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Knowing how to understand and calculate odds is something that anyone who is placing bets should take the time to learn. The odds reflect your. placing a bet – that is, staking money (or anything of value) – with a bookmaker It is an offence to engage in, or make available a gambling game on the. 1. United States of Mind ; 2. Place Your Bet ; 3. Ascended Master ; 4. Criminals ; 5. I'll Smoke You (One Step Ahead). NBA POINT SPREADS AND PREDICTIONS

The number in the odds means something slightly different depending on whether it has a positive or negative sign in front of it. A minus sign at the beginning of odds means the team is favored to win. The difference is that in addition to predicting who will win the game, the point spread includes a margin of victory. In certain cases—such as in college basketball and college football—there is a huge discrepancy in talent between the two teams playing.

In those cases, betting the moneyline is too obvious, because it is clear that one team will beat the other. For example, imagine that two teams, Team A and Team B, are facing each other. Team A may have odds of In this case, Team B is favored to win.

Just like in the moneyline bet, the negative sign before the number indicates who is expected to win. The number represents the expected margin of victory. That means they need to win the game by 23 points or more. If you bet on Team A, that means they can lose by 22 points or less, or win the game, and you still win your bet.

If, during the actual game, the margin of victory lands exactly on the spread, it is called a push or a tie, and no one wins the bet Point spreads will also have moneyline odds attached. Just like in a moneyline bet, this number indicates what the payout will be in the case of a win. For example, the spread and odds for Team B might be This means that Team B is favored to win by more than That means that you are looking at whether the combined score of both sides will go over or under a set number.

For example, the sportsbook might set the total at 66 for a college football game. This means that they predict that the two teams will score a combined total of 66 points. You will then place a wager on whether the actual combined score will be over or under that amount. If you think that one or both teams has a particularly strong offense and it will be a high-scoring affair, you would bet over. If you think it will be a defensive struggle, ending in very low scores on both or either side, then you would bet under.

If the final score is something like , then the combined score would be 84, meaning the game is an over. If the final score is something like , making the combined score 65, then it is an under. Sometimes, the combined scores will land right on the total. In our example, if the score ended up being something like , then the combined score would be 66, exactly the predicted total. This situation is called a push or a tie. In these cases, no one wins the bet, and you would simply get your money back.

North Carolina Duke's offense has averaged Riley Leonard and Duke made the the top 50 with On the other side of the field, however, North Carolina ranks near the bottom of the FBS in scoring defense, giving up Leonard should be able to take advantage of a North Carolina defense that has been highly suspect this year and get the Blue Devils back on track after a disappointing loss to Georgia Tech. These two young quarterbacks should find themselves in an offensive shootout when they take the field at Wallace Wade Stadium.

But, in a game that is expected to be high-scoring due to two powerful offenses and weaker defenses, the sophomore should find himself throwing for multiple touchdowns in this matchup. In its six games this season, North Carolina has allowed 25 touchdowns. This tells us that Leonard should be able to pick the defense apart as he moves down the field, likely finding receivers in the end zone with relative ease.

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