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Sign in with your email/password. Your E-mail Address *. Your Password *. I forgot my password. Go to top. Follow us. Twitter · Facebook · Linked in. Log In. May be an image of 2 people and child. Kirsty Frances Farréll, profile picture TD Direct Investing, profile picture · TD Direct Investing. Log into Easy Web and message us by using the messaging icon on your Chequing, Savings or Credit Cards pages. Contact Us. Looking for help with activities like. SHIRO TASHIRO INDICATOR FOREX

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Users also seem to appreciate the goal tracking function to help investors track their progress, which can be really motivating for newer investors. TD has been at the front of the pack as one would expect from a well-funded full service big bank brokerage. Additionally, they have majorly upgraded their overall platform so that it can perform across various devices.

TD Canada employs state-of-the-art cyber security. Of course, it should be noted that while TD and CIPF will protect you from criminal behaviour or corporate issues, there is no protection available from poor investment performance.

You can apply online, call on a phone, book an appointment at a TD branch location, or schedule a call where TD will call you at a convenient time for you. Please refer to our chart above for a full comparison of the WebBroker vs Advanced Dashboard platforms. The basic idea is that the Advanced Dashboard is going to give you market data that is up-to-the-minute no delay. Can I place a premarket order when the North American stock exchanges are closed?

Yes, Pre-market or after-hours orders can be entered online using WebBroker or Advanced Dashboard or with an Investment Representative. Contact us for details. Is there a minimum investment to open an account? Is there a TD Direct Investing practice account? No, not at this time. Basically there are no restrictions in accounts you can open with TD Direct Investing. It is so easy to use and easy on the eyes. Mutual funds and fixed income products like bonds, GICs, and money market products do not have additional commissions when you buy or sell these products.

There have been people holding on the phone for hours to speak to a customer service agent with online brokerages. However, for TD Direct Investing, you might be able to get faster service if you call through the app on your phone. This way your information and possibly portfolio size? Here are some examples of the Markets Reports you can get. The platform and interface are excellent.

The charting is excellent, you can check your performance since inception, you can check it YTD, or do 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year returns. You can also compare your returns to benchmark indexes of your choosing. It even breaks down your asset allocation for you and shares it in a nice clean graph.

When you look at stock quotes, they are full of information too.

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