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Olivier Janssens holds 2 board and advisor roles as Investor at Bitcoin and Board Member at Bitcoin Foundation. Bitcoin Logo. Bitcoin Investor Bitcoin. Edit: Olivier Janssens deleted his tweets after some minutes. He was probably told that the scenario is possible:) I tried to explain it to him. Recently elected Bitcoin Foundation board member Olivier Janssens has levied scathing allegations of mismanagement at the organization. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TEAMS AND GROUPS IN THE WORKPLACE

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Well, that should have been done as the Foundation is only left with a couple of bitcoins. According to Olivier, he expressed that he is not comfortable continuing the Foundation without a proper plan and direction in place. Jim Harper and Olivier have been asking for a plan and direction for several months now, he said. They lost the vote After the unsuccessful vote, Jim resigned.

Then they decided that everyone should start raising money in order to come up with a plan; Olivier said that fundraising should be done only after a plan is in place. Offended by his logic, the members voted to drop him off the board. Play Now! And the Bitcoin Foundation is partly or mostly responsible for that, because people rely on the foundation to fund the core devs. So I said like ok, looking at everything, I think Mike Hearn, Lighthouse , is the best solution for this, because it solves the funding of the developers, because it allows crowd funding of the developers, right?

Could you be next big winner? Bitcoinist: So lighthouse is a crowd funding platform for the developers? Can you tell us a little bit more about it please. Olivier: Yes, Mike Hearn was building it. Bitcoinist: So basicly he won the bounty? Olivier: Yes, he won the bounty. Mike Hearn won. Since Mike Hearn is a core dev, it can also help get developer support.

Like I asked in this conference. Bitcoinist: Yes we did… Olivier: So I asked two of the core devs, If they were willing to join the platform? I mean, be funded by the community instead of having the Bitcoin Foundation in between, having a political organization in between as they are working on the same thing.

Why do we need the Foundation in between? And so I think they are very open to it. At least one of them. Bitcoinist: So were you satisfied with their answer? Olivier: Yes mostly. Jeff was more conservative, but the other guy was like I already want to use it for my other things there.

But they are definitely open to using it.

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CoinSummit London – Interviews with Olivier Janssens \u0026 Andrew Turner – Michael Jackson

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