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fireplace between 2 rooms house

In front of the fire, a soft high-pile rug and two brown leather sofas complete the design of the living room. Find out more about Smith. Discover how to revamp the fireplace sitting in your living room with these rooms ranging from traditional, modern, and everything else in. If your home is spacious enough to have room partitions built right inside, then you can create a two-sided fireplace with a lot of ease. LLANSADWRN DOG RACING BETTING

View in gallery A more industrial design, we love how spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows can help create a very organic experience while still inside the house as you enjoy the warmth of the fire. View in gallery Of course, you can bring this trend outside to you outdoor and covered seating areas for an extra bit of coziness come the fall. View in gallery Glass windows surround this master bedroom and this double fireplace highlights the space.

But it also reaches out to the terrace providing coziness to those settling outside in the evening. View in gallery We fell in love with this stone-covered , double-sided fireplace. It adds such a fun, yet welcoming, vibe to this cozy, family home, especially with it complimenting the living room and kitchen! View in gallery Here is luxury as its height.

A small, quaint fireplace with two sides is quite the addition to your home. View in gallery Fill your home up with edgy, contemporary details including this two-sided fireplace built into a room partition full of masculine charm and texture.

View in gallery Convenience is a very important factor which sometimes dictates the type of fireplace we get. In that sense, electric fireplaces are considered to be the most convenient for a variety of reasons. If we take for example the Carbaijal electric fireplace you can instantly tell this is meant to follow a traditional design aesthetic, basically combining the old with the new.

View in gallery The Brookins electric fireplace is a nice accent piece for a living room where it can serve as a focal point. The design is simple and features a brick-inspired surround complemented by a simple frame with a stone gray finish. The crown molding and the mantel add character and style to the design without interfering with the overall simplicity of its aesthetic.

View in gallery With the Boutin fireplace you get that cozy and rustic look associated with old-school fireplaces but in a more modern and convenient package. It recreates that look with the help of a mantel and solid pine corbels which add warmth and character to its design.

The stone accents add authenticity to the surround. This would fit beautifully in a modern mountain cabin. View in gallery The Vanzant fireplace takes convenience to a new level. This is an Alexa-enable fireplace which you can pair to your Amazon account. It has a faux brick firebox interior and a real stone veneer surround. Raw concrete cavity and a stone base are a great starting point. In country living room ideas , consider sealing off the flue so there are no draughts, and instead using an efficient wood burner as they do a far better job of emitting heat directly into the room that an open fire wood.

A simple reclaimed beam is a rustic alternative to a traditional mantelpiece, while still nodding to the age of the house. Fake it in a new build with this instant fix Image credit: Next Though it's not true of all new builds, some can feel a little bereft of features. So if you are looking for a focal point to replace the TV, a fireplace surround like this one from Next could be the retro-fit solution you've been looking for.

It will fit against a flat wall for an instant feature, and you can add your choice of electric stove or hearth to complete the look. It is resistant to heat and fire, meaning you can light the fire all winter long without worrying about any damage.

Marble is perfect for creating a sleek modern look. It can be expensive, but the versatility and longevity of marble makes it is a great investment. This old heating element and exposed brick fireplace add character to this otherwise modern living room. It is a lovely focal point that offers a nod to the history of the house. It's relatively affordable to commission your own in cast concrete, for a surround that has all the character or marble or stone without the expense.

Pops of orange will fire up neutral living room ideas when the stove itself isn't flickering. So if you want yours to blend in, paint it to match the walls around it. This is particularly effective if you go for a deep colour rather than a pale neutral.

Pick out the tone in soft furnishings but make sure there's enough 'light' to contrast with the shad to avoid overkill. Install a log burning stove. It will create wonderfully cosy centrepiece and will heat the whole area. Be sure to enlist the help of a trained contractor who will make sure the structure is safe and built to the latest regulations. The results as seen here in this quaint country living room are stunning and can be enjoyed from all angles of the room.

They were originally used in houses to cook, and for people to gather in for extra warmth but these days they are purely decorative and atmospheric. Their grand appearance is the epitome of rustic cosiness and looks the part amongst beamed ceilings and comfortable sofas. You need to have sufficient permanent ventilation into the room to ensure that the fire can work safely with a good draught up the flue.

Be sure to learn how to clean and maintain your chimney and heating stove in time for winter. Although many have been neglected or ripped out completely, the fireplace is gaining gravitas once more thanks to our current love of all things heritage. Whether offering a place for your wine glass at a party to perching a family portrait, the mantel itself has long reflected each era of design. Use a bare mantel to display your favourite objects — a sure fire get it?!

Fire wood is making a rustic style statement this season. Light up your fire Image credit: TBC An exposed brick chimney breast is a popular decorative fireplace style right now. It demands attention, adds texture and lends itself well to not only rustic but modern schemes as it gives a nod to the industrial trend.

It particularly looks the part in this relaxed living room as creates a focal point and balances the eclectic scheme. If your fireplace is not in use, light up the hearth with a quirky novelty LED letter light as an extra highlight. Slip your secateurs in your pocket and be on the look-out for ivy, rose hips, eucalyptus, yew and box cuttings. As well as looking pretty, they'll double as kindling. The time honoured and traditional fireplace was once a necessity to heat a room, but in today's world they can be seen as more of a comforting indulgence and delight.

From artificial gas and electric fires to rustic wood burners and roaring open inglenooks, there is certainly a style and type to suit every style of living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. How do you arrange a living room with a fireplace in the middle? A beautiful fireplace might be a must-have now, but it's a sad fact that in the s and s, homeowners couldn't rip them out fast enough. That's left many older homes lacking their original living room fireplace ideas. So if you want to reinstate them, is it best to seek out an old fireplace, salvaged from a property of a similar age, or to buy new?

It can be made to look old while incorporating all the detail and personalisation you could wish for. Another affordable option is stacking books and plants neatly to create different heights within the cavity. Don't forget about the mantel! Candles, ornaments, and small vases with greenery can do wonders for an empty mantel.

While we love the cosy element that a wood-burning living room fireplace ideas bring, we also acknowledge the Clean Air Strategy opens in new tab , which set about the reduction of emissions at home to protect the environment and the nation's health.

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20 functional double sided fireplaces for your spacious home fireplace between 2 rooms house

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