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the event of a dispute, Stanleybet Malta Limited will endeavour to resolve For one day matches (domestic and international), if a. Magellan Robotech Ltd was founded in by the Stanleybet Group, international bookmaker with over 60 years of experience in the Gaming business. Stanley International Betting Ltd and Stanleybet Malta Ltd v Ministero Lotto and other fixed-odds numerical games according to the sole concessionaire. HOW TO GET ETHEREAL MONSTERS

As such, many international sportsbooks take Venezuelan players. At one point, there were at least two state-run online sportsbooks, but both have since gone out of business, probably because they were both deemed disreputable.

If you plan to play at an international sportsbook, make sure a primary online regulator licenses them. The best are those authorized by the U. Gambling Commission or the Isle of Man. What are Popular Sports to Bet on in Venezuela? Baseball and football are the most popular sports to bet in Venezuela. Football is a favorite sport to play in Venezuela, and many like to bet the local professional leagues as well as international leagues such as the English Premier League.

Other sports that receive regular action include basketball, golf and motorsports. Combat sports such as boxing and MMA attract a lot of bets as well. All gambling is subject to taxes in Venezuela. Horse racing and lottery winnings are taxed at 16 percent.

All other forms of gambling, including sports betting, are taxed at 34 percent. Since there are no laws in Venezuela about online gambling, one must assume that these taxes even apply to online sports betting. Overseas sportsbooks will not withhold taxes on winnings, so it is up to you to keep records and provide an honest accounting.

We recommend talking to your accountant or tax preparer about gambling taxes to ensure you comply with Venezuelan law. How to Make a Deposit at a Sportsbook in Venezuela Due to the lack of laws regarding online gambling in Venezuela, depositing funds on a sportsbook is a simple process. Most sites accept major credit cards as well as debit cards.

Some banks may not permit gambling transactions due to gambling only being legal in live casinos. If that is the case, you will have to use an e-wallet or another payment processor. If you decide to go the route of e-wallets, then we recommend using Skrill or Neteller to make your deposit. These are generally the most widely accepted.

In some cases, you may be able to deposit using PayPal. Other options for payments include the paysafecard and ecoPayz. Some sites will also allow you to make direct bank transfers or use eChecks to make your deposit.

Note that bank transfers may take up to 48 hours to become available. The records cover more than 80 years up to and link to people and companies in more than countries and territories. Read more Support us We depend on the generous support of readers like you to help us expose corruption and hold the powerful to account Donate Disclaimer There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts.

The inclusion of a person or entity in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database is not intended to suggest or imply that they have engaged in illegal or improper conduct. Many people and entities have the same or similar names. We suggest you confirm the identities of any individuals or entities included in the database based on addresses or other identifiable information.

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Montaguti and H. Tserepa-Lacombe, acting as Agents, having decided, after hearing the Advocate General, to proceed to judgment without an Opinion, gives the following Judgment 1 This request for a preliminary ruling concerns the interpretation of Articles 49 TFEU and 56 TFEU and the principles of equal treatment and effectiveness.

Legal context 3 Italian legislation essentially provides that participation in the organising of betting and gambling, including the collection of bets, is subject to possession of a licence and a police authorisation. As a consequence, those operators were excluded from the tendering procedures for the award of licences which were held in Accordingly, they take the view that they were placed in the position of having to choose between abandoning their activity in Italy or running the risk of the withdrawal of the licences which they may have acquired and the loss of the deposits paid.

Following that judgment, they lodged an appeal with the Consiglio di Stato. It submits that, in the light of the discretion enjoyed by Member States, it is not for the Court to rule on whether the determination of a shorter or longer period of validity for licences with respect to betting and gambling is compatible with Articles 49 TFEU and 56 TFEU.

The question of that compatibility falls within the jurisdiction of national courts and not that of the Court. However, the scope of Articles 49 TFEU and 56 TFEU is a matter for the Court to assess and the referring court specifically seeks an interpretation of those articles in order to determine whether the period of validity of those licences is consistent with those articles. Admissibility 25 The Italian Government considers that the request for a preliminary ruling must be declared inadmissible, since the order for reference does not set out the factual context sufficiently to allow the Court to provide a useful answer.

This paragraph is cited by 3 other cases. KG v Finanzamt Hilden. View in case reader 27 It is also settled case-law that the need to provide an interpretation of EU law which will be of use to the national court makes it necessary for that court to define the factual and legal context of the questions it is asking or, at the very least, to explain the factual circumstances on which those questions are based.

This paragraph is cited by 2 other cases. Substance 30 By its first and second questions, which it is appropriate to examine together, the referring court essentially asks whether Articles 49 TFEU and 56 TFEU and the principles of equal treatment and effectiveness must be interpreted as precluding national legislation in the field of betting and gambling which provides for the organisation of a fresh call for tenders for the award of licences with a period of validity shorter than that of licences awarded previously because of the reorganisation of the system by way of an alignment of licence expiry dates.

Compliance with the principles of equal treatment and effectiveness 34 In the case at issue in the main proceedings, the applicants are seeking the revocation of existing licences, the annulment of the last call for tenders and the organisation of another call for tenders on a non-discriminatory basis.

They submit that the Italian authorities had no right to make the choice between the revocation and redistribution of existing licences and the award by public tender of an adequate number of new licences and that, in any event, the choice made infringes the principles of equal treatment and effectiveness. In principle, those courses of action are both capable of remedying, at least as regards the future, the unlawful exclusion of certain operators, by allowing them to engage in their activity on the market under the same conditions as existing operators judgment in Costa and Cifone, EU:C, paragraph Such a measure also makes it excessively difficult to exercise the rights conferred by EU law on operators unlawfully excluded from the last call for tenders and, as a consequence, is inconsistent with the principle of effectiveness see judgment in Costa and Cifone, EU:C, paragraph This paragraph is cited by 5 other cases.

Criminal proceedings against Luc Vanderborght. Criminal proceedings against Rosanna Laezza. View in case reader 46 Consequently, legislation of a Member State, such as that at issue in the main proceedings, which makes the exercise of an economic activity subject to a licensing requirement and which specifies situations in which the licence is to be withdrawn, constitutes an obstacle to the freedoms thus guaranteed by Articles 49 TFEU and 56 TFEU see judgment in Costa and Cifone, EU:C, paragraph This paragraph is cited by 1 other case.

View in case reader 48 Thus, it is settled case-law that restrictions on betting and gambling may be justified by overriding reasons in the public interest, such as consumer protection and the prevention of both fraud and incitement to squander money on gambling judgment in Digibet and Albers, EU:C, paragraph 23 and the case-law cited.

In the absence of harmonisation on the issue at EU level, it is for each Member State to determine in those areas, in accordance with its own scale of values, what is required in order to ensure that the interests in question are protected, since the identification of the objectives which are in fact pursued by the national legislation falls, in the context of a case referred to the Court under Article TFEU, within the jurisdiction of the national court judgment in Digibet and Albers, EU:C, paragraph 24 and the case-law cited.

View in case reader 53 It follows that, in this particular context, the reorganisation of the licensing system through the alignment of licence expiry dates may, by providing for a shorter period of validity for the new licences than that for the licences awarded previously, contribute to a coherent pursuit of the legitimate objectives of reducing gambling opportunities or combating criminality linked to betting and gambling and may also satisfy the proportionality requirements. This paragraph is cited by 11 other cases.

Criminal proceedings against Domenico Rosa. Criminal proceedings against Raffaele Mignone. Criminal proceedings against Mauro Barletta. Fidanzia, A. Gigliola, R. Baratta and A. Romano, awocati, - the Italian Government, by G. Palmieri, acting as Agent, and by S. Fiorentino and P. Marrone, avvocati dello Stato, - the Belgian Government, by M. Jacobs and L. Van den Broeck, acting as Agents, and P.

Viaemminck, R. Verbeke and J. Van den Bon, advocaten, - the Portuguese Government, by L. Inez Fernandes, M. Figueiredo, A. Silva Coelho and P. Tserepa-Lacombe and by G. Gattinara and P. An adequate, balanced and flexible legal framework for the award of concessions would ensure effective and non-discriminatory access to the market to all Union economic operators and legal certainty, favouring public investments in infrastructures and strategic services to the citizen.

Such a legal framework would also afford greater legal certainty to economic operators and could be a basis for and means of further opening up international public procurement markets and boosting world trade. This Directive shall not apply to the award of concessions tendered or awarded before 17 April A notice of invitation to tender was published for that purpose in the Official Journal of the European Union on 17 December and in the Gazzetta ufficiale della Repubblica italiana on 21 December The notice set the deadline for the submission of tenders as 16 March and stated, for the amount of the concession, a sum corresponding to the sales recorded during the year , namely EUR In addition to the essential conditions established by the call for tenders, the specifications provided in paragraph 5.

As regards the technical ability requirements, paragraph 5. The economic tender consisted, according to paragraph Paragraph Those differences justify the choice of the sole concessionaire model for management of the Lotto, a model which reduces the costs linked to coordinating the activities of multiple concessionaires and which promotes less competition within the marketplace and, hence, responsible game management.

Moreover, that court specified that at least 15 operators in the sector fulfilled those criteria 23 Stanley brought an action for that judgment to be varied before the Consiglio di Stato Council of State, Italy. It submits that the conditions for participation in the tender, in particular the basic contract value, and the cases which might lead to the withdrawal of the concession were excessive and constituted a means of dissuasion from participation. According to settled case-law, the need to provide an interpretation of EU law which will be of use to the national court makes it necessary for the national court to define the factual and legal context of the questions it is asking or, at the very least, to explain the factual circumstances on which those questions are based.

In the present case, the reference for a preliminary ruling sufficiently defines the legal and factual context of the dispute in the main proceedings. In addition, the information provided by the referring court as to the relevance of the questions referred for the purpose of ruling on that dispute makes it possible to assess the scope of those questions and to provide a useful answer to those questions, which the written observations submitted by the Belgian and Portuguese Governments also confirm Moreover, as stated in paragraph 3 of the recommendations of the Court of Justice of the European Union to national courts and tribunals in relation to the initiation of preliminary ruling proceedings OJ , C , p.

In so far as it is called upon to assume responsibility for the subsequent judicial decision, it is for the national court before which a dispute has been brought — and for that court or tribunal alone — to determine, in the light of the particular circumstances of each case, both the need for a request for a preliminary ruling in order to enable it to deliver its judgment and the relevance of the questions which it submits to the Court.

In those circumstances, the reference for a preliminary ruling is admissible. The first question By its first question, the national court seeks, in essence, to ascertain whether Articles 49 and 56 TFEU must be interpreted as precluding national rules, such as those at issue in the main proceedings, which provide, for the concession for management of the Lotto, a sole concessionaire model, unlike other games, prediction games and betting, to which a multiple concessionaire model applies.

Therefore, as the Advocate General pointed out in point 43 of her Opinion, the decisions to make the activity in question subject to obtaining a concession and to following a public procurement procedure in accordance with the sole concessionaire model must be assessed having regard to those articles.

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