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Keep in mind that tennis matches will be either a best-of-three or best-of-five sets. A player must win six games by a margin of two games to win a set, and if. There are bookies that offer SET handicap as well. So a Set handicap simply means, the player should win the match 2 sets to 0 for a best. Sets - You can also place sets handicap, which actually requires less math. Again for sets, there are positive and negative handicaps, where. TIPS 100% SURE BETTING

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The false allure of rankings Never use rankings as a gauge for wagering on tennis. Rankings are purely a reflection of consistency. Every player has different strengths and weaknesses, struggling on certain surfaces while thriving on others. Capping tennis successfully requires knowledge of the situation e. From No. While these moments can cause bettors sleepless nights, the good news is that over the course of a season variance will apply, and maintaining a responsible bankroll management will ensure these tough moments can be forgotten about.

Tennis Betting Guides The ultimate guide to live tennis betting Watch tennis Too many people try and make predictions purely on form. And while player confidence is a huge factor in individual sports, tennis bettors need to be aware of the game styles of each player. For example, players that like a higher bouncing ball and have a longer drawback on their groundstrokes will enjoy the clay courts, but may struggle on the grass lower bouncing, less time to prepare shot.

There are bookies that offer SET handicap as well. So a Example: if I have Federer to beat Del Potro with At the end of the match I will apply Therefore if Federer wins , with the If he loses the match , with the handicap added he wins 2 to 2. I might get 2. I do not recommend trading the HCAP market on Betfair unless the matched money is at least — K unlikely in most cases.

So the moral of story is that the HCAP markets offers some sort of an insurance compared to normal Match Odds markets. Always make sure, before you bet, compare the odds through a reputed site such as www. Membership of my Tennis Betting Tips Service is open now. For more info click here. Good luck.

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How To Bet On Tennis? - Tennis Betting Guide

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