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tax efficient property investing solutions

Whether you are making a new investment, letting property, are a foreign investor, or looking to sell your property, we will provide tax effective solutions. A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a property investment company which, very broadly, simulates (from a tax perspective) direct investment in UK. We talk regularly about both tax efficient investing and property investing at GrowthFunders - and here we look at the link between the two. INVESTING IN OUR PEOPLE WORK

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Tax efficient property investing

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Match investments with the right account type By holding your investments in the right types of accounts, you can take advantage of all the potential tax benefits without increasing your tax liability. The best location for your assets depends on a number of different factors including: Financial profile Investment holding periods The tax and return characteristics of the underlying securities Investments that regularly generate taxable income may be better held in tax-advantaged accounts—like a Traditional IRA—to gain the most potential tax benefit.

For instance: Individual stocks you plan to hold for less than a year Actively managed stock funds that generate substantial short-term capital gains Taxable bond funds, inflation protected bonds, zero-coupon bonds, high-yield bond funds Real estate investment trusts REITs Investments that are tax-neutral are better suited for a taxable account, like a brokerage account.

Additionally, you can capture tax losses on poorly performing investments sold at a recognized loss. For instance: Individual stocks you plan to hold for at least a year Tax-managed stock funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds ETFs , low-turnover stock funds Qualified dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds Series I bonds, municipal bond funds Of course, there may be instances when you need to prioritize some other factor over taxes.

For instance, a corporate bond may be better suited for your Traditional IRA, but you may decide to hold it in your brokerage account to maintain liquidity. Your Fiduciary Financial Advisor will help you develop a tax strategy that gives your accounts the best opportunity to grow over time. Focus on tax diversification By diversifying the types of accounts you maintain, you can minimize your tax burden in retirement. Different types of accounts are taxed in different ways. Withdrawals from a traditional IRA count as taxable income, so Steve could withdraw only enough to offset his eligible deductions, and then draw the rest from his Roth account.

Linda has taxable accounts to draw from in retirement. Thus, she can draw them down and allow her Traditional IRA assets to continue to potentially grow tax-deferred until she must take her RMDs, or required minimum distributions. Frank has been in the workforce for 10 years. Money contributed to a Roth IRA is taxed at current rates, and qualified distributions are free from federal tax—and also may be exempt from state tax. Spread your contributions among different account types to help manage your tax liability in retirement.

It acts as both a savings and investment account that gives you three tax breaks: You contribute pre-tax money You enjoy tax-free growth You withdraw from it, tax-free, for qualified medical purposes In order to qualify for an HSA, you must have a high-deductible health plan. You can withdraw money on your own schedule.

In the long term, you can use your HSA to help cover the cost of medical expenses in your later years. Then, start investing that money into mutual funds inside the HSA. Once you reach retirement age, you can take tax-free distributions for qualified health expenses. Add flexibility with brokerage accounts While retirement accounts like k s, b s, and IRAs have tax advantages, they often have limitations too.

You may have a subpar k investment menu, or you may have already hit the contribution limit of your tax-favored plans. A brokerage account gives you flexibility in: Timing of withdrawals. You can take money out at any time for any purpose without having to pay income taxes or penalties. This flexibility is important if you want to retire early and need an income stream.

No required minimum distributions. You get to decide when and how much you want to withdraw. Types of investments. You can purchase all kinds of investments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds ETFs. Open An Account You can open a taxable investing account directly with Prosperity. In this post, we will review five strategies that you can consider depending on your particular set of circumstances.

Depending on your goals and potential needs for the funds, there is always the option of selling and simply paying the taxes owed. A notable item relating to this test is that it does not have to be the most recent two years. Occasionally, families move out of an old house, try to rent the house, and then later decide that they no longer want to be a landlord. As long as they did not move out more than three years prior they could still qualify for the exclusion as long as they had lived in the home for two years before moving.

Example: Jim and Jane lived in their home from before buying a new home. They decide to try renting their property after moving out but after a year with a problem tenant decide that they no longer want to deal with the headache and will sell the house. While this exclusion applies to capital gains, it does not apply to depreciation recapture.

In a primary residence, this would most often be encountered by individuals that take a home office depreciation deduction. Section Exchange Also known as a like-kind exchange, the exchange allows you to potentially defer capital gains by using the proceeds of a sale toward a like-kind property.

To fully defer the capital gain, the new property must be equal to or greater in value to the property sold. Property owners must use a qualified intermediary specializing in these exchanges to ensure the deadlines are met and to hold the funds during the time period between sale and purchase to avoid constructive receipt.

The first time limit is known as the identification rule and it states that you have 45 days from the date you sell your property to identify the property you will be purchasing. The identification must be signed by you and clearly identify the replacement property including address. The second time limit is known as the day rule and it states that the exchange must be completed within days of the sale of the exchanged property or the due date of the income tax return for the year the property was sold, whichever is earlier.

The property purchased must also be substantially the same as the property identified during the identification period. Assuming the rules of the are met you are able to roll the capital gain from the relinquishing property over to the replacement property. The basis on the new property will be adjusted to reflect the gain from the relinquished property. Section Exchange A Exchange, sometimes referred to as an eminent domain exchange, applies to properties that have undergone involuntary conversions.

This can include not only forced sales by government imminent domain but also the threat of condemnation or unforeseen natural disasters like a fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other destruction. The tax implications of a exchange are similar to a exchange but the requirements tend to be much more lenient.

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10 Tax Benefits \u0026 Strategies For Real Estate Investors

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