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Bitcoin Communities. Find interesting people, groups and communities related to Bitcoin. Icon Forums. BitcoinTalk Forum · Reddit's Bitcoin. k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'bitcointalk' hashtag. Ripple users may be able to interact with Ethereum-compatible decentralized. Bitcointalk meaning: Bitcointalk - is the leading online forum dedicated to Bitcoin-related issues and topics. BETTING DOTA 2 REDDIT

Some of the brightest minds in cryptography are also active in the forum, and you'll be communicating with expert developers, codons, and business owners, though mostly working under pseudonyms. A competent team of staff and moderators also keeps the forum clean by modulating chatter and offering technical support to user-related issues. Prosperous microeconomics[ edit ] In addition to the discussions and trolling, and flaming!

That occur rapidly in bidentate, a bitcoin and violas actually changes hands between users here. In the "Economy" section there are whole sections devoted to this section, where you can discuss cryptocurrency trading, buy and sell goods and services and even promote your own business. On this forum there are a few freelancers, including writers and graphic designers who will quickly take a bit of coin. There are also a significant number of "signature campaigns" unique to the forum where people are paid to advertise a product or service.

Nowadays, a new ICO or a new Altcoins is usually launched, but there are many other new websites and services, such as casinos and exchanges , that use the forum as a launcher to get the word out in their new business. A diligent user can earn a modest income by simply participating in forum discussions with ideas that promote development — each message displaying advertising in their signature and borrowing cryptography.

Campaigns usually work with bitcoin budgets of thousands of dollars, but they reportedly bring in more advertising than regular Internet advertising. Also unique to the forum is a user-oriented trust system that allows users to give positive or negative feedback to each other, creating their own network of trust. While it does have its drawbacks feedback can be false , it usually serves a good purpose of determining whether you deserve the attention of the user you are going to handle is trustworthy or not.

Users must abide by the rules[ edit ] Administration sets certain rules for the use of the resource that the forum has always supported friendly relations between the users and the cooperation between them has continued to be productive. Bitcointalk has rules that regulate the activities of Users on all branches.

Bitcointalk has a set of community guidelines that should be followed accordingly to avoid being banned in the forum. There are instances when a newly registered account may not be able to post due to the reason that the IP address used in registering for the account has evil points.

To be able to use the account, the member can opt to pay the necessary amount to lift the restriction. The reason for having an evil IP address is because of having a previously banned account that was linked to it. Who Writes and Most Importantly Reads on Bitcointalk Bitcointalk users can be anyone who is interested in Bitcoin, blockchain cryptocurrencies, technology, and investing.

Some of them are the brightest minds in crypto space who are also active in the forum, and expert developers, coders, and business owners who mostly operate under pseudonyms. There are also staff and moderators who keep the forum tidy, moderating the chatter and offering technical support to user-posted issues.

Thanks to its huge user base more than 2 million community members , Bitcointalk became a valuable traffic source for everything connected to cryptocurrency. Also, we can classify the community into different personas. These personas include Bounty Seekers who always hunt for bounties and ask if there are Translation or Signature campaigns, Know It Alls who ask a lot of questions about the project, Newbie Evangelists who always leave complimenting comments and patronize the project, Show Me The Proofs who are always asking for demo and proof that it is a legit project, and Mega Signature Advertisers who advertise their own threads or projects.

Web traffic on Bitcointalk shows around 9 million total visits with 4 pages per visit while its traffic sources come from direct visits, referrals, organic search, and social media. Top referring sites are crypto exchanges while traffic from social media sites come from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

This is usually done through announcement threads, commonly referred to as ANN threads, which are the main form of advertising on Bitcointalk. It is a well-designed thread with posts that announce the main aspects of the project with the following details: What the project is about - explains the overview of the whole project Value proposition - concise explanation of what the project is all about and the unique value it offers to the market ICO details - details about the token allocations, use of proceeds, token prices, and dates of token sales Links to the website, whitepaper, social media, GitHub - links to other social media channels of the project to show the activities of the project Team - the development team and management that is behind the project where LinkedIn profiles are usually attached for reference Roadmap - the timeframe for the strategic plan that defines the goals, and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach of the project To know the effectiveness of the thread is through the number of comments and views of the ANN thread.

The more comments and post views, the better. Advertising on forums via signature campaigns and forum ads create real traffic for the project. For direct traffic to the website and other social media channels, hyperlinking their URLs to the posts in the thread would help direct the readers to the website and other channels.

When links are posted, the Google search results rankings will also improve because of the large number of sites that link back to bitcointalk. Bitcointalk Is Home to a Hyper-Targeted Niche Bitcointalk has a large number of community members who are mostly Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts who can be the future investors for ICO projects. Promoting bounty campaign in the Bitcointalk community to reward members with high levels in exchange for their likes, shares, posts, and token signatures is a great way to spread the word about the ICO and build up a community.

It is done by creating bounty campaign announcements in the Bounty section of Bitcointalk. Aside from signature campaign, translations of threads into other languages is another way of growing members. The best strategy to increase community participation is to retain people on the team who are active Bitcointalk members and care about the community.

All of these things matter. It also matters where they are located because some countries are crypto-friendly and some are decidedly not. Posts should be visual thus, messages should be clear and strong. Infographics and use cases can convey the message much more effectively than words.

Moreover, it is important that the big picture consists of smaller clickable bits hyperlinks in case one decides to read the white paper or get more detailed information regarding the different aspects of the ICO. Promoting the ANN thread on various online platforms and inviting people to check your Bitcointalk announcement is crucial to encourage comments and views.

Responding to them promptly is important because every new reply would bring the entire thread to the very top of the whole Altcoins forum. The negative comments become useful when you successfully explain objections and arguments to prove that they're wrong. Create an announcement of the bounty campaign in the Bounty section of Bitcointalk. Make sure that the details are complete to make bounty seekers think that you are serious with your project. As long as there is a post, the thread will remain on top.

Keep the audience engaged by posting news of the project into the thread and keep track of what people say in the comments and do not leave any comment unanswered. Should You Pay for Services on Bitcointalk? With monthly users, advertising crypto projects is also commonly done in the forum.

In Bitcointalk, there are many services that are being offered by the community members that vary from community management, bounty management, ICO marketing, to writing a whitepaper. Posting it in Service announcement thread is the way to avail these services and make a local arrangement with the people involved. The traffic on the Bitcointalk is large and relevant, and also quite profitable.

In order for you to attract maximum traffic in Bitcointalk, you need withdrawal and retention on the first few pages of the forum. In the case of the most popular projects, this happens naturally. A large amount of interest causes a large number of discussions on the branch, and it falls on the first pages automatically.

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