as.

You can also watch this tutorial video. Note 3: if you'll be noticing you're clearly going above active. Why you need this? These mods provide wide amount of alternative starts to the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. And there's very high chance that your game will crash because the Papyrus, Skyrim's script engine, was [not] updated in SE and it's same clunky and limited , even if the game itself is absolutely stable.

And now these mods save the day! You can just skip this heavy-scripted scene and start anywhere you like. Besides, they have a really wide amount of alternative start, great for roleplay. Which one to use, what is the difference? Long story short, ASLAL provides more "roleplay-wise" starts - you will appear in a certain cell, depending on your start option choice, and also has plenty of additional start options addons.

Unbound will spawn you randomly, so less "immersive" start, but it allows you highly adjustable character customization gear, spells etc which ASLAL doesn't, and the most important - it allows you to play as NON-Dragonborn but you can "become" it in MCM anytime , which is really a great option.

RASR is somewhat like a mix of these two, a pretty underrated gem and Realm of Lorkhan is a really fresh and unique alternate start mod, which may look note quite "lore-friendly" to some players, but it's really well-designed and give you very interesting starting choices for your character class and even curses - negative attributes to balance class bonuses if you want so, all these features are entirely optional - my only 2 cents about it is that some class bonuses are still somewhat too strong even with curses, so you may want to adjust them in SSEEdit, which is very simple.

I personally recommend to use Skyrim Unbound or Realm of Lorkhan, but it's totally up to you. Lastly, Realm of Lorkhan has on pretty immersion-breaking for some players thing - crystals you appear from after starting the game are not going anywhere and are just scattared across Skyrim. To remove them, use this patch. Easy-to-use tool to convert meshes from LE to SE and backwards as well.

This tool will help you. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch This mod should be already considered as part of vanilla game. It fixes literally thousands glitches and bugs in Skyrim. NET language. Required by some other things. RaceMenu Character creation menu how it should have been originally and great amount of customization options. Also get this. Whenever you press the Escape key, mod will open the System page instead of Quest page.

Muh convenient! No more! This mod aims to reduce that difference and make them more equal. Note: Don't let any other mod overwrite it, in case of what. Also, if you're modding Skyrim "VR", use this one instead. Better Jumping SE Allows to jump while sprinting. Player Eyes Blink Fix Enables blinking eyes for the player.

Blacksmith Forge Water Fix Skyrim forge water still looks terrible. Fortunately, this solves the problem. CRF patch in addition if you have or plan to have this mod. SKSE64 plugin. Together with MFG console for glitches troublehsooting, this plugin can help a bit more if you'll have some situational crashes - just don't expect it to be some sort of magic - most likely, you'll still need to apply logic and assume why crash is taking place.

Get both the main files and make sure to read the mod description page for the list of features and possible compatibility notes. Also make sure to install. NET 5. Updated and script-free version of similar fix in past. Remember how you was able to fast travel only to Whiterun itself or Dragonsreach? Now you can fast travel to Arcadia's Cauldron, Jorrvaskr etc. More than new map markers! Also grab these small fixes and make sure to endorse the original mod.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Essential mod from author of previous two fixes. CCOR is reworking all vanilla craft recipes, offers many options for mining, chopping, smelting and so on - simply making everything crafting-related to be logical and really interesting.

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Vivid Weathers - Showcase, Review, and Installation Tutorial

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vivid weathers stars and galaxy sky vs etherial cosmos


Optional Landscape Textures: If the added water textures are not enough, the mod also comes with an optional set of landscape textures which can replace vanilla ones. These land textures that enhance the detail for soil, rocks and other land formations were built so it pairs nicely with Purity without standing out. Get the mod HERE 3. This includes weathers for snow, fog, rain, blizzards, thunderstorms and more. Enhancements to Fog, Snowflakes, and Storms: The mod also alters several weather effects.

Storms have new sounds to make them more realistic. Fogs are now volumetric and can either be thick or thin. And snowflakes are actually their own particle effect that can be seen. New Sky Textures: The mod adds over new cloud textures, immersive sunrises and sunsets, new star and galaxy textures and more. All to make the sky as beautiful as possible.

It adds more weather variations, lighting effects, custom textures and more. Points of Interest: Weather Variations: The mods adds hundreds of weather variations that can range from sunny, cloudy, stormy, snow blizzards, foggy and more. New Effects, Textures and Sounds: Lighting has been revamped to help create violent thunderstorms and volumetric fog.

These new effects are paired with new thunder sounds, interior rain sounds and new cloud textures. The result is a more immersive set of weathers, with thunderstorms now feeling a bit dangerous and thick fogs providing a more sinister atmosphere.

Optional Modules: Alongside the main mod are several optional plugins that players can use to customize their atmospheric experience. This includes plugins for interiors, dungeons and nighttime. Built from mods like Obsidian Weathers and taking lessons from Aequinoctium, this mod seeks to provide the best of what the current modding community has to offer for visuals. It allows the player to customize brightness, saturation and bloom for indoor and outdoor areas.

This particular mod makes everything look sharp and gorgeous. It is like an ENB that enhances the weather. This mod is perfect if you want the colors of a fantasy world to pop out. This mod is lightweight as it only tries to modify and improve the vanilla weather system. This mod makes sunsets linger longer. And it adds another dimension to the snow particles and additional storm sounds that are unlike the repetitive vanilla sound.

Unlike Dolomite, NAT reals in fantasy in favor of realism. At least, so it seems to me, nothing feels too over the top or stylistic in this mod, something many certainly appreciate. That being said, everything is still redone. The most notable feature of this mod is the included spell, which allows you to play with nearly all aspects of this mod, including enabling and disabling effects and even turning on random weather.

It is also included in the FX option similar to ENB that is lightweight and three options for configuring bright, dark, or balanced weather patterns. Popular features are also included, like sunlight effects, particle effects, and subsurface scattering. Not only that, but it adds new environmental and cloud lighting as well, and this includes subsurface scattering.

The different regions are given specific weather systems to make traversing the other regions immersive. Aside from the weather, the seasons also change depending on the current in-game month. You start by choosing from the many style options that range from vibrant to fading, rustic, and cold. The mod also gives you shorter days and winters. It adds new storm sounds and lighting effects for characters.

This mod improves the textures of the game to show changes in seasons and weather effects. The settings can be adjusted using the MCM menu. This new power will let you control brightness, saturation, contrast, tint, and bloom in real-game-time. Your avatar can also change the season and the level of darkness of night. You can now fulfill your dreams of being a weather wizard.

True Storms True storms is a weather overhaul mod that improves the heavy vanilla weathers of Skyrim. It adds new rain and snow particles, features, and visual effects. IT also adds new sounds to make rains, winds, and thunders more realistic. This mod adds a few new weather types like heavy rain, dense fog, dust storms, and blizzards.

Lastly, True Storms does not localize weather systems, so you should now expect snow in Whiterun. Conclusion The different weather mods of Skyrim enhances the vanilla game to create better immersion and experience for players. No one mod is flawless, so it all depends on the preferences of the player. But these are just a handful of the mods that are available for download. There are other mods out there that you can always look into.

With the longevity of Skyrim, there is definitely a weather mod out there that you can use to improve Skyrim the way you want to play it.

Vivid weathers stars and galaxy sky vs etherial cosmos forex signal 30 ea

BEST WEATHER OVERHAULS Compared! Dolomite, Vivid, Obsidian \u0026 More - Skyrim SE Mods 2019

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