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Couch Potato ATX is an online platform that sells wines, beers and grocery products. Let us walk you through our Companies Database and other offerings. Couch Potato Investing Income & Wealth Using the Morningstar database, Kiplinger's provides performance figures on top 10 funds in each. While the pension database on the Comptroller of Texas website lists all 99 plans Scott Burns is the creator of Couch Potato investing and a longtime. FOREX EXPERT ADVISORS FREE DOWNLOAD

They are similar to mutual funds, but are traded more like an individual stock. This makes them easy to buy and sell. I appreciate this bit can be a little confusing, so if you are scratching your head but determined to make progress, do consider joining my online Academy or live weekend workshop where we going into the detail necessary to give you confidence about all this. Congratulate yourself for your incredibly smart fund choices, as these funds are cheap and well-diversified.

Fund Managers Vanguard and iShares are highly-respected fund managers, managing literally trillions of dollars. Vanguard is especially awesome, as all profits go towards reducing your management fees helping you grow your investments faster. It was founded by all-round hero Jack Bogle, who invented passive index funds and sadly passed away in early Fund managers create mutual funds and ETFs, packaging together hundreds or even thousands of shares to create a fund with a single price.

You access them via a broker, which is like a supermarket for funds. Get started with my free guide: 3 Steps to Expat Financial Independence minute read. Discover the simple process for taking control of your finances so you never have to stress about money again. Get the Guide Now 3. You need to find an international broker instead.

You send money to the brokerage platform more on that in a bit and select which ETFs you want to invest in. They will give you a price, buy the shares and hold them for you. Most brokers have a website and a mobile app that allow you to easily track your investment performance, receive dividends, buy or sell ETFs and transfer money in or out.

Brokers are required by law to keep your money and investments separate from their own money, so your assets are protected if they go bust. They have a decent web platform and mobile phone app for investing and tracking your portfolio. Setting up an IB account requires you to fill in a few online forms and send them proof of identity and address online.

After that the setup is fairly quick. To add money to your IB account no minimum, though transfer fees could bite into small transfers , you need to set up a Bank Wire. Enter your own bank details and the amount you want to transfer, then IB gives you an account code for the transaction. Find out more about Interactive Brokers here. A slightly more expensive alternative with a branch in Dubai is Saxo Bank. Exchange Houses You need to send money to your broker and probably need to change the currency as well.

Some brokers charge high fees for foreign exchange FX conversations, so be careful. You can use your bank to convert the money into the right currency and send it to the broker, but often bank fees are high and exchange rates not very favourable. Instead, you can use an online company like CurrencyFair. This can give them Anti-Money Laundering headaches, especially when you first open your account and they may freeze the money for a few days.

Thanks to Mark Noble for the below details. If you look at the underlying deposits, they are generally with large, well-established Canadian banks. Generally higher yields: These ETFs generally, but not always, offer higher yields than internal rates on savings vehicles with no locked-in term.

Liquidity: Since these are ETFs, they can be bought and sold anytime when the Canadian market is open. There are trading costs. So, you need to make sure the purchase terms make sense, taking into account how long the cash position will be held and your after-fee yield. The average yield before fees is about 1. The main point may be there are cash options that allow you to stay away from the very poor savings accounts from the major banks.

Surveys says… higher inflation expectations The BoC recently released two surveys —one polling consumers and the other, business leaders. Essentially the two show that Canadians are expecting higher inflation over the next year, as well as over the next three and five years.

And a source of that inflation rise can be caused by wage increases. The BoC will announce another rate increase next week, and it is expected that it will move rates higher by another 75 bps, or 0. The rate hikes are likely to cause a recession. As I always write, anything can happen. The Fed speaks South of the border, the Fed released its minutes from its June meetings.

The report is three weeks old and is based on economic data that is already stale. Oil and commodity prices are falling. The economies of the world are already slowing down and earnings projections are tumbling. The Fed lifted its main policy interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point last month, as it attempts to cool down consumer and business demand.

The move followed a half-point increase in May and a quarter-point increase in March this year. In its notes, Fed officials acknowledged they need to raise interest rates to a point where they would start to meaningfully weigh on economic growth. This week the markets are signaling that possibility and are putting in a string of positive days. See the story below. Advertisement The fall of the Canadian real estate market While no one knows how far things will go, the cracks in the Canadian real estate market are showing—and growing.

You can close the door on that notion and face the new reality—real estate enthusiasm has left the building. But know that you will likely face higher borrowing costs. The rising rate environment is bringing down housing prices, and that impacts the borrowing front.

The ideal situation for wannabe home buyers might be tumbling home prices and a recession.

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If you prefer a laid-back approach to investing, building an all-weather portfolio may be right for you.

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