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This report analyzes the current state of Bitcoin's expansion beyond its core base layer protocol in two key areas – (i) payments and asset. Bitcoin, coupled with an interface known as blockchain, is a completely decentralized network that eliminates all intermediaries from the currency exchange. Beyond Bitcoin is an important read, not only for people baffled by crypto currencies and decentralized finance. It is important for anyone interested in money. AXITRADER CRYPTOCURRENCY

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Check it out! Register here. With cryptocurrencies gaining traction as an investment asset, investors are showing interest in a wider variety of crypto assets — not just bitcoin, experts told CoinDesk. Shift from the 'digital gold' The landscape for institutional crypto investors has been definitely shifting recently, says Ajit Tripathi, former investment banker at Barclays and Goldman Sachs and until recently head of institutional business at decentralized finance DeFi project Aave.

He said at least some of the funds managing the sovereign wealth of entire countries, have started taking baby steps into crypto beyond bitcoin. However, some of that allocation could also be invested in other, smaller cryptocurrencies. Also, bitcoin was one of just two crypto assets cleared from regulatory risks by the U.

Securities and Exchange Commision. However, since then a couple things helped bring some serious attention to crypto: the U. Tyler Spalding, co-founder of payment startup Flexa, agrees. He said institutional funds are increasingly looking into tokens issued by decentralized trading protocols including Uniswap, Compound and SushiSwap. Stablecoins vs. One of the crucial parts of the crypto market infrastructure is stablecoins, or cryptocurrencies that maintain a stable price by pegging the coin to an asset such as a fiat currency such as the U.

Unlike the stablecoins running on decentralized permissionless ledgers such as Ethereum or Tron, central banks favor ecosystems they can control. So there is little chance the governments of the world will allow stablecoins to be on a par with CBDCs once the latter are in place, said John Kiff, former senior financial sector expert at the IMF.

There will always be a place for private stablecoins for gray market use cases and capital control avoidance, he added. But there is a bigger market that will probably be only open to stablecoins, Kiff said: tokenized securities.

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