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Download the perfect btc pictures. Find over + of the best free btc images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free. See photos, profile pictures and albums from Bitcoin Trader. These NFTs were seen as collectibles at first but crypto blockchain enthusiasts began using them on social media as a symbol of their. AS SEEN ON TV DASH CAM

For instance, the creators made it impossible to trade fractions of the tokens. The success of CryptoPunks gave rise to a series of other projects inspired by it. Hall and Watkinson went on to create Meebits. These were 3D characters, varyingly unique and tradable just like the CryptoPunks. As of January , you could set your Twitter profile picture to your CryptoPunk or other NFT and get a special hexagonal border to show its authenticity.

Someone else could copy-and-paste the image if they wanted, but they would not get the border. As of writing, this is still limited to subscribers to Twitter Blue and is powered by OpenSea. There are 10,, with each digital image containing unique qualities and elements of rarity. The images are humanoid apes that seem to have fun personalities. For example, owners sometimes get rewarded with other NFTs for free. They mean membership of a community.

They can do anything they want with them, including creating their own content with them and making money from that content or merchandise. Yuga has taken a leap of faith in taking away all those restrictions in the interest of making their own brand that much more exciting and appealing. Twitter allows its users to use an NFT as a profile picture. Twitter Blue is a paid monthly subscription that offers access to premium features on Twitter.

For now, it is still active only in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but slowly will be extended to other countries. Obviously, you can only use NFTs that you own, so before uploading them you need to make sure you own them on the wallet you want to use. If the NFT used as a profile image is sold, the hexagonal shape of the profile image will return to a circle shape, but the image will remain, though no longer as an NFT.

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Buy some low and sell them high, kinda like trading altcoins. Arguably, the buy-and-hold strategy is best here. As the people who bought Punks or Apes early are either millionaires or almost there. However, there are some reasonable arguments to flip the lower-tier projects. Another flipping style is getting into the minting game. You mint an NFT and you flip them for higher to the people who missed out on the minting. Not exactly rocket science, right?

My brother is currently doing that, you can check out his process on Twitter. So I decided to stick with it. A few days after my first Mutant Ape purchase, I bought a second one it gets addictive real quick. Mostly because they are the most famous and popular ones, with moonshot type of sales. Which helps with the clicks and keeps your attention right where I want it. But it can get a bit boring to keep using the same examples when there are so many series out there.

It depends on who you ask, but here are a few reasons: Rarity Rank Personal Preference Value Bets Some people want to find the rarest ones from a series. While others look for specific traits. If I would click on one of the properties, I find other Lions with that exact same property and I can compare the price.

This helps me find if there are any big price gaps at a specific property, which makes it likely I can flip the NFT quickly at a higher price. This is how you can find value bets. You can also find certain traits of a Lion that have high sales volume.

At the activity tab of a series, you can see the volume of sales, average sales price, and the latest sales. Just a quick glance at some of the latest sales will give me some interpretation of popular traits. Check out the Lazy Lions activity here. Tools like Rarity Sniper , or Rarity. In the image below I used Rarity. The cheapest top Lion is 1.

I think it looks quite fresh, to be honest. I might snatch it up when I finish this piece. Some like avatars with many different traits to make them look special. That should say enough. The floor basically means, the lowest price of that particular series. The current Lazy Lions floor is at 0. The NFT floor fluctuates just like any other cryptocurrency.

Sometimes the floor rises, sometimes it collapses. Buying a floor NFT that is collapsing, is similar to buying the dip of crypto. Check floor prices here. This can be done on items that are currently up for sale, but also items that are not listed for sale. The owner will receive an email from Opensea with the current bid amount.

I get daily emails now of people bidding on my NFTs below market value. So a hard nope on this bid. However, like always in crypto, be careful. If this is not your cup of tea. Stay out. Many of them are paid for promotion, and they are not actually buying the NFTs themselves. Take your time, get used to the industry. Join a few Discord groups of the NFT series. Start window shopping before you actually plan to make a purchase. All so you can get used to the playing field until you get ready for matchday.

Gas Wars Do not try to battle in gas wars. If a transaction fails on the blockchain, you still pay gas. Meaning that if two people want to buy the same NFT at the same time, the blockchain processes the transaction that uses the highest gas first. And the second one still gets processed by the blockchain so you pay gas , however, the NFT is already transferred to a new wallet.

So your purchase fails. You end up empty-handed and with less ETH in your wallet because you paid for gas. This is particularly the case with the popular mint series, people 10x the normal gas price and leave the new individuals scratching their heads wondering what happened.

While other series sell out in a matter of seconds or minutes. On top of that, a series that takes weeks to sell out obviously has no demand from the NFT community. So it will be much harder to sell it for a profit later down the line. Or their internet security is breached some other way. Not your keys, not your coins. So protect yourself in every way. Probably best to store your valuable NFTs on a hardware wallet like Ledger, which is compatible with Metamask as well.

Avoid Unverified Projects Always look for the blue checkmark. Opensea is a marketplace, and scammers copy the names or use similar names of series to trick people into buying NFTs that is not officially part of a series.

Some of the governments that took up the narrative include China and the European Union. China is currently clamping down on BTC mining and all other high energy-consuming projects, making the cryptocurrency miners leave the country for more friendly jurisdictions offering cheaper energy supply.

Iran decided to suspend BTC mining for the entire summer season after huge power cuts in the entire nation. Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories.

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bitcoin profile picture

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